I didn’t think I was going to have time to finish this week, but I guess I did. I still may have to skip a week eventually though since I’m dangerously close to falling behind on my other work.

Sorry to everyone who wanted to see Saxton Hale. He’s not in this comic. I wrote all the major plot points for this story before I started drawing it in 2008 and at the time there were no other characters in the TF2 universe apart from the classes themselves and the announcer’s disembodied voice. Also this comic is set about 20 years after the “events” of the game, so any specific characters would be dead or getting on in years by this point.

I had something else to say… oh yeah. Thanks for all the well wishes on my hospital visit. I spent the better part of the day in waiting rooms of one form or another and got a flat tire on my way to the hospital but they scanned me and determined that I don’t have breast cancer, so that’s a major relief.