152: Shall we play a game?
October 12th, 2011

152: Shall we play a game?

I didn’t think I was going to have time to finish this week, but I guess I did. I still may have to skip a week eventually though since I’m dangerously close to falling behind on my other work.

Sorry to everyone who wanted to see Saxton Hale. He’s not in this comic. I wrote all the major plot points for this story before I started drawing it in 2008 and at the time there were no other characters in the TF2 universe apart from the classes themselves and the announcer’s disembodied voice. Also this comic is set about 20 years after the “events” of the game, so any specific characters would be dead or getting on in years by this point.

I had something else to say… oh yeah. Thanks for all the well wishes on my hospital visit. I spent the better part of the day in waiting rooms of one form or another and got a flat tire on my way to the hospital but they scanned me and determined that I don’t have breast cancer, so that’s a major relief.


  1. The Snark Knight

    Oh good! I'm so glad you're not sick! 😀

    I like this computer twist…although I am getting 'Nam flashbacks of Cat Bounty's "With Aplolgies to Harlan Ellison"… O_O

  2. CoMcPhee

    Another excellent episode. Can't wait to see more, don't want it to end. Who knew?

  3. JoAnon

    You just had to mention that fic, didn't you. **goes to huddle under blankets with the schnauzer**

  4. DoctorLeft

    Yay more mystery computers.

  5. silentstep

    So glad to hear you're ok! Looking forward to your next update, as always, but still wishing it could go on forever. : )

  6. Mister Man LIGHTNIN!

    Scout is full of adorableness.

  7. Rominovich

    May I hide with you? I read the original short story and her's disturbed me even more

  8. Rominovich

    Love the angle used in panel 7. So did the computer skip three steps or hide what they are? Hopefully those papers off to the right are instructions…

  9. JoAnon

    ""lifts blanket** come in, my mini schnauzer shall protect us.

  10. CommanderCooper

    >Computer requires power to run
    >Computer restores power on its own

    Am I missing something here?

  11. JoAnon

    the computer probably has it's own backup power source seperate from the rest of the builing. when it says it is restoring power, it means restoring power to the rest of the base.

    or… it is sentient like The Snark Knight suggested. and therefore Jordi and Jeremy need to run… NOW!

  12. Raicuda

    Hello, Jordi. Hello Jeremy. I want to play a game.

  13. Metal

    I commented, and it was the first comment, and it was hilarious, and the submit comment button didn't work.

    Saaad face.

  14. Kharn

    what, has the scout led that much of a sheltered life that he is that amazed when a bloody computer switches on?

  15. Metal

    I guess he didn't expect the computer to turn on after so long, considering he just press the ALT key.

    If in doubt; press the ALT key. Only good things can come from the ALT key.

    (btw that was my old comment that I posted. it was gonna be the first comment but nvm)

  16. Orin J.

    …."The only things on 'ere are old videos of cats and pornography."

    "What? Outta the way, i gotta see this."

  17. JeKo

    Been so long since i posted on here 😛 God, I don't want it to end haha

  18. I'm a potato!

    'It's been a long time… How have you been?'

  19. Kjaska

    Looks like Jordi learned that randomly pushing buttons can turn on a computer trick from James some 120 pages back