151: Near the top
October 5th, 2011

151: Near the top

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able get a page up next week since I have to drive back to Virginia to go to the hospital for some tests and probably won’t have a day off work to ink/color stuff.

I’m probably not sick but it’s going to eat up a significant amount of my free time.


  1. danm36

    I'm expecting a large, near naked man to kick down the door and shout "SAXTON HAAALLLEEE!!!", followed by a boss fight and a happy ending.

    To be more relevant, the suspense is killing me. Sorry to hear about the hospital visit :(

  2. Sudo

    There has been a surprising lack of muscly half naked Australian men in this comic.

  3. The Snark Knight

    Ooooh, the suspense and the intrigue!

    Hope you're not sick with anything serious. :(

  4. @hatninja007

    yeah thats true, comic y u no have a muscly half naked Australian man in this comic!!

  5. 5cacti


    I just all over my laptop.

    Thanks, Kytri.
    And sorry to hear that you're going to the hospital. Their food sucks. D:

  6. CommanderCooper

    I don't think I've been to a hospital in a long time… Good luck.

    And if you HAPPEN to meet Dr. House, tell him I said hi.

  7. silentstep

    Good luck, and don't worry about taking your time. I am so sad to see this comic end that I would rather have the suspense drawn out further than have it be over.

  8. BAzo

    Take your time, and continue later 😀
    Good luck!

  9. Kharn

    jesus christ stop fucking drawing this out, is this comic ever gonna fucking end or are you going to keep dragging my dick through glass?

  10. Witch

    😀 Ignore the troll, I love this comic! :) x

  11. Redhead

    Yeah. It really sucks that there's only this one website in the worldwideweb, and nothing else to see or do outside the web. I feel your desperation, poor soul. Here, have some trollfood.

  12. 5cacti

    I hope you explode,
    come back to life,
    and then explode again.

  13. Kharn

    i like it how since my opinion differs from everyone else and i get it accross i am labeled a troll. And this comic should just end already it's been drawn out for too long

  14. Kharn

    i'll enjoy it

  15. Kharn

    i'm not saying i don't like it i'm just saying it's been drawn out for too long, all things must come to a end.

  16. @hatninja007

    the 151th comic for 151 of 1st gen pokemon 😀

  17. Witch

    My bad then :) maybe you shouldn't have been so blunt with your choice of words ^^

    But would you rather the ending to be rushed? Everyone likes suspense (well you, maybe not so much…but I understand that :D) and I'd personally prefer the ending to roll around naturally then being squeezed into a certain page-limit. :)

  18. Witch

    Mew :3

  19. Kharn

    i don’t think i would like it rushed and maybe i was a bit blunt, but i feel that it’s been drawn out longer then nesecarry and it also seems that Kytri’s losing intrest because it rarely bloody updates.

  20. Heironymus

    Okay I was going to stay out of this conversation since your tone really really turned me off, and you obviously hate me. But you seemed to have calmed down.

    I’m wrapping up the comic as fast as I can, I’m not dragging it out and you may notice that I’ve been updating every week for the past couple of weeks. I also just cut a larger scene from the ending so it will go faster and will probably cut another one. I cannot help that I have to go to the hospital. I was trying to avoid going into detail about it so people wouldn’t freak out if it turns out to be nothing, but I might have a life threatening illness. I’m going to the hospital to find out if I am dying in the next couple of years or not. I’m sorry this inconveniences you.
    I also have a job where I get paid by the hour. I cannot just take off work to make free content for the internet. I need the job to pay for things like rent and food (and internet access). So I can live and keep drawing.

    Anyway I guess what I’m saying is that I have a lot of stuff going on other than this comic and when people scream at me about it it makes me angry, rather than enthusing me about the comic. I’m sick and exhausted and work really hard on this comic. If you hate me so much and the way I am handling things perhaps you should read a different comic for a while or even make your own.

    For the record I never thought you were a troll. But if your goal was to make me never want to update again you’re on the right track.

  21. Kharn

    For the record i don't hate you and didn't intend to turn you off or offend you it's just that the comic felt like it was being drawn out and worst idea gets updated more regularly so i assumed you were losing intrest and not bothereing as much and may stop altogether which i found a tad frustrating since this comic is what drew me here and i've been enjoying it for quite a while.

    i also apologise if i offended you or hurt in some manner but i was pissed at the time.

  22. kytri

    Worst Idea is a profitable comic. I have to keep it up to date because it is my job. Plus a CV page takes two to three times longer to make than a Worst Idea page. Frankly Worst Idea is more fun to draw, but that\’s just how these things go, newer projects are more interesting than older projects.

    Anyway yeah. your comments were very hurtful, but I accept your apology.

  23. kettles

    Ahhh the beautiful, beautiful suspense!
    Take as much time as you need in updating Cuanta Vida, your health is more important than impatient fans.

  24. Rodrigo

    Good luck with the hospital visit.

    That being said, I really wonder what's going on at the base. RED has only a few members left that are not on in the plan, and BLU still have a crazy Soldier. With some luck, they'll try to hold on the fight to take care of their "traitors".
    However, when the engies notice the teleporter going online, they'll figure out Bleu escaped. But what'll happen when they find themselves in the middle of nowhere, inside an abandoned base? I hope they bring supplies and tools for a next jump, though it may still sound better than staying back in the base…

  25. Witch

    110% agree with this comment :)

  26. alex494

    We want Saxon xD

  27. Jia_Mekare

    IDK, Blue Sniper had some shirtless moments, and he was pretty well defined, if lanky.
    Sure, he didn't have his chest hair in the shape of the most manly country on earth, but it's certainly something. :)

  28. Jia_Mekare

    Anyone else miss the imminent psychopathy of Rojo? I kind of do. Not that I'm mad that he's dead, I just miss the comments going OH GOD ROJO'S KILLED EVERYONE

  29. DoctorLeft

    BAM! Surprise Rojo next page! (OK probably not.)