157: Better than dying.
December 7th, 2011

157: Better than dying.


  1. CommanderCooper

    Holding hands… FINALLY.

  2. MysteryKcad

    Don't let this be the last page, I'm begging you.

  3. Amy

    everything about this page is a+
    (except the hand holding which is a+++++++++++++++++)

    only two pages left now ;_;

  4. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!

    I'm with my family so I can't exactly flail my arms in happiness and squeal right now. It's really hard to resist. :T

  5. The Snark Knight

    Hey, it's not midnight yet. Awesome. 😀

    Winding down now…this page is so calm compared to the last, like five or so!

  6. Jeans

    Aaaaagh, Pyro! 😀

  7. Ellen MacInnis

    This page gets all the love because HOLDYHANDS <33333 Gotta be a kiss next page or the one after. Annnnny moment now. Any moment.

  8. DoctorLeft

    Hopefully the alternative way out works.

  9. Chas

    *breaks years-long lurkism to cheer over hand-holding*

    Everything about this page is love. Especially peep, who looks stunning.
    Onwards to glory.

  10. AlpineJoe

    Aw, Pyro. …DON'T LET GO OF HIM; turn your back for two seconds and he'll do something stupid ;-.-

  11. Nightwing

    Yeeeeee…Oh, the hand holding!
    And it's like, the last line is so fitting again. The ones who want to fight (Soldier, Red Pyro, etc.) are still there fighting, and the ones who wanted to escape are now almost free. We don't know why they still want to fight and we don't know why the war is how it is, and yeah, maybe it is better not to know. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but in my mind IT'S JUST SO FITTING.

  12. LaGoingLoco

    I actually really wanted to know more about the war, since I really liked your version of it. But yeah, I doubt there will be anything explained in the last two pages. I don't know if you originally planned to, but oh well.

  13. Jia_Mekare

    We should TOTALLY encourage Jordi to do dumb shit! It makes for better stories.

  14. Raicuda

    Dont worry, there's two more to go!

  15. Raicuda

    I love the last panel. <3 Jordi x Jeremy.

  16. Rodrigo

    Update overload!
    I'll be sad to see this end, but I can't wait to see how it'll turn out.
    Well, this place looks like a control station, a "normal" place compared to the bases, so makes sense it has more common things like a garage. If they're lucky they can find enough gas to reach civilization.
    About the war, I believe her theory is as good as the official story: It's all about politics and aggressive take overs. Or some bored sick people that likes to watch (or play) :3

  17. Ellen MacInnis

    I for one wholeheartedly encourage dumbshittery, so long as there's kisses and holding hands to make up for it so Jeremy doesn't have a conniption fit.

  18. Nicole

    The handholding made everything that happened to the two of them worthwhile, now let’s just hope it works out for them.

  19. Abbie ze Scout

    Houston, we have hand-holding!! 😀 this has made my day :3

  20. Not a Spy

    Pyro's little "NUUU!" was adorable.

  21. Daniel M

    Still waiting on the Saxton Hale final boss battle

  22. Ellen MacInnis

    Hmm, distilled Australian manliness versus the power of boy love…

  23. sesquedoodle

    But… but I want to know more about the war! *still hoping for a surprise reveal in the last two pages*

    I loved Pyro's, "Nuuu!"

  24. Ranger

    What happend to RED Sniper? He was left with them to heal,
    Unless he died?

  25. G-O

    Y'know, I had a feeling there'd be holding hands near the end, though personally I thought it'd end with the Fortress stuff being shut down, Spy and Scout ending up facing a SWAT-like team with flashlights, and the last frame being them holding hands.

    Hopefully this ain't the last page; apparently there's two pages left.

  26. DoctorLeft

    I knew we were missing some people. BLU Demo's missing too.

  27. [Razor]

    While probably of unpopular opinion, it feels like these last few pages are going a bit too fast. Both in the sense that only a couple of pages ago it looked like Jordi was surely doomed and he's already in the all clear, and that time is literally progressing unmeasurably. Everyone's been in this building long enough to investigate and discover a garage while this whole gas thing has been going down. Where did Robert get the blowtorch from?

    And it looks like we won't be getting many answers about the whole RED/BLU war, outside of what's already been established, which I guess is okay, it keeps people talking and theorizing long after the show is over. But I guess for me it just feels too similar to Lost, which was a wonderful ride of intrigue and mystery, and even the end I enjoyed, but a lot of questions were left unanswered and then it was revealed that they quite literally were making it up as they went along.

  28. CaZsm

    The smile that splits my face can be compared to the grand canyon.

  29. Chihuahua0

    I just found this comic a week or so ago.

    Keep on going!