142- We shoot at them with rockets.
June 1st, 2011

142- We shoot at them with rockets.

I haven’t had a day off in a long while so this took longer than expected.
Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my table at Animazement. You all seemed pretty cool. For those of you who missed out the next con I’m going to have a table at is Otakon.


  1. Jia_Mekare

    You know what we do with deserters? That's right, we have them knock us down and run off! Well guessed, Maggot!

    In other commentary, RUN BLEU RUN!

  2. Grey

    At first I thought "Deserter!" was supposed to be a French verb.
    Like, Jordi a deserté.

  3. Jordan

    Too bad for Soldier there’s really no one he can go to since almost all the Blu team is in on the plan or dead.

    Kytri, you’ve made me a very happy guy with this update!

  4. DoctorLeft

    RED Soldier to the rescue? Nah, I don't think we would be introduced to a new member of team purple at this point.

  5. Jordan

    The Soldiers would rather kill maggots than be friends with maggots anyway.. 😛

  6. Orin J.

    he has his shovel, he doesn't need anyone else. well, i think he still has that dead RED medic's head but i dunno if he's reliable.

    he might go to pieces at this news!

  7. Orin J.

    everyone but soldier is just a private, so he outranks them- IN HIS CRAZY, CRAZY HEAD.

    it's funny, every other time we've seen both sides' classes, they're subtly different but the soldiers are just clones. there's a lot of war-crazy white guys in america though, so i guess that's all there is to it.

  8. LaGoingLoco

    Bleu for FUCK'S SAKE: RUN!

  9. Filia

    Panel 8 makes me very scared at those eyes

  10. CaZsm

    If you can see a soldier’s eyes, then you’re in trouble.

  11. HerpDerp

    those EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. HerpDerp

    $10 says just as Soldier get up he gets Blown up by a Demoman… …followed by a taunt of Mr. Smiley of Course.

  13. Haley


    Bleu, I know you're new to this whole "spine" thing, but there's a time and a place…


  14. DrunkenCoward

    God damnit soldier, he's a SPY! he's not made for fighting in the front to begin with! And he doesn't have any weapons, what is Bleu supposed to fight with? :V
    Soldier didn't think this through.

    Also, it's not a good idea to turn on your own man, while the whole enemy base is in your back and you have no support. Just sayin' :3

  15. 404 name not found

    He's soldier. Logic is not a term he is familiar with.

  16. Fagit

    OMG. Soldier has eyes? XD I’m just kidding.
    Run for it Bleu, run!!!!!!!

  17. G-O

    Blonde BLU Solly is PISSED.

  18. Elliwood

    Damn right.

  19. Emily

    Is that Jordi's knifey hand that just got smunched? That poor man has no luck. He just needs to forgo the dispenser and have Engie make him into some kind of Tennant-haired cyborg.

  20. Slade

    Run faster, maggot!

  21. Rodrigo

    All of them have subtle changes, but these soldiers both had their heads covered, like when both spies have their masks on. RED soldier may have that very low-cut brown-ish hair that the original TF2 soldier has, since BLU is blonde and some of his hair is visible from under his helmet.
    Nothing much was shown from RED heavy as well, and RED demo didn't even show in-panel yet.

  22. Rodrigo

    *High faves*
    It was obviously being him and/or medic, and since medic is gone…

  23. The Spy

    … Shit, Bleu, run for your life.

  24. Raymond

    Dat soldiers face.

  25. spahsappinmahawesome

    Soldier, I'm sure you could care less who's a traitor so long as your shovel doesn't desert you.

  26. AustynD

    It takes both Soldiers five minutes to stand back up…all that rocket-jumping is hell on the knees. I think Bleu's got a good head-start as far as getting away goes. Also, wondering what a duel between the soldiers would be like.

  27. Wombat

    Oh wow, this is getting intense.

    Intense like a double rainbow.

    Double rainbow will make Scout cry.

    … That was horrible, I’m sorry. x^x blame sleep deprivation; I’ll have better awful jokes next time 😛

    On a more serious note, I’m sorta wondering what’s gonna happen here; after all, Jordi is pretty much defenseless, and there’s a handful of REDs who are not on team Purple, and who are dangerous classes. Aside from RED Solly over there, we have the Heavy and Demo. Three classes who specialize in high-damage attacks.


    On yet another random note I saw a kid in school the other day who looked exactly like Jordi (minus the mask-tan, of course). Weird xD;

  28. Wombat

    Soldier’s rape face. O.O;

  29. seanhl

    *runs DIRECTLY into the train*

  30. Djsk :D

    This is my fave web comic EVER! I think peep is secretly a SPAH! Idk…

  31. Djsk :D

    {| _ {| Maggots!

  32. Djsk :D

    Don’t forget the red medic’s head! He has nobody , get it? Lol i made a funny.

  33. Djsk :D

    I can see it …. Ka – Bewm! MERDI!

  34. Shubbz

    Am I the only one stuck on the fact that I see some actual muscles starting to appear on Bleu?

  35. Ze red pie

    I read that as turn him on…

  36. Djsk :D

    Only a few days till next update … yay!

  37. Witch

    Just as I read this, the benny hill chase theme came on on my itunes…


  38. Loyal

    I bet RED Soldier's going to be very important shortly. I doubt he'd join Team Purple, but he's either going to indirectly save Bleu by killing BLU Soldier (maybe take Bleu prisoner in the process, leading to much Team Red awkwardness), or he's going to hear about the treason comment and, disgusted, temporarily join BLU Soldier on the manhunt.

  39. HerpDerp

    *1 week – 2 weeks ago* ITS BEEN 1 DAY, WHERE MY COMIC!!!!

  40. HerpDerp

    Then Demo accidentally grabbed to much fabric and ripped his gitch in half showing something unintentionally..

  41. Djsk :D

    Oh…God! *puke*

  42. Djsk :D

    Agreed…. What do we want? Comic

  43. Ellis

    Soldier has the same eyes as Jordi.

    I don't know why, but it bothers me.

  44. Bob Marley

    To be honest, I kind of feel like BLU is a little overdue for a replacement medic. I guess it's appropriate though since Meet the Medic is taking forever. BLU Medic, coming to you in Valve time.

  45. Jon

    If I remember correctly, it's only been 1 day since the BLU Medic died, comic book time. It's just because of the space between updates that it seems like it's been awhile (in real time, it's been about 8 months).

  46. Bob Marley

    Oohh you're right. So many people died I guess I'm having trouble keeping everyone straight.

  47. ze volve

    meet the medic will be released on june 23 (tomarrow)

  48. LonelyTimeLord

    Just watched it…. is really good 😀 And funny… Wish there was more back story about medic but a good video anyway
    Can't wait for an update!

  49. KGKGKG

    soldier is not fucking blond

  50. Liz

    It dosent matter is the in game soldier isnt /fucking/ Blonde. This is a web comic with /original/ characters. If thats what the person what soldier to look like then so be it.

  51. Wombat

    Oh my God, best video ever <3