131- You’ll forget all about me.
February 8th, 2011

131- You’ll forget all about me.

I wish I’d had room for backgrounds on this page and that it wasn’t just a bunch of talking heads but it didn’t seem right to cut away from the characters’ faces for this scene.

Anyway yeah, I guess it’s Valentine’s Day appropriate or something.


  1. Irolus

    mwaaah…i knew this would come up sooner than later ^^…i love how these relationships form…from death comes a new beginning

  2. Irolus

    oh yeah…first =P…jk

  3. spy


  4. WebbyGhost

    I squee'd. This page is adorable!

  5. Nelly

    Jeremy's smile in the last pannel is so creeper like it's scary xD

  6. Jamie

    How come the question "ARE YOU NOT GAY/BI" has never come up? blargh.

  7. anon

    Jordi. Last panel. Omg <3 He's so adorable, but it's sad that he has nowhere else to go.

  8. Juli

    Bitch! Don't argue!
    classic scout quote.

  9. Knome

    First panel: That face XDDDDD
    Panel 7: That face <33333
    Last Panel: That face O_o

  10. cobalt


  11. Dude

    Who the fack is thumbs downing all the comments?

  12. XplrrWho

    i have actually put effort into this comment i like this page so much! and i concur with Knome.

  13. Monoke

    I don't have a slowpoke enough for this comment.

  14. Jia_Mekare

    Bitch, don't argue…And don't apologize! That quote just made my having the Flu suck less.

  15. Anne

    Scout’s exressions are delicious. I could eat them (and him) right up. And it’s nice to see that he isn’t just substituting Jordi for a girl. And that Jordi is willing to give it a try. Y’know what? This page is just awesome in general.

  16. YourTwoDads

    That first panel is my new MSN icon. Brilliant xD

  17. Orin J.

    scooty-poof's afraid the answer was "sorry, i'm not" so he never asked. look at his :O face, he's not good at this relationship thing!

  18. Orin J.

    last panel is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

    but damnit panel 8 is AWESOME.

  19. Anonomous

    Scout, panel 8. Awesome.

  20. Ch1


    …I’m smiling like an idiot right now.

  21. @JeanJacket7

    "You've got a girlfriend? D:" Oh, Scoot. I think even Jordi would have thought to mention something like that before now. <3

    These two are so adorable it hurts.

    Also, "Bitch! Don't argue!" made me lol.

  22. bleep boop

    ADORABLE GAY SILLIES! ^-^ jeremy's faces are freaking me out though…

  23. CommanderCooper

    Scout's face at panel 1 is just… too… damn… funny.

  24. Vertigo


  25. Grey


  26. Jamie

    Yeah, but if he wasn't into him what is there for him to think about?

  27. Dee

    And the Fandom Rejoiced!

  28. Krentist

    I don't know why, but seeing Bleu's hesitation randomly reminded me of something Harrison Ford's character in 6 Days 7 Nights says… "You deserve someone… fresher." In Ford's case, referring to his age, but in Bleu's case, someone un-scarred and untainted by traumas in their lives.

  29. An anon

    Scout probably doesn’t consider himself gay or bi, so he wouldn’t feel the need to ask Spy.

  30. Rxven

    me tooooo ;O;

  31. Jess

    panel 8
    PANEL 8

  32. Kaiyax

    *snicker* Bitch! Don't argue.
    I think I laughed a little too hard. I love this page Kytri~ Its been forever since I commented, and this is just so adorable and sad D: AND I love blu scoot's face in panel 8. He looks so scared ; A; Its like "FFFF Jordi, hug him dammit"
    You get my love forever. <3 This is amazing. c:

  33. Green_Sentry

    You turned valentine's day gay. in the good way.

  34. Grey

    I neglected to add:
    Lots of manhandling going on right now.

  35. Chaney

    Scoot is soooooooooo cute! <3

    Especially in panel four.

  36. Orin J.

    no THAT'S some serious downvoting. but i'm pretty sure you're just dumb, so have an upvote back.

  37. Orin J.

    no, panel 8 is
    pay attention!


  38. Orin J.

    no, that what they call groping.

  39. 5cacti


  40. Dr. Octagonapus

    Clingy Scoot is clingy.

    Like cling film.

    I think im going to nametag my bat that….

  41. Comrade Prozac

    I think Jordi REALLY needs some sleep, the poor guy… just look at his face.

    Also, Scoot needs to get laid

  42. Quill

    Cuddle time already!

