140- The RED Menace
May 7th, 2011

140- The RED Menace

It’s been a few pages since I drew any pinstripes. That’s weird.

He’s probably not getting the rest of that uniform back.


  1. Filia

    May I mention panel five made me all fuzzy and warm inside?

  2. LaGoingLoco

    Oh. My. God. SO CUTE!
    My hearts grew three sizes bigger <3

    Soldier worries me tho. Don't make him do stupid things…

  3. CaZsm

    I feel like Solider is going to be a problem. :/

  4. johndoe

    Red Heavy, Soldier, and Demoman anyone?

  5. Guy


  6. Juli

    Anybody else laugh when they saw soldier like that referring to the RED team as 'commies'?

  7. Maddy


  8. Shubbz


  9. Ellis

    Uhhh…. hearts?

  10. CommanderCooper

    Heartwarming… In a bloody kind of way.

    Oh, if you could make Soldier into a kind of insane R. Lee Ermey, that'd be great.

  11. The Master


  12. SuicideRey

    Woooooooo awesome as always i wonder waht happens next

  13. Byroe

    Communism is a lie

  14. Krentist

    Why does Bleu have a white t-shirt? Shouldn't it be an unbuttoned rumpled bloody white dress shirt instead? That's the only thing that bothers me, makes him look very un-spylike.

  15. Dude

    don't be silly scout we can use you as portable cover.

  16. agentAK

    You make me happy, fellow Who fan.

  17. GreenSentry

    First Medic…
    And now Soldier.

    Think about it.

  18. G-O

    Huh, I forgot this BLU Solly was blonde. Also, are there other teams in CV, other groups of RED and BLU fighting a similar meaningless war?

  19. RageDoktor

    Is it just me or is scoot's chin unbeleivably pointy in panel 6?

  20. Attackoftheglobules

    Like A Boss!

  21. 404 name not found


    and then scoot and spy are killed by angry red heavy, soldier and demoman

  22. Orin J.

    i said as much weeks ago, actually. but he hasn't been around in the comic lately so noone remembered that's an insane man with a fetish for war…..

  23. Loviatar

    I think in an earlier page we saw that Bleu wears a white t-shirt under his dress shirt.

  24. Orin J.

    there is no way that guy's going to accept anything short of a mangled limb spraying blood on everything as a reason to get off the battlefield.

    also, Bleu's in his underwear!

  25. LaGoingLoco

    That's a long, very disgusting story.

  26. Rodrigo

    Fangirl collective squee at panel 5's sight in 3..2…

  27. Rodrigo

    I guess it does, since there are many maps in many different places. I don't think the whole company would depend on just two teams, either. They may have battlefields everywhere.

  28. Kjaska

    Oh Scoot, I beg to differ. As 134 proves, you still got some pop in that swing ;P

    Hopefully Solly doesn't go all, "Boo-hoo! You still got one good leg left, don't ya?!. Hopscotch ain't no rocket science, boy!"

  29. LonelyTimeLord

    Panel 5….just…wow…p..a..n..e..l..5……..We need more of this! 😀 Can't wait to see what happens next. It was lovely to see that our fears about this page before were not true

  30. Slade

    Yes. Very much so.

  31. Slade

    I love this one. Kinda surprised that Soldier, in his madness, doesn't mistake Bleu for a Red Spy. I mean, he was covered in blood (and still is).

  32. LonelyTimeLord

    "See red!….oh wait that's blood…"

  33. Scarabee


    On the other hand, I'm gonna join the chorus of "oh jeez, I hope Solly's not gonna be a problem |:"

  34. Wombat

    I’m going to agree with everyone and say D’AWWW PANEL 5 <33
    They finally get a little peace and quiet. And Solly makes me lol so hard. As dangerous as he may be to the plan, every scene involving him so far has been hilarious.

  35. ANTMFan

    Yes I heart panel f.i.v.e. but let's not forget panel 11…
    Bleu at his most modelesque moment! *squeaaals like Tyra Banks*

  36. z-kun

    'DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! The shot of them sleeping together is so cute!

  37. Jon

    He was in a hurry or something earlier, so he just threw his suit jacket over the T-shirt he was wearing. It IS very unspylike, and it's kinda been bothering me as well, but the way the story's been going he hasn't had a chance to change. It's been months since that page, it's strange to think it's only been about 4 story hours (more, now that it's finally morning).

  38. Haley

    I was going to make an intelligent comment.

    And then I looked at panel five.

    And now all I can say is GUHHHHHH I LOVE YOU.

  39. DrMarat

    Is it just me, or is the art getting steadily better?

  40. kittengrl39

    Depends on your definition of better. The art is progressing and changing, certainly. I'd say it's better, but that's just me.

  41. DiaBEEtus

    My heart's melted like that yellow yolk sun in panel 6. D'waa

  42. Billy

    He keeps them on his mantle, guys!

  43. Raymond

    … I love panel 5.

  44. Slashfilledmind

    And me. ^^

  45. slashfilledmmind

    Whoot! They slept together! Sort of! It still counts! So Adorable! To many !'s!

  46. ninjakana

    me too