159: Sunrise
December 9th, 2011

159: Sunrise

Holy crap did I seriously just finish this? I think I did.

As I type this none of the final pages have gone live yet, so I don’t know what the reaction is going to be like. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my stupid little fancomic. It’s far from perfect, Β but it was nice while it lasted and I made a lot of really good friends through this fandom. I think I’m done with TF2 for a long time though.

A few people have asked throughout the course of my doing this comic about a print version. I’d love to be able to make one for you but since this is a fancomic I don’t own all the rights to it and cannot legally sell it. Instead, I plan to put together a PDF version that you can then take to a print shop and make a book yourself. I’m not sure how long that’s going to take but I’ll make a post here and on my tumblr when it’s ready. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. I find the early pages quite hard to look at these days and they were never drawn with the intent to print them. I also need to add a cover andΒ  some content of some kind since it came out to an odd number of pages. If anyone would like to submit any fan art or fiction for the PDF let me know.


  1. Ellen MacInnis

    OH MY GOSH <3

  2. The Snark Knight

    …And they lived happily ever after. The End.

  3. Zombie_Otter

    This is the best TF2 fancomic I've ever seen, and while I'm not thrilled to see it end, at least it ended well πŸ˜€

  4. Ellen MacInnis

    *manly tears* Damn straight they did.

  5. AlpineJoe

    Blushing Jordi and Jeremy, adorable James, grown-up Peep, and an epic shot of Team Purple driving off into the sunset.

    A fitting end for an awesome webcomic, I think.

    /pretending to be calm about this

  6. The Snark Knight

    Well said, Zombie Otter. Well said indeed.

  7. Ellen MacInnis

    I'm still in a little shock that it's over. That I won't be here 24 hours from now, spamming the comments page on the next update.

  8. Rompah

    [Emotional overload imminent.]

  9. The Snark Knight

    Dammit, I said I wasn't gonna…*sniff*

  10. Ellen MacInnis

    Okay, an actual comment now that I had time to process.

    CV was my one of my first introductions to TF2 fandom, and definitely the reason I started drawing again. I don't usually follow webcomics exactly (usually I forget they exist for a few months before remembering and going on an archive binge), but being able to watch CV to its end, even if I jumped in late, has been a real privilege. And even though I'm sad CV is done, I'm ecstatic about the other comics, especially since some of the CV characters live on in all their slashy glory. (And now Kytri can make money off them and their awesomeness!)

    Thank you Kytri for taking the time to tell this story and see it through to the end. I hope you're as pleased with your work as your fans are. Catch you over at Sin Pararse and Worst Idea. :)


  11. Ellen MacInnis

    W-would you like the kleenexes with or without added aloe lotion?

  12. The Snark Knight

    [massive understatement]

  13. The Snark Knight

    …One of both, please.

  14. Ellen MacInnis

    [clever riposte also in brackets]

    I mean. [cry all the tears]

  15. Ellen MacInnis

    Good thing I brought extra. *kleenex tsunami your way*

    Damn. Guess…. guess I have to start with the fanfiction and fanart now. Of a fancomic.

  16. The Snark Knight

    Incedentally, I also got back to drawing after seeing Kytri's work. I was avoiding art just to spite everyone who assumed I was going into an art career. I am now less spiteful. :)

  17. The Snark Knight


  18. Ellen MacInnis

    I avoided art because all my best friends were either in art school or had that level of talent and I was always super frustrated with EVERYTHING I drew. Now, I'm less frustrated and more okay with the fact art is supposed to get better over time. πŸ˜€

  19. Ellen MacInnis

    I suggest: fanfiction and fanart developed from a ROLEPLAY of a fancomic.

    Which may or may not later lead to cosplay. But that might just be getting ridiculous.

  20. The Snark Knight

    Whoooa…! *splodes*

    FANFICTION IDEA: An epic narration of the uneventful bus ride home.

  21. OniLink

    It's over? Oh god it's over?! WHY?! D:

  22. Ellen MacInnis

    What do you mean uneventful?

  23. Jeans

    The end? For real? No 20 years later epilogue? :C

  24. The Snark Knight

    Okay, fine. I *guess* wacky hijinks could ensue.