    This comic is made of win and love. :DDD

  43. Bob


  44. DoctorLeft

    While I genuinely enjoy the faces on this page, I keep finding myself distracted by just how out of proportion Jeremy's mouth is to the rest of his face. I guess in lieu of the audio elements of TF2, you emphasized the size of Jeremy's mouth to remind us that scouts are a rather talkative sort.

  45. Engineer

    You are me

  46. DiaBEEtus

    I find this page QUITE satisfying. mmmmm
    panel 8 another horror face. lol, followed by last panel, RAPE TIME face.

  47. Woothaipeeps

    LOL panel 8 :3
    <3 Scout

  48. Viscous Jelly

    I don't know why everyone thinks the last panel is creepy.

    I just imagine Scoot bouncing up and down (IN THE HAPPY LITTLE KID WAY GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER JEEZ YOU GUYS) while making that smile.

    It's an adorable image to me.

  49. Whatever


    Panel 1: Epic Win face of telling what's what.
    Panel 4: Awww! Cuddles!
    Panel 8: AWWWWW! I could literally hear his little glass heart fall to the floor!

  50. Blossom Morphine

    Panels 1, 4, and 8 has the best Scoot expressions ever. Really, I love how he just goes from 'No, I will not let you blame yourself' to 'Der-der tenderness' to 'CRUSHING HEARTACHE' all in a few moments.

    But what really gets me is Jordi. He claims he hasn't given it much thought, but doesn't hesitate when asked why he doesn't think a relationship would work. He has thought about it, and that means the only reason he didn't go for it (besides the plot and his own un-assertiveness), was his fear that Jeremy would just leave him once they escaped. If he just didn't bring it up and they didn't get together, then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much when Scout did leave him all alone. The look on his face on the last two panels suggest not only has this been on his mind for a while, but that he doesn't believe that Scout will really want him once they do escape, but doesn't have the heart to say no to Scout.

    Man, at first I was all :O and :D. Now, when I gave it a bit of thought, I'm all :( and T_T.

  51. Shanya Almafeta

    I'm kind of sad that the subtext has become the text.

    I thought you had to send in a donation for the monthly wallpaper to see that.

  52. Metal

    Darn I keep seeing these so late


  53. Qqtt991

    OH MY GOD THAT PANEL EIGHT. Everywhere I look, my eyes are dragged to that expression. Pfthahaha~ It’s like the perfect “you’re cheating on me?!” expression you might see from a girl.

  54. Rodrigo

    *Hearing the fangirls squeeing all over the place*

  55. LonelyTimeLord

    Aww wow, I was wondering when a more cheerful page was gonna pop up, it's so nice to see these kinds of happy pages in amongst the action 😉

  56. kas

    Awwwwwww <3
    Loved every panel but the last one.
    Scout looks terrifying for me Q_Q.

  57. Sleepy_Eyes

    Pff, the look of sheer heartbroken horror on Scout's face in the "YOU'VE GOT A GIRLFRIEND?!" panel <XD

    also *squee*

  58. Aya Yai

    Yeeeep! Stay together guys! *___*
    8th panel is so epic. 😀 Like Edvard Munch's Scream. 😀

  59. Epic Eric

    8th panel, "OMG I'M TOO LATE"

  60. Orin J.

    also thetans 😀

  61. Dem nuggets

    Ugh I knew it would come to this…well what DO you expect out of a gay comic written by someone who won’t bother to tell you until it’s too late? No offense :U I’ll still read this cause it’s awesome,but it’s gonna be akward

  62. Lt_Unrealistic


  63. LonelyTimeLord

    I hope so.. jordi deserves some love <3

  64. Anne

    Forgot to say this earlier, but I really like the hand positions on this page. I don't normally notice things like that, but they just jumped right out at me. Brilliant.

  65. This is not a name.

    You must be slow if you just picked up on the gay undertones. Granted, someone who is that close-minded must be slow in the first place….

  66. Zoe

    1st, 8th, and last panel have lol faces.

  67. Zoe

    I feel your pain. Itchy nose, swelled throat, headaches, sore throat, and a fever.

  68. @JeanJacket7

    LOL. Um. Gabry. Liam. "I think I'm a faggot."

    Where have you been?

  69. Jordan

    I lol’ed so hard when I read “Bitch! Don’t apologize!” xD
    Also when Jeremy thought Jordi had a Girlfriend.

  70. rainbow_birds


    Throughout this page, it looks like Jeremy and Jordi are totally holding on to each other more and more with each panel. :DDDDDD

    Also, the expressions on this page are love.

