Friday — January 20th, 2012


Okay this will probably be the last post ever on this site.  I may edit it but no more posts.
I may or may not have developed a deep seated hatred for my own art in putting this together but there is now a PDF and a zip file of the entire comic. So now you can print it out, if you so desire, or read it over and over and over again without having to punch my server in the nuts in the process.

There are no extras of any kind, and no touch ups to the art, but the images are higher resolution than you’d see online.
Click here to download the PDF (38 megs) 

Click here to download the first half of the Zip file (143 megs) 

Click here to download the second half of the zip file (76 megs) 



Quick update

Just to let you guys know what’s going on.  I basically have no days off from work. I was at Dragoncon this past weekend and will be at Intervention next weekend. I’m exhausted and struggling not to fall behind on my other two comics.

I’ve finished moving the site and comments are now back on. But there may not be another CV page for a while or at the very least they’ll be a bit far between. I’m sorry about this, especially when the comic is so nearly finished, but I need to prioritize my job and the comics that actually make me some income.

On the plus side if I take some time off I can hopefully finish the comics faster  when I’m not quite so busy.

love you guys! <3