    (…I cannot get enough of that reaction! XD)

  25. Ellen MacInnis

    It's Jordi's face. It's just. It's beautiful. That expression. That hair. /That nose./

    It'd be a mix of wacky hijinx and Bleu and Scout snuggling and that awkward laughter when you realize you just got out of deep shit by the skin of your teeth, and deep contented silence while holding hands.

    Which is then interrupted by a chicken making a nest in your hair.

  26. silentstep

    I… I…

    *all the tears*

    *all of them*

    *and they're happy but oh god it's over.*

    *Oh wait look I found more tears*

    Thank you for this, Kytri. Truly, truly, thank you. Thank you so much.

  27. Ellen MacInnis

    *passes out kleenex* I feel ya, bro.

  28. CommanderCooper

    Damn… I can't believe it's over… That was a fantastic comic.

    But hell, it's not like I won't see anymore of your work. Worst Idea is still going strong, and Sin Parase is… in progress? I dunno, donations are random… Still, I wish you good luck on all of your future projects.

  29. Jordan

    And just like that it's over… I promised myself I wouldn't cry… *Tears of sorrow and joy* *Clapping*

  30. silentstep

    *snags kleenex* *sniffles gratefully* Thanks, man.

  31. Not a name

    And then we find out that the sun is actually sucking the Earth in, explaining its close proximity to the earth in the final panel.

    They all die in a horrible fiery ball of death.

    (I kid, I kid)

  32. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!


    ;x; It's over.

  33. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!

    Oh my god where did you find this.

  34. ArtemisRampant

    I didn't think I'd get this emotional (the last page was pretty much proof of a happy ending, I thought I was in the clear), but seeing the sunset bleeding into the gutters like that just…ugh. Feelings everywhere. This was a beautiful comic – you really told the story well, and maybe you're too close and too involved to see it right now, but I hope someday you can look back and see why we all got so insane about this. Because it is really, really good. And I have to thank you for sticking with it to the end.

  35. The Snark Knight

    Kytri's tumblr. I'd post a link, but I'd probably get spamfiltered.

  36. Ellen MacInnis

    I found it on the forums but oh my god she has a tumblr?!

  37. Ellen MacInnis


  38. Jeko

    Alas, I never got a first comment </3
    it's been fun
    Wat say. See idk wat say
    It's over.
    I loved it though. At least make pictures of them every once and a while? :3

  39. Ellen MacInnis

    Totally just signed up at the forums with the sole purpose of furthering my fangirlish squeeing, and I think if I weren't so sleep deprived there might have been an actual tear or two.

  40. DoctorLeft

    It's so wonderful to see this comic reach it's lovely and calm conclusion. After about 2 years of reading, it was a wonderful ride. I'm sad that I won't have the surprise of it being updated anymore and worst of all I'll have to find something to replace it on the Top Sites page in Safari.

    We'll all see this comic when we want to remember some of the sweetest and funniest things we've seen or read I think.

  41. The Snark Knight

    Eeyup. kytri.tumblr.com

  42. Jeko

    Is thi otter? Like my otter? Or a different otter? xD

  43. Ellen MacInnis

    *eyes shine* You've done good work tonight, Count Snarkula.

  44. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!

    You'd think Kytri'd be a bit more emotional about the ending of one of the greatest fan comics anybody here has ever read that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on the community.

    Anybody else notice that? Makes me a bit sad since everyone else is really touched to see the comic end.

  45. kittengrl39

    Jordi: Oh god I hadn't thought about that yet

  46. The Snark Knight


    Okay, you did it. You made laugh.
    YOU…are a worthy opponent.

  47. kittengrl39

    On the plus side…

  48. Ellen MacInnis

    *bows* Thank you for verbally sparring with me, World's Greatest Snarktective. (I don't really like that one, but I thought I might as well put it through anyway.)

    …on an unrelated note, I wonder how Kytri feels about all this attention from insane fangirls.

  49. Ellen MacInnis

    Jeremy: I HAVE.
    Jordi: Wh-what?
    Jeremy: Oh, nothing.

  50. Ellen MacInnis


  51. The Snark Knight

    Well, she's been doing for years, and seems a little tired of it. And lots of people like CV, yet the vast majority ignore her original work.

