135- One good reason
March 16th, 2011

135- One good reason

It’s 3 AM why am I still up?

I guess drawing Rojo with blood all over his face is too much fun. I’m gonna miss him when this comic is done. I don’t know if any incarnation of him in another comic could be quite as psychotic.


  1. heyteii

    Rojo looks absolutely terrifying. I like that.

  2. agentAK

    Dear Rojo,

    "Let's Get You Home" and "Let's Get You Mutilated" are not the same thing.

    The Fandom.

  3. Jordan

    Panel 10, Rojo is a Zombie. Also, I don’t trust that Red Spy… I have a hard enough time trusting my own Spy…

  4. Candyrox

    I saw this page and yelled out loud "Omg! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him!" My sister gave me a O.o look.

  5. Damien

    Those eyes, they stare beyond the fourth wall… I dunno what to think about Rojo now, but i'd at least hear him out concerning "working sogether"

  6. AkiraRen

    Omg Miguel looks totally gorgeous here

  7. Momowoo

    …That is really creepy and I have the sudden urge to lock all the doors and windows at my house.

  8. Aya Yai

    His eyes are just… so calm. O____o

    It's like a silence before thunderstorm. >.<

  9. Qqtt991

    HYPNOSIS OR SOMETHING, MAN. It’s those eyes.
    The eyes stare past the very fabric of your soul! Beware the piercing green!

    I will definitely miss him too. He’s the kind of person who I just want to kick.
    And kick again.
    And again.
    And again…

  10. JeanJacket

    (“No, Ma, he’s MY mortal enemy – I’LL shoot him.”)

    O.o Even covered in blood and about to be killed Rojo manages to be a manipulative creep. HOW.

  11. Anne

    I do not trust him. He's gonna do something undeniably asshole.

  12. Orin J.

    i said it before, but i'm serious this time, someone with the skills to make 3d stuffs need to try and make a crutch melee weapon for the scout in TF2. it would br awesome.

    ALSO: geez Bleu, martyr much? i know you don't want your boyfriend to have to deal with killing people, but he kind of took a job that's mainly killin' folk so i think he's dealt with it plenty.

  13. typewriter

    Is he wearing a corset?

  14. Lost Experiment

    O Kytri, I'll keep him warm and satisfied for you,,,,

  15. kittengrl39

    OMG. Panel 10. That face is going to show up in my nightmares. O_O Freaking out just a little bit over here.

  16. Geary

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the guy who will pull anything to kill you, and just made such an attempt a few second ago, isn't the most trustworthy person. =0

  17. GreenSentry

    Oh dont worry. I wasn't planning on sleeping for a week anyways thanks to panel 10.

  18. Slashfilledmind


  19. Anonymous

    So…he's Pokey from Earthbound 2/Mother 3?

  20. The Random Combine

    Don't trust a vampire Rojo.

  21. Bazo

    non existing holy shit……..This is just AWESOME!…..And KILL HIM WITH A WOODEN STAKE!!!!!

  22. kjaska

    The only reason I will not be having nightmares for the next week from panel 10 is the memory of how much he was freaking out about getting scars in 119 and how he's gonna react to that busted up nose…if he lives long enough to see it.

  23. CommanderCooper

    Don't… kill… Red… Death… please…

  24. Jia_Mekare

    Bleu, seriously, do not listen to a word the downed man says. Just kill him, be done with it, and get some treatment for your hand because you're probably going to need some physical therapy for it. Normally I don't advocate killing folk, but nobody on that base is safe until Rojo is dead and buried, and possibly exorcised from the base. …Also he's fictional.

  25. Laqueus

    Now Bleu, here's what ya gotta do: put a bullet right between that bastard's eyes!
    Remember what he did to Liam! And Enigie! And Scoot! And Elvis Sniper!

  26. Sylvia

    Congratulations Kytri, you've successfully made the children I'm looking after shriek when he saw Rojo's face.

    Frankly, I didn't blame him…

  27. 5cacti



  28. jon

    Compare the artwork in these last pages to basically anything before December of 2009 – you have definitely come a long way with your animating.

  29. Cho

    Jordi, you are apparently about to be a huge, colossal idiot. (Highly likely fatally, for you and/or others.)

    Making deals with the Devil is always, ALWAYS a Very Bad Idea. It NEVER turns out well. Didn't your mama teach you ANYTHING?? >:-[

  30. GreenSentry

    She died when he was 4 >.>

  31. Tsuchi

    At least Scout understands the importance of double-tapping

  32. diaBEEtus

    I can't help it to think that panel 10 is extremely sexy.

  33. Axqu

    I was going to say the same thing!

  34. 5cacti

    Haha I thought i was the only one. >.>

  35. Failscout, Drikanyx

    … O_O and I thought panel 7 on the last page was gonna give me nightmares. Panel 10, now… *shudder*

    …I'm gonna go cry in the corner now with a lighter to ignite any unfortunate passing RED Spies. x_x

  36. Sleepy_Eyes

    Apparently it works as well on psychopaths as it does zombies. Who knew?

  37. Shubba

    I don't think panel 10 would've been nearly as sexy if his tongue wasn't sticking out.

    Kytri, you've got a good thing going here. And. I. Love. It.

  38. DJTrickyM

    every time i look at panel 10 i think of packeted HUNTS katchup!!! >.< its like dark chocolate…where heinz is milk chocolate and hunts is dark chocolate….hunts is….katchupier…yeah….great job man! red spah is such a…..main-ish….character that he would be (in my opinion) a bad idea to kill…at least here…i think he will ultimatly join their cause…or at least go back to the base and then get killed….this is one of those clasic "lure-the-good-guy-to-bad-side" things….


    one day in minecraft: ok well i got a house and some supplys and survived over 9000 nights using nothing but mah bare hands…i tihnk ive mastered minecra- SHEEEEEEEP!!!!!! *dies*

  39. 5cacti


  40. Epic Eric

    I wonder how Rojo discovered about the plan?

  41. Monoke


  42. Monoke

    @Cho: *open mouth, insert foot.*

  43. Cho

    Yes I know his actual mama died. He wasn't, however, apparently raised by wolves. It's an expression. Insert child-raiser term of choice if you need literality. 😉

  44. AustynD

    Think Bleu is going to be disappointed if it turns out there aren't any bullets even in the gun. I mean, if there were, wouldn't Rojo have already tried it? Doesn't seem above shooting two guys in the back, really. Also, was probably using the knife because of a lack of ammo. At any rate, think it's time Rojo is dealt with. If the gun isn't lacking ammo, maybe a taste of his own medicine by blowing his kneecaps out? At any rate, here's hoping Bleu has the fortitude to actually pull the trigger, and that something actually happens when he does.

  45. That Guy

    Panel 10:
    "It's easy. We kill the blue spy."

  46. Mai

    Seriously, no one could be that trusting. Please don't trust him, Bleu. SHOOT HIM. SHOOT HIM.

  47. bt123456789

    cursed cliffhangars.

    btw, comic is amazing (despite random gay love)

  48. Grovyneer


  49. shadowthedark2

    you should make a youtube animation video,awesome 😀 about this.

  50. ServoMascherato

    Er, fourth panel, "One of us has to kill him, and you got a fuckin' knife though your hand."

    Shouldn't it be "through"?

  51. kytri

    Oh crap, you\’re right. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I can\’t believe how long this page has been up and nobody said anything.