February 1st, 2011


I like how I seem to have accidentally trained a bunch of you to expect Rojo and/or something horrible around every corner. To the point where some suggested he would have killed every one in the little underground hideout here. He doesn’t know they’re down there, and there are like six guys in there. He’s scary but he’s not superhuman.

Also a