153: They put themselves together.
October 19th, 2011

153: They put themselves together.

I’ve worked out a rough plan for the last pages of the comic. Looks like it’s going to be almost exactly 160 pages at the end. Maybe 161. I hope I don’t fuck it up.

Not sure how I’m going to find time to do everything next month, since I’m doing NaNoWriMo and I haven’t finished this yet and also have two other webcomics and a job. Oh god D:


  1. LaGoingLoco

    Argh that means not even 10 pages left. I'm excited and sad I guess.

  2. JoAnon

    The look on Jordi's face in panel 3 is too cute for words.

  3. silentstep

    No no no Jordi it does not mean it will stop letting you try passwords it means you will be immured forevermore argh argh argh argh argh the cake is a lie, Jordi, it's a lie!

    Also, seriously, only seven or eight more pages? I was hoping for a lot more…! I will be so sad when this is over, you have no idea. Fingers crossed like mad for a happy ending.


    <3 <3 <3)

  4. silentstep

    Also, holy **** that last password on that sheet is "wargame," isn't it? That doesn't bode well.

    (darnit, stupid html fail.)

  5. Old Gref


  6. Jia_Mekare

    well shit, all he has to do is turn the computer off and on again and then he's got all his tries back!

  7. DoctorLeft

    Oh my panel 3 Jordi is so surprised. Where have I seen that position of two people before… there it is. The last panel of page 22. Oh those implications aren't good.

  8. Clunk

    Wouldn't it be prudent to start at the end of the list? Because it sure looks like somebody was guessing…

  9. Metal

    Ha, the paper said "skyscraper"

  10. CaZsm

    …Oh dear.

  11. The Snark Knight

    Ohoohoo, check out the lovebirds in panel three! XD

    Also, I'd be fine if the comics went on hiatus for November, or maybe you could just focus on finishing up CV, just to keep everyone occupied?

  12. The Snark Knight

    Well, Jordi's proven to be alright with computers, maybe he has the Computer Whiz perk? (if you are locked out of a computer you have one more try before it permanetly locks)

  13. Kjaska

    Third panel- Jordi just blue screen'd

  14. Le Surprise

    muffins? Sounds like a good password.

  15. Suzaku

    … I do question some of the writing on that paper. Is one of those words "buttsmut"? Hey Jordi, remember that word! It might come in handy later *winkwinknudgenudge*

  16. Kharn

    no he has to reload an ealrlier save

  17. Kharn

    shit better go down in the next page… it's been put off for too long.

    also i expected a massive fan girl-gasm over panel 3 glad to see we aren't a bunch of school girls anymore or the fan girls haven't turned up yet.

    also looking forward to ending

    oh yeah inb4 troll accussations and general hate

  18. Bazo

    Gah only 7 – 8 more pages until this ends….NOOOOO!!!!!… oh well guess I have to enjoy the last pages now then….:I

  19. Not a name.


    Butternut. Mind out of the gutter.

  20. Nox

    Yeah, that perk was quite useless, wasn't it? :)

  21. Alhazred

    I call shenanigans. Jordi tried a five-character password, but there are no five letter words on that list.

    I do so very much love the nods to Wargames, though… also dammit Jordi figure out what the warning means! If this comic ends like the Dark Tower I'll… I'll… I don't even know. ;_;

  22. Remi

    *sees panel 3*

    *barfs violently*

  23. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!




  24. Deli


  25. Deli

    I can't believe there are only so little pages left!

  26. @Abadiddly

    Its nearly the end of my favourite comic :C! So much love for panel 3! 😀

    Also, First time commenting on this comic, Woo!

  27. Darkly

    I swear to God, if it ends because he just keeps trying expecting it won't totally trap him in lockdown forever, I'm gonna be so disappointed.

  28. @hatninja007

    ehh this comic is getting weirder for me

  29. yoshis

    Wow, we are almost done? I can't believe i have been following this for long enough to get here, i agree with the statement of excited and sad at the same time

  30. Monoke

    Oh my god it's almost over!!!!! DX

    But yeah, my theory is Jordi's gonna get himself locked in and once Jeremy gets the teleporter set up the rest of team purple are gonna have a big damn heroes moment and bust down the wall and save him.

    Because he's got to survive, right? ………….Right?

  31. Jon

    It's a shame you told us how many pages are left. Now that I know there's 7-8 pages left, it cuts off a lot of possibilities for this building. :( Oh, well.

    I've only been reading this from last January (I came in when Elvis Sniper got shot) but even I see you came a long way since the beginning, and even have a fan following and 2 other, profit-drawing comics. Congratulations!

  32. alex494

    I'll butter his nut!
    Waaaait, that didn't even make sense!
    I'm so ashamed :'(

  33. alex494

    *clears throat* SQUEEEEE at panel three! Yay it rhymes.

  34. alex494


  35. alex494

    Yes, that's right. If he gets the password wrong four more times, he'll be locked in… a cage… with SAXTON HAAAAAALE!

  36. Sofia Pagen

    A friend of mine showed me this comic and I got really interested in it! Interested enough to make a drawing inspired in the third panel of this page! ^^

    Thought you would like to know it and here's a link to it: http://complex-s.deviantart.com/#/d4gy3a8. Hope you enjoy it.