  52. Ellen MacInnis

    She may very well be! Everyone handles these sorts of things differently, and I'm sure she has a different perspective on this story that's been in her head for years than we do as fans. (Especially people like me who haven't been around that long.) There's also the problem of the internet being a poor medium to transmit emotion. Which is why my moderate levels of "awww, this was such a good comic and I'm sad to see it go" gets translated into… well. Insane fangirl ramblings. Just so everyone's one the same page.

  53. silentstep

    For me sleep deprivation always makes it harder to fight tears. I just took my laptop and am hiding out in the laundry hut for privacy to sob.

    (welcome to the forums!)

  54. @Asukui

    Love this so much. I have had so much fun reading all of this and I am greatly looking forward to a PDF version of it so I can read it whenever I what, from anywhere (Yay Nook). I hope you continue to create such great comics and writing into the future. :3

  55. Ellen MacInnis

    I /love/ her original work. Worst Ideas and Sin Pararse make me giggle like a madman on a sugar high. πŸ˜€

  56. Ellen MacInnis

    Oh sweetie! D: (Part of it is also the stress of finals at college and knowing if I start crying now over anything, the storm will not abate anytime soon.)

    (And thank you! My username over there is Sageling. I haven't belonged to any forums for a long time.)

  57. HUNTER

    Aww, Its over…But on the bright side, They escape, Jordi and Jeremy kiss, and to top it off, an epic picture of the bus riding into the sunset ( or is it sunrise? dunno, But who cares XD). IN OTHER WORDS, AWSOME!

  58. Dry

    I stumbled onto this just a few hours ago, lo and behold the end is here! Loved it. :)

  59. Nightwing

    Oh, Jeremy. You can't hide anything like that…(especially when it comes to us fans).
    On a more solemn note, it's just like something came full circle for my heart just now, and it just feels so complete. The idea that it's over, all the fighting and the nightmares (well, maybe not the nightmares, but now Jeremy and Jordi can be there to hold each other when they happen), and they just don't have to worry about any of that anymore, not Rojo, not the crazy Soldiers, not the war…it was such a hard-earned ending, and now they can finally be happy, the way they should have been a long time ago if all this stuff with the war hadn't happened. But hey, maybe all that was for the best? Fire-forged friendships (and romances!) last the longest.
    Thank you so much for this comic. Even though it's only been a little over a month since I started reading, I've gotten so much into it and I almost feel like I was living out some of those moments next to your characters, the comedy, the tragedy, the most heartwarming. It's been a long time since that happened…so just….thank you. So much.

  60. Ch1

    Kytri, I just want to say how much all this means to me. Cuanta Vida was my VERY FIRST webcomic, and I've loved it from start to finish. I don't really know how to put it into words, but thanks for introducing me to all of this. You've inspired a lot of people.

  61. banshee456

    *in grandma story time voice* And so, Spy and Scout went on to have the most epic road trip, with Peep, and Elvis Sniper, and aaaalll their friends! Except for those bastards they left behind at RED base. And the two even got lucky later that night! How lovely. And that is the story of how a really lousy (but very lovable) spy became credit to team… Thee End.

  62. The Snark Knight

    I said "vast majority" for a reason. WE ARE THE 1%

    Although, CV fans my just be more vocal.

  63. Ellen MacInnis

    Grandma, did they have to walk uphill both ways 15 miles in the snow?

  64. banshee456

    Ohh, silly girl! * tousles hair* You bet your ass they did! Except when they drove, and occasionally partied with the desert creatures

  65. The Snark Knight

    What timing! I stumbled on it when Bleu shot Rojo. Helluva first impression, eh?

  66. silentstep

    Eurgh, finals. I don't envy you, but I do wish you luck with them, and with holding onto sanity through them.

    (I did figure you for Sageling! :) I'm silentstep everywhere.)

  67. The Snark Knight

    The title helpfully says "Sunrise". ;p

  68. Ellen MacInnis

    …did.. did you just make a Kung Pow reference? Can I flying ninja tackle hug you now?

  69. banshee456

    oh deary me, I seem to have made another post instead of a reply!

  70. Ellen MacInnis

    It's okay grandma, your eyes aren't what they used to be.

