136- Sympathy for the Devil
March 24th, 2011

136- Sympathy for the Devil

Uploading this real quick because I have a lot of stuff to color tonight. Thanks to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday messages and stuff. I wish I had time to thank you all individually!

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  1. Cavalcade

    He was at close range. That's why there's so much blood.


  2. Rosey

    These past few strips have been my favorite in the whole story so far! I really didn't expect them two to kill him! Very nice, and keep up the nice work! πŸ˜€

  3. AkiraRen

    WHAAAT O_o
    This got me by surprise!

  4. byroe

    i did not expect that….

  5. Jess

    *stands up and claps for Jordi*
    I am so proud of you *tear*

  6. Dracojounin7

    Hm… but for all we know, he's not fully dead… stay alert, Jordi!

  7. Ch1

    I feel like crying… Not for Rojo, but… Jordi… awww. He's really having a rough day.
    Unlike some others, I'm not particularly happy he's dead. (But that's prolly just cuz I have largeamountsofotherpeoplesblood-ophobia and I have a habit of trying to put myself in the main characters shoes when reading.) He was an entertaining character from a writing perspective, the crazy one's are always the most fun.

  8. DoctorLeft

    Looks like the 3 living not-friends-with-Jordi members of RED are going to be pissed. Just for the record that would be the RED Soldier, Demo, and Heavy.

  9. Anne

    Hu bu whu?

    Is Rojo…dead? Like…actually DEAD?

    Excuse me while I go process this.

  10. @JeanJacket7



    On the other hand: D: Rojo is one of those love-to-hate villains for me. Now I miss the psychotic bastard, lol.

    (Also, happy belated birthday.)

  11. Sleepy_Eyes


  12. Ablade

    I can only say one thing and one thing only and it may change everything… Deadringer!

  13. Drago

    And then Rojo stood back up complaining about that that little pacifist bitch couldn't even shoot someone in the head properly. >_>

  14. Guest

    Heavy: SO MUCH BLOOD!

  15. Jordan

    Be careful. That Rojo is a slippery snake, he probably ain’t dead yet. Watch your back..

  16. DJTrickyM

    weird…blue spy changes from such shock to totaly calm in panels 10 to 11….also i think this will haunt blu spah…ALSO….u made me actually feel sad for red spah! he thaught he was doin good…i think….

  17. DJTrickyM

    and jordan…i think putting 2 feign death things in a row is….well…its just not to be!…on the subject of feign death…maybe hes used dead ringer!!!!

  18. Scarabee


    ….and there's no more fun sociopathic asshole :<


    … on the other hand, no Bleu or Jeremy or anyone dying anymore because there isn't anyone to kill them :>


    I am left profoundly conflicted by this new page. Also, if I haven't said this before, I absolutely utterly freaking love you. All these cliffhangers, god they truly were worth this<3

  19. Le Hawl

    Dead ringer? I… I kind of hope so. He was a fantastic villain.


    LOL my i just had my birthday too xD


    Hey, ive noticed something. the teams have the same gear, but i saw them with different weapons. In the scene where spy's getting healed after being slashed by the red sniper, the medic ahs the kritzkrieg, not medigun. and when the red scout is talking to spy about how the new red medic gave him candy, he has the sandman, not the regular bat. and when the red spy cut scout's leg, he shoots the BLU spy with the Ambasador, but later he has the regular revolver (or maybe it was the big kill) again. and on the page where spy is hiding in the barrel, cause his cloak is dead, there is a huge missle. where did that come from?!?!

  22. Confused.

    wait,……..is…is he actually dead? this does not seem possible………………

  23. Filia

    Ten buck says he's a Dead Ringer Spy.

    These freaks are so rampant nowaday, and I doubt a magnificient bastard like Rojo would be killed easily.

  24. CommanderCooper

    …A single tear shed for Red Death…


    hm.. the 3 most powerful classes… Yep, he's screwed

  26. Qqtt991

    Not as violent or dramatic as I’d imagined.
    I’m going to miss Miguel. So. Much.

    Poor Jordi and his killstreak and pierced hand.

  27. Shubbz


    Like…..Woah. I didn't actually see this happening. I'm getting a very bad feeling that this comic is coming to an end soon.

  28. diaBEEtus

    My reaction
    Panel 1: Common blu, do it!
    Panel 3: sexy on the ground there rojo
    Panel 6: YOU SHOT ROJO! nooooooo *walks away from computer*
    *comes back, Reads the title: "sympathy for the devil"
    'aw shoot, you caught me red handed.'

