132- Names and stuff
February 22nd, 2011

132- Names and stuff

I know some of you are gonna be disappointed that they didn’t kiss.  I’m saving it, okay.


  1. TheComment

    Rojo… not being a total douche/monster? Maybe… regretting what he did?
    You honestly never fail to amaze me. :^D
    (BTW, Scout and spy ARE SO CUTE ////////)

  2. Tarlia

    "I'm saving it, okay?"


    Panel 4, Scout is just, -chews on towel ;w;- AND JORDI GOD WHY SO CUTE.

  3. Anne

    Kytri, you just woobified Rojo for me and I thought that was impossible.

  4. ProfessorGreane

    Oh jeez, the idea of Jeremy driving…
    Rojo got slightly creepier thanks to those eyes. I LIKE IT.

  5. DoctorLeft

    Driving with an injured right leg nonetheless.

  6. DoctorLeft

    In regards to the romance I will quote the famous Willy Wonka, "the suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last."

    I'm glad to see that Rojo thinks team killing is a bad thing. He has loyalty, just not to BLU.

  7. meganblue

    Just kiss already!!! Arrrgh, it's like the X-Files all over again.

  8. Jia_Mekare

    Holy crap, guilt! PALE POINTY CHEEKED GUILT. Rojo, I'm so proud, you have emotions!
    …Wait, he's not gonna off himself over this, is he? That would be the least fufilling ending I can plausibly imagine.

    Unrelated- you're not saving it, you're going to kill one of them first just so we can all feel bad. 😉

  9. Bob Marley

    Today, while playing sniper, I shot into a crowd and I caused a friendly spy's disguise to drop. I'm not quite sure how it happened or if it's even possible, but that spy yelled at me for it. I guess snipers can betray friendly spies?

    An explanation would be nice.

  10. Qqtt991

    Oh-ho-ho lookie here!
    Go ahead Miguel. Beat yourself up all you like. I don’t mind. In fact, I encourage it!

  11. Jia_Mekare

    Could have been that he bumped into someone at about the same time, and bitched at you for it so he wouldn't feel guilt.

  12. Ch1

    Panel four~ Awwww…. He's just so CUTE!!! <3
    I don't mind you saving it, but you better not save it much longer.

  13. Ch1

    oh and also- "I LIKE all the scars and the dumb shit you do!"

  14. Shiny

    This page is full of lawls, dawwws, and wows.

    Good deal.

  15. Anonomous

    Panel 4 is incredibly well drawn. I mean like, comparable to professional artists. You've done a really good job.

  16. Krentist

    I think they kissed mentally.

  17. Engineer

    d'aw man, Jordi is blushing from Scouts "compliments". So darn cute it hurts.

  18. Jordan

    Well, Rojo can’t show his face in his base ’cause if Sniper doesn’t join team purple (and if Heavy doesn’t kill him) he might rat everyone out. Including, Rojo so his own team might go on a man hunt for him.

  19. Kenny McCormick

    Well it's not like the gas pedal is terribly hard to work, and unless it's a stickshift(Most vans like that are automatics), he'll be fine.

    Providing he knew how to drive in the first place, anyways…

  20. ArtemisRampant

    You're saving it? That actually makes me feel so much better, because I was starting to get the feeling that they were going to die horribly without ever even figuring their relationship out.

  21. JeKo

    omg 😀 i just noticed for the facebook fan group, you linked to MY page 😀 i love you!! x)<3

  22. Heironymus

    It’s the only CV facebook group that I know of.

  23. Cho

    Rojo has drunk some serious Kool-Aid.

  24. Shanya Almafeta

    Of course, Rojo isn't a cold-blooded murderer – he's the hero of this story, right?

    ( That role is reserved for the Red and Blu Soldiers. )

  25. Damien

    Gee, he's actually feeling remorse now? Maybe the guilt of teamkilling is enough to prompt a 180 spin on his character? (or at least a 90 degree spin)

  26. Jones

    Aah. Now I want a hot love-hate romance between Rojo and the Sniper.

  27. Monoke

    Rojo is creepy yet cute at the same time in the last panel. HOW U DO THAT!?!?

  28. 5cacti


  29. Lost Experiment

    Very much enjoying the developments in the relationship front. It's romantic.

    …this is clearly why I think of Rojo in a very unhealthy way.

  30. some guy

    i like the story but not the gayness so i am glad they did not kiss lol if they did than hey i'll just prenten one of them is drunk.

  31. Pyrotechnicality

    Calling it. Saving the kiss for when rojo shoots scout and he dies.

  32. Feekins

    As a writer and a fan, I really like how you're handling the development of the relationship between Jeremy and Jordi. The slower pace makes it more believable, at least to me. I can wait for the kissing; until then, I'm just happy that they finally got around to discussing their relationship!

    On an unrelated note: Fourth panel. Love the expression!

  33. Galilea

    I know everyone hates on Rojo, but I JUST CAN'T. I actually almost feel bad for him–he's so paranoid he can't even believe what Bleu tells him about their whole war being a farce. Poor guy. :C Besides, he wasn't the one that killed Gabry (although him hurting Liam is INEXCUSABLE). I actually hope he gets SOME kind of redemption, even if it involves him dying.

  34. Galilea

    UHH, what have you been reading? There's subtext ALL over the place, so unless you want to pretend they've all been drinking Smore Schnapps, you'd better get used to it. 😐

  35. Aya Yai

    They didn't kiss! TT___TT I'm in heaven without it too~ *A*
    Oh, Rojo… you'll pay for your fail! >___< But yeah… I regret him… Poor guy. u___u

  36. @JeanJacket7

    1. YOU GO, SCOUT. Call him out on his self-deprecating bullshit! 😀

    2. Blushing Jordi = my new favorite thing. <3

    3. Rojo is capable of feeling REMORSE?

  37. Orin J.

    i don't think this one can last until that kiss much longer…….

  38. Orin J.

    oh, that's just a troll. thumbs down and ignore it, like all gentlefolk.

  39. Orin J.

    the RED spy seems more concerned that he killed someone on his side, than the fact the guy died.

    oh wait, he's fine! silly RED spy, everything you know is a lie. well, except for the RED pyro being dead. that happened. :<

  40. Tsuchi

    I have the biggest urge to draw conflicted Rojo with angel!Rojo and devil!Rojo yelling at him

  41. Tarlia

    Oh god please don't put any ideas in her head, it was enough that Gabry and Liam had to die, if the other two die, I just don't know what I'd do with myself ;w;

  42. kjaska

    So was Rojo's threat to kill Medic in 99 empty or would it actually take killing the person first to make him fell guilty?

  43. Monoke

    Panel 10 is missing the green glow from rojo's eyes.

  44. kittengrl39

    Believe me, the blush and fingers on lips is more than enough. I just really wanted to be sure that Bleu felt the same way and wasn't dating him out of pity or something.
    Also, Rojo's breaking down… interesting… even the monster we're all afraid of has limits he doesn't want to cross.

  45. DiaBEEtus

    oh kytri, you touch me in places…
    Well I know who's NOT gonna get to ride to happy train.

  46. Wombat

    Fff this is an awesome comic. <3 I'm so glad I stumbled upon it!
    Seriously, this comic is made of win in pretty much every possible way: Absolutely awesome story, believable and detailed characters, great art, and — even better — It's Team Fortress 2!
    Keep it up~! :DD

  47. DiaBEEtus


  48. Jia_Mekare

    Little late for ideas, I think she's got it all planned out at this point.

  49. Qqtt991

    I’m very excited for the next page. I want to see how Miguel reacts to his horrendous deed

  50. Kaiyax

    Awwww Scoot's face in the 4th panel is just adorable to me. And dammit Kytri- Why you makin Rojo seem human. D: I read that and my heart kinda got tugged. Not allowed. Rojo is always know as the jerk who on the stream always has his crotch blown up whenever I come back. D: And you know, he kills people and stuff.
    AND what is this? Subtle blush on Bleu? Adorable!
    Kytri, your comic is just so awesome. <3

  51. Some guy

    Gay comic

  52. Siswitch

    Why did you even bother commenting then? You just look like a homophobic bitch. Don't waste your time commenting if it doens't mean anything.

  53. Anonymous

    just ignore the troll.

  54. Jones

    Yes, it is. Isn't it wonderful?

    Why does everyone assume this was a negative comment, by the way? It was just saying something like "a herring is a fish". Also, gay is a synonym for brilliantly fantastic.

  55. Lady J

    doooo eeet

  56. LaGoingLoco

    I like Rojo…he needs moar luv.


  57. Drago

    Rojo feels a little remorse, but so far, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that'd let it get to him. Yes, he was feeling guilty for shooting Elvisniper, but note in the next panel he was straight back to his old self, justifying his actions with paranoia. So I doubt he's gonna be pulling a Heel-Face Turn anytime soon. In fact, pretty soon he'll realize that the entire Red force is in on it and just declare open season on EVERYONE.

    Also: Scoot's adorable. If he were a puppy, he would be adopted. If he was a Pokemon, he'd get his own pre-movie cartoon. That's how adorable he is.

    Also also: A Scout behind the wheel. Why am I picturing Transporter-level Kar-Fu?

  58. Dem nuggets

    Thy didn’t kiss!

  59. W+M2 Spy

    I hate how gay this is but love how cool this is.

  60. Jess

    "I’m saving it, okay."

  61. CommanderCooper

    Red Death feeling remorse? Eh, it's kinda like how a serial killer kills one of his relatives for the first time. It's scary at first, but the guy's cold and insane enough to live on with it.

  62. Orin J.

    agreed, gay comic. absolutely full of scandalous manhugs. well spotted, and only months after the rest of us!

    oh, you meant it as an insult….i don't think you're cut out for this whole mockery gig, maybe get a spot commenting on facebook pages?

  63. Jay

    I wonder what the engineers could do with that van… for that matter, do you think the RED/BLU corperations would just let them get away by car without chasing? I'm dying to find out what happens in the action parts!

    also, romance mushy stuff is cool too I guess, character development is awesome.

  64. Iroy

    Those are at least 20 smiley's to many.

  65. Butts

    o u

  66. Butts

    Didn't like the previous page, but this one made me kk with things again. -thumbsup-

  67. Grug


  68. Samalamalove

    You've said pretty much everything I could think of, here.


  69. Slashfilledmind

    Saving the kiss is fine, but ARG the suspense! Oh well, that means there WILL be a kiss. *happy* Also, Red spy is getting a deeper character! yeah! This page is just full of happy!

  70. @JeanJacket7

    Because seeing him HAPPY about something is so utterly unexpected? (And because it puts color in his face?) :3

  71. @JeanJacket7

    Also: I really hope we get an update on Kinsey's status soon…

  72. @JeanJacket7

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas prices?

    Yes – they're rather high at the moment, aren't they?

  73. DrMarat

    Ditto. I see a Draco in Leather Pants in my future

  74. Colin

    Have you, like, studied accents or something? Your use of dialect impresses the shit out of me.

  75. kytri

    Not specifically, no. I just really like dialogue.

  76. Qqtt991

    I actually learned how to write most of my accents from you, Kytri. 😛

  77. Monoke

    Oh now THAT is fucking WIN!

  78. Bagelsan

    I KNOW RIGHT? Until I was told (above) that this is a "gay comic" I totally thought all the soulful gazes, etc. were platonic!

  79. Cat

    Inb4 their first kiss is after Blu Scout is dead….