  71. The Snark Knight

    Tell me again about Rojo going on a serial maiming spree, Grandma!! 8D

  72. Ellen MacInnis

    Pffft looks like it's time to leave a little love on her other webcomics' comments page then! *cracks knuckles*

  73. banshee456

    You're too kind! And yes honey, you may flying ninja tackle hug me… or as you young kids call it "extreme glompage"

  74. banshee456

    Now, now, it's way too late and past your bedtime! Some of us have old people class in the morning, you know! Maybe another time when it's not 1:00 in the god damn morning, and I can come up with something wittier to say.

  75. The Snark Knight

    Awwww, Grandma! *pouts, yawns, and tries not to fall asleep*

  76. Amy

    i just got home from work and saw this.. ugh, SO MANY EMOTIONS. what a perfect ending. i am so happy! and also so sad! i don't know what my feelings are doing. kytri you are perfect and wonderful and i love you to infinity and beyond for this comic.

  77. Jia_Mekare

    I would pay good money to see fan art of them partying with desert creatures. So much money.

  78. Jia_Mekare

    God, this is gonna be so weird the next few months, because after checking Worst Idea I'm going to keep clicking back here to see if it's updated, just out of habit.

    For lack of anything more eloquent to say- You done good, skipper. I'm very proud of you making it all the way through.

  79. le sigh

    whelp now i have to look for something else to do with my life

  80. Lysa_Bell

    … it's finished… this is a strange feeling. I follow this comic so long and now its over… I'm kind of sad .__.

    I need to draw a fanart, to honor this amazing piece of art!

  81. Emu

    *standing ovation*

  82. lefty

    I have never even played the game, and I've been following from when I have no idea when, but it was a jolly good ride, thank you. I'm always sad to remove a comic from my feed (though I let them sit for quite a while after they end juuussst in case the author posts something new. I'm following your other stuff, so it's not so painful to see it end this time.

    Thank you!

  83. orinjmaster

    ‘Twas first light in 2fort and in the BLU base, the soldier was stirring with his snarl on his face. After doing his 500 pushups for the ‘morn, he went to encourage his teammates! (with scorn)

    He burst in on the Demo and yelled “Up you scot, it’s time you saw how AMERICAN wars should be fought!”

    But there wasn’t a Demo, he found with a gasp.

    Both he and the Pyro were missing- or trapped!

    And no sooner did he go off to rally the men, then he found the whole team had gone missing with them!

    The engie was missing, no scout to be found- even that fat russian the heavy couldn’t be found!

    Most would have been puzzled, but the soldier soon thought

    “This is clearly that coward the spy’s god-damned fault!

    He’s kidnapped my men so it would be the REDs that have won,

    Well he shouldn’t have messed with this son of a gun!”

    To the armory he lept with a light-footed step,

    to take stock and be sure he could arm himself. ,

    His launcher was there, still gleaming and polished

    So he took up his Shovel and stocked up his rockets!

    No snipers or airblasts! No scouts stealing intel!

    No useless spys trying to hide from his shells!

    He was ready for war! And though well outnumbered,

    he knew he’d make REDs fear american thunder!

    He ran out to the field to seek out the RED Team-

    But their Heavy was already fast closing in!

    He hefted his massive gun at Soldier and rained lead,

    when a Crockit split open his fat commie head!

    A smile shown briefly on soldiers face,

    but a war’s to be won so into RED’s base!

    So he charged the red base and he pressed the attack,

    without even a team to help guard his back.

    Then what to his patriotic eyes should appear

    but the enemy soldier in RED Commie gear!

    He was dressed all in crimson from helmet to pants,

    HE must be a commie, it can’t be a chance!

    They dueled with such fury! they let rockets fly!

    They knew they each must see the other one die!

    But american courage was no commie’s friend,

    and so the RED Soldier at last met his end.

    And so Soldier pushed on to take the intel,

    and make all te kidnapping reds suffer hell!

    He found the RED demo and killed him at once,

    with the sticky trap he’d left at his feet, the drunk.

    He took the briefcase, slunk it acros his back,

    then he made to ensure they won’t press the attack

    Not content with taking some damner intel case,

    the soldier set to toppling RED’s entire base!

    Rockets smashed in to rafters with a towering roar,

    toppling celeings and cumbling floors!

    And as he strode out proudly into the noon sun,

    it was clear just to see that BLU had at last won!

    Him epmloyers thanked him, and gave him a medal,

    that he made himself to award him for mettle.

    Then he outlined quite quiclky their new attack,

    he’d take their battle back to them, all the damned way to frace!

    “They’ll pay now for kidnapping my sorry team”

    Soldier said to himself, while his eyes madly gleamed.

    And he shouted quite madly to people running in fright,

    “I’ve got crokets for all, so you’d al better FIGHT!”

  84. Dr. Ethan Asia

    Kind of an anti-climax, if I'm honest.

  85. Dr. Ethan Asia

    And it annoys me how it ended on 159, not 200.

  86. Orin J.

    geez, the one time i actually try and log in and the internet borks it. damnit.

  87. Orin J.

    is a fun game, even if you're not into the shooting part there's a lot of oddball modes made by the community that're great.

    also, you have noticed the other two comics on the right of the comments right?

  88. Jake

    So… what happened to the two Soldiers?

  89. Infoman


  90. ienpw

    As sad as I am to see this wonderful piece of work come to an end, the ending itself is giving me so many warm fuzzies that i can't help but have this big goofy smile on my face.

    Bravo Kytri, and thank you so much for this wonderful comic.

  91. Rodrigo

    And thus a great webcomic ends. Sad. But still awesome. Thanks for everything, Kytri. Awesome job.

    And this coming from a guy that doesn't even like yaoi =p

  92. GretuskaLT

    I don't know what to say, so I won't comment… oh wait, I did.


    All I want to say is a big Thank You for Kytri, for making this amazing fancomic. Now I can die happy.

  93. SuperTed

    It was raining the night he arrived,
    in doing so he would change the history of the company forever,
    he was burned,
    he lost many of his friends,
    red spy was the first,
    but not the last,
    and he barley escaped the encampment with his life.
    In doing so he took larger risks,
    being locked in and almost suffocated.
    His risks saved the lives of many of his friends,
    red and blu,
    he never was good at spying,
    but he was much better at something much more important…

  94. AkiraRen

    I had 16 years when this started ;_;
    Can't believe its over.
    But thank you so much for your time and your story Kytri
    Have a super-hug from Spain <3

  95. Martys

    It's over? I'm gonna miss it. BUT! on the bright side: it's time to re-read it from the beginning one more time, isn't it? πŸ˜€

  96. Metal

    I may be at the bottom, I may be late on the wagon. But this comic has brightened my days, put me through stress just thinking about what could happen next, and made me sad at times. But throughout it all, I've had a damn good time.

    It was a good ride. I'm pretty sad about it ending but hey, all good things come to an end.


  97. The Snark Knight

    Well, I was at least hoping for 160, but Kytri said she'd put extras in the PDF.

  98. Conradden

    But… who was he narrating to in the beginning of the story?

  99. SagaDC

    Sad it's over, but it was a fun ride. Didn't make as many comments as I should have. Still, I eagerly awaited each page that came out. Kudos on the great story, H.

  100. Daniel M

    This was NOT a silly little webcomic, this was the BEST webcomic I have ever read, and while I'm interested as to what the computers contained, the purpose of the second facility and what happened to the others, I'm glad it ended this way.

  101. LolCakes

    I'm probably going to get ripped at for this, but I'm disappointed.
    That's it? I know time was tight and such, but that's it?
    I loved the characters and story, but personally I think that ending was way too abrupt.

  102. Zera

    You did a great job and you know what I gotten into your other comic from reading this.
    It is sad to see it end, but go with this. You can feel very proud you finish a long running series. -160 pages counts on that-
    A lot of comic writers don't do that. -I can name two off the bat.-
    So pat yourself on the back, pull out your favorite drink and savor it because you earn it and deserved it.

  103. Ellen MacInnis


  104. Metal

    Sure, it was abrupt. But it's better than being dragged out. The rest is up to us to imagine. For the people to make their fanarts of, to imagine just how things played it. It's nice to have things done for us, but sometimes, you have to put in the effort.

  105. Metal

    played out*

  106. El Bosco

    I just started reading this two days ago, and by the time I finished my archive binge, I was just in time for the last page. My timing sucks, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

  107. Not a Spy

    I can't believe it's over…. ;_;

  108. Snare

    Couldn't have put it better myself :)

  109. banshee456

    I feel ya. I read through a lot of the comments, but in the end I really wish I had participated more

  110. banshee456

    That was beautiful.

  111. Bobo the Murderduck

    Just wanted to let you know, this is the sixteenth webcomic I’ve read in eight years that actually made it to an end. Out of about 200 I bothered to bookmark. Thanks for making it.

  112. RoboPhantom

    And it's all over. I'm kinda sad to see it go, but at the same time, I'm glad I got to read it to the end. =)
    Now off to read it all over again in its entirety~

  113. Jas

    I'd buy seven million copies.
    If I weren't broke.

  114. Chihuahua0


  115. TheShyGamer

    It… it can't be over. No. I won't accept it!
    I guess I'll just have to read it all again. :c

  116. Jenkinhimer

    *Sigh* All good things must come to an end. This comic was indeed fantastic.

  117. Grovyneer

    At long last…The end has come.

  118. KJC

    I'd gladly purchase a CV PDF or book even if it was for a *wink* donation *wink*.

  119. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!

    Oh my god this was amazing

  120. Metal

    I just noticed

    The last word ever said: "it"
    The first word ever said: "it"


  121. Jon

    She says the last pages arent out yet.

  122. Chihuahua0

    Book ends! πŸ˜€

  123. banshee456

    Cuanta Vida was just taken off the "Other Comics" button! It makes sense and all but, I think I'm freaking out!!

  124. ketsi

    I have been so emotionally invested in this comic.
    I think if it hadn't been a happy ending I would have fallen apart.

  125. Jas

    I did that too. xD

  126. Filia

    And so the BLU Spy and his friends escaped the war.

    It was sad for some watching the events unfold to let them go,

    But it was one hell of a ride.

  127. tirsden

    Y'know, one of my favorite pages is still Scout calling Spy various derogatory versions of "gay." Oh, how the tables turned. XD

    Thank you for finishing this, even if the ending is still a bit uncertain, it's a happy one. Excellent job, I say! Most excellent.

  128. Vesper

    Hey. I don't think I've commented before, but here goes. I really liked your comic. I liked the art, the pacing, your interpretation of the characters, and all. I actually wish that we could explore your world a little more. But I'm glad you could finish this, because when you create something new, how it ends is important. Some writers never get to finish their work, and some refuse to if they aren't allowed to do it on their own terms. Being able to bring a story to life like you have is a huge undertaking; the fact that it's a fan comic in no way limits its quality, and only means that everytime I head over to a new 2fort server, I'll pretend that I got whacked over the head by a Soldier after playing some cards with an enemy Scout.

  129. Blossom Morphine

    For any all mysteries, just blame Rojo.

  130. Abbie ze Scout

    Well, its all over. I honestly cant believe it ;~;. This is definately my favourite comic of all time, and i know i’ll definately read through it.

    Thank you for making this epic fancomic.

  131. Bazo

    well…..I have read it all…..from the start…I followed….and till the end…I Have to say one thing, this was amazing….love it….thank you for this comic…thank you..
    (Sorry for mah bad english)

  132. Jakiess

    Terrible way to end. I mean, no offense, but just having them kiss, sunset, then the end? I’ve been reading since back when The Rift was still updating, and I feel that this didn’t tell enough about what happened. It would be cool to have something like, “5 years later” or something like that, but a sunrise does not satisfy my fanly needs.

  133. Jakiess

    It also doesn’t explain what happened to the rest of the people that stayed behind. Will Rojo (whom I’m willing to bet alot of people don’t remember) find the teleporter, fix a bus somehow, and follow them, or will he stay behind with the restt of the people that stayed and continue fighting a war that no longer truly exists? Also, what about the computers? Is there going to be an explanation for that, or are we going to be left hanging on to the slim knowledge that we have of the backstory and hidden themes and easter eggs or secret meanings?

  134. Spacedog

    Wow. It's so weird to see this end. This is the comic that really, REALLY got me into TF2. It's been one of the links on my Firefox startup page for as long as I can remember. And I have to say, it was a fun ride.

    Thanks for the good times.

  135. 494alex

    On the other hand, Blu scout will never run again and Blu spy has all kinds of horrible burns.

  136. Extra

    Thank god it wasn't a 'kill them all' ending. This one was actually pretty sweet.

  137. lefty

    Yeah, that's what I meant by other stuff, I read her other comics now too :)

  138. Metal

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