  29. GreenSentry

    I did πŸ˜€


  30. Chessolin

    Like a soap opera right? You can shoot, stab, blow up, and incinerate someone, but they might still come back!

    (right Stephano?)

  31. Orin J.

    now cut that out! we don't need people going "HE'S POSSESED BY ROJO!" every page, you know.

  32. Orin J.

    annnnnnnnd so much for Bleu sleeping that week.

  33. Littoria

    If Rojo is still alive…

    "Now I have a revolver. Ho Ho Ho."

  34. Dani

    …Oh thank you. I am so tired of heroes not doing the necessary thing because it is somehow more "heroic" to let a dangerous bastard continue to be dangerous and a bastard. Jordi's going to be ripped up inside about this, but Jordi's ability to feel good about how noble he is shouldn't outweigh the safety of his friends and comrades.

    Kudos, Jordi. Kudos and hugs.

  35. AKarpuzov

    *SHHZZHH* Ahh noooo Dead Ringer!!

  36. Ellis



    Looks like Rojo…

    Got ignored.


  37. Laqueus

    Hooray! Great job Jordi! *high-fives* …..Aw great, now my hand's covered in blood.

    Oh well, now Rojo's dead, so he won't be pestering Team Purple anymore!

  38. death_101

    Rojo forgot to take his blood pressure meds today, this explains it

  39. GreenSentry

    Now wait for a 3rd new RED spy…

  40. Rodrigo

    Holey crepe! He did it. He actually did it!
    Well… one less enemy… They'll have a little time to regroup and plan ahead before the new Blu Medic and Sniper and Red Spy arrive, I guess. This leaves the rest of RED, and Blu Soldier to deal with, I guess. Which makes me thing. Almost all BLU is on in the plan (Heavy's seems clueless, but didn't start calling them "traitors" or something yet). Soldier may still be a risk, though. And we don't know what the next BLU medic and sniper will be at all.

  41. Nah


  42. @Menamebephil


  43. Mai


  44. Tehhank

    Dude the red spy had an Ambasador but the revolver was Jordi's from interragation :)

  45. KAT

    THE BASTARD DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Emily

    I… did not expect to tear up a little at that. Wow. Weird.

    But Rojo died as he lived: being SO FRICKING CREEPY.

  47. Slashfilledmind

    …Just like that? Don't get me wrong, I'm singing ''The wicked witch is dead'' here, but… just like that?



  49. h.k.m.

    Has anyone posted this yet? polycount forums… http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/5026/20110319000

  50. Dude

    finally Jordi put him down but i don't expect Rojo to stay dead, not in his nature and since he has an Ambassador i think he might have a ringer but time will tell.

  51. Darky

    inb4 dead ringer πŸ˜€

  52. Lodus

    but we already saw in an earlier comic that he has the normal cloaking device, although it is possible that he has a deadringer on him I am going to go out on a limb and say he is dead.

  53. Bazo

    Deadringer anyone :D?

  54. kittengrl39

    He shot him. He actually shot him.
    …I was kinda expecting another tense situation. Like, Rojo bends his hand far enough away to sit up and they start struggling while Rojo pours poisonous words into his ear. Then Rojo has a smaller weapon hidden somewhere and nearly gets Bleu and that's when Bleu shoots him. Or, worst case scenario, Rojo gets away and goes to ground in the BLU base.
    But… that's it. He shot Rojo.
    Never knew you had it in you, Jordi.

  55. kittengrl39

    "Pierced hand"
    Now I'm imagining Jordi getting something like an earring or a stud in his hand.

  56. diaBEEtus


  57. agentAK


  58. typewriter

    Y'know, not that I'm saying this guy should still be alive, but sometimes people don't want to kill people not to be "heroic", but because the idea of ending the life of someone else repulses them.

  59. Aya Yai

    That's impossible!
    Rojo CAN'T die!
    I don't see it. It's not true. Dum dum dum.

    …I will miss him! TT___TT

  60. Epic Eric

    I now wonder who'll be the next RED Spy.

  61. 404 name not found

    Also the 3 slowest, and therefore easier to backstab


  62. Sfot

    …Who died a very red death.

  63. Applejack

    For all the people saying dead ringer, look at page 133, 7th panel. Rojo is an IW Spy.

