Friday — January 20th, 2012


Okay this will probably be the last post ever on this site.  I may edit it but no more posts.
I may or may not have developed a deep seated hatred for my own art in putting this together but there is now a PDF and a zip file of the entire comic. So now you can print it out, if you so desire, or read it over and over and over again without having to punch my server in the nuts in the process.

There are no extras of any kind, and no touch ups to the art, but the images are higher resolution than you’d see online.
Click here to download the PDF (38 megs) 

Click here to download the first half of the Zip file (143 megs) 

Click here to download the second half of the zip file (76 megs) 



A small annoucement

Just letting you guys know that I’m disabling comments on the archive pages from now on. You’ll still be able to comment on whatever the current page happens to be, and read the old comments but once a page is in the archive no new comments will be allowed.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons:
1) Cuanta Vida gets a lot of spambots and this greatly cuts down on places they can try to spam.
and 2) when actual people comment on a post or reply to a comment from several months or even years ago it serves no constructive purpose. The only person who is likely to see these kinds of comments is me and I don’t know what the fuck you’re responding to.

If you’re looking at the second one and thinking “But my comment was so witty and insightful! How else with the artist see how clever I am?” In this case your comment should be just as nice if left on the newest page, if not your comment probably wasn’t as great as you think. If I’m wrong in that respect you can still comment on the older pages on DeviantArt or Y! Gallery. And if I’m really really wrong and you want to tell me how wrong I am, you can comment on this post.