    Panel 4 is hnnnngh~ <3

  71. Mazteur

    Jeremy looks so cute in the 4th panel <3 Just wanna nuzzle him to death.

  72. W+M2 Spy

    One compound word for Scout’s face: Megaman!

  73. LostExperiment

    Jordi increasingly looks like he needs a year's worth of sleep. Guy really hasn't changed a bit in the 'insecure' department though. His question doesn't seem to be "Do I like this kid?" or even "Do I like men?" it's: "Will he find someone better?"

  74. kjaska

    Scoot's face in panel 8 reminds me of my dog Jasper whenever I tell him I'm too tired to take him out for a walk. I have to bury my face in my pillow to block out the guilt

  75. Slashfilledmind

    Those two are insanly adorable. I love the slight ''he won't like me when we get out'' angst, like, a lot. And I have to admit I squeeled at scout's face in panel 8. ''YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?" They are just so cute!

  76. Laloco

    Well at least don't let one of them die. I still cry over the last dead couple :'(
    I really do D':

  77. Bagelsan

    Those two weren't just roommates? Scout didn't mean a bundle of sticks?? What have I been reading all this time???

  78. Aethrys

    But what if it's… the GREEN flu?

  79. Green_Sentry

    There's an ad about a gmod tf2 comic and it shows heavy tries to hug the medic and it says: "More then just team-mates."

    timing at its best.

  80. HuddaHuddaHuh

    Given my status as a straight male, I'd normally be a bit uncomfortable (not against, but uncomfortable) with two of my favorite classes being in a relationship. This comic is the only comic (let alone the only fanfiction) to do it so tastefully (i.e. not all about the sex). It's actually now one of the only webcomics I keep up-to-date on regularly. I commend you on the fantastic art and story, sir or madam, and please keep it coming!

  81. Ketsi

    These guys make my heart hurt.
    I'm so worried Jeremy's gonna die before the end of this comic.

  82. Orin J.

    sorry, but we need the make pages first.

  83. Jess

    I was referring to the face I was making in real life 😀

  84. Jia_Mekare

    Well, given the fact that I've neither gone crazy and started attacking people or started bile-ing all over the place, pretty sure I'm safe. :)

  85. terra

    I love it. I love them. I love you for giving us this for Valentine's Day, Kytri. So adorable <3

  86. skrv

    Panel 4 has a suddenly ubermanly spy 😮 Great page!

  87. Orin J.


    the out saw itself out….

  88. Sonnyjoon

    I hate to say this but…

    After seeing Blu's reaction to Scout wanting to be together with him in the panels, I'm getting the feeling that Blu doesn't really want to be with Scout but is trying to make him feel better nonetheless. Like he's trying to convince Scout that he'll forget all about him and that he could find a nice girlfriend. And, then he finally deduces that he won't have any place to stay so he suggests he could stay with Scout as a way to find a temporary home and to make Scout feel better.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I would absolutely LOVE to see them together. They make a cute couple, man. But that's just the vibe I'm getting…

  89. Zee

    That was my reaction exactly.

  90. Cho


    Troll comment
    Absolute FAIL at ability to read lengthy ongoing heavy subtext (and sometimes outright blatant text)

  91. Pesky

    Wow. Scout is Manic. He goes from PMS to ZOMG my life just ended to a kid in a candy store.

  92. Cho

    *HUGS* Bleu & Scooty

    Bleu is just too hesitant and worried about EVERYTHING on EARTH, isn't he?

  93. Shannon

    I made a sort of icon out of panel four…only problem is I wouldn't know how to upload it.

  94. eggycystants


  95. abc


  96. AbbKnormal

    I just love this comic so much.

    And it's doing so well.
    Scout's face in the eighth panel made me lol.

  97. Qqtt991

    They don’t look very gleeful to me.

  98. Dreams

    The soul-crushing despair in panel 8 is probably the best expression I have ever seen anywhere ever. Oh my God, in love.

  99. lolli99

    Blushing Scout at Panel 4 (or at least that's how I want him to be :D)

    This is so GAY! in the HAPPY sort of WAY :)

  100. Scarabee

    Dude, I'm sorry you've only encountered the PWP type of fanmaterial, as someone who delights in well-developed and character-driven stories like this (though as a bisexual female I can't say I'm really opposed to the sexy stuff either… hey, it's better than most porn) I can relate to the pain of slash not being handled with dignity, but I'd just like to reassure you that even though 90% of everything is crap, there is other good TF2 fanmaterial out there. Not as good as this one, but still, Kytri, as blessed and amazing as ze is, is thankfully not alone.