  64. 5cacti

    IT'S OVER.

  65. Qqtt991

    Be more of a golfball sized stud.

  66. Qqtt991

    133 7
    = 1337
    = leet.

    Did you do that on purpose?

  67. Grovyneer

    Aw man, if I knew March 24 was bday I would've wished you a good one. sorry. :(

  68. Jon

    Just when I thought you were getting predictable… "Common formula, BLU has chance to kill bad guy, BLU hesitates/chickens out and loses opportunity, etc., etc…" This really caught me off guard. I guess BLU Soldier is the only villain now,eh? Unless you're introducing the three other RED team members.

  69. Grovyneer

    *Not response to comment above*
    BTW I gave up on using nick names now, since it's been so long since I've been able to make a comment.

  70. Z-kun

    THANK YOU! I'm tired of seeing characters get insulted because they choose not to kill. Not everyone thinks that they have the right to take another life. Not that anyone's really been insulting Jordi, but it's a pet peeve of mine that's been triggered a bit recently.

  71. Filia

    Another thought, with that amount of blood, I wouldn't doubt some Rojo blood gets in Jordi's hand wound from the knife and then tiny Red Deaths everywhere in Jordi's blood. And Jordi becomes a… Not-Jordi… Spy.

    But that's just my crazy theory, don't mind me.

  72. Grovyneer

    *Not response to comment above*

    However, some nick names I will continue to use. mainly for the doubles.

  73. DiaBEEtus

    Why you gonna go and give me a flat tire bro. <:(

  74. Wombat

    Holy shit. Holy SHIT. HOLY. SHIT. HOLY SHIT. Holy shit.
    …aaand continue for about ten minutes = my reaction.
    Had to happen eventually, but… Wow. Intense, man.

  75. W+M2 Spy


  76. Cho

    1) Congrats to Jordi for, apparently at least, GROWING A SPINE, though probably another very large emotional scar as well.

    2) If I were inclined to breach the 4th wall from a reader's perspective: "Hey, dude: this simply was just a distasteful task that had to be done. If you have indeed killed Rojo, no one (here, anyway; dunno about Blue Heavy etc., for instance) is saying have to be proud of yourself. Just try not to crumble about it, eh?"

  77. AustynD

    And now, a eulogy for Rojo…He was a back pokin' snake, and by gawd he died like one!
    …That is all.

    No tears shed for that wankeh, rather glad he got put down like the rabid animal he was. He probably would have team-killed if he found out about the escape plan, just because he'd want replacements. Now if only Bleu or Jeremy would loot the corpse for something useful. Considering Bleu pretty much doesn't have a single thing to count towards equipment, he should probably rethink dropping the revolver, and perhaps take Rojo's watch, disguise kit, and knife.

    …I doubt he'll be needing them anymore.

  78. Fraust

    On the other hand, if all life is precious, then so is your own. Either way, I feel bad for him, whether he's all shook up about it because killing repulses him, or because he just wasn't ready for THIS much of it. This is, what, the third person he's killed? In one day? And the first about which he's actually had a choice? Yikes… No matter his reasons, he's not getting any sleep tonight.

  79. Fraust

    Given that this is the first day he's ever killed anyone, the third person he's killed in one day, and the first one he's had a real choice about, I'm of the personal opinion that he would crumble on his own.

    Only…I guess he's not that alone anymore, is he?

  80. Geary

    Or, at this point, just ignore

  81. @Ruminance

    I found this through TV Tropes today, and I read every comic.
    And I just wanted to let you know that it's pretty much my favorite webcomic ever now.
    Keep up the good work! <3

  82. GreenSentry

    I really wonder when will those 3 characters will finaly show up….


    its been 4 days… MOAR!!!!11one11!!!

  84. SuperScoot

    Dead Ringer…

  85. B33TL3

    He'll turn red any second now…

  86. Oh, Dear...

    Indeed. Much less on regular intervals thereafter.

  87. impolite

    in the future, you'd do well to keep your sexual fantasies to yourself sire-and/or-madam *tips hat*

  88. Ch1

    Ok I’m officially at the “checking the site every two hours for an update” stage.

  89. kytri

    It’s not going to be up that soon. I’ve not been feeling well and it’s negatively impacted my work schedule. The next page won’t be up for another day or two yet, at least.



  91. Monoke

    Awww! Wish I could send you some chicken noodle soup! We just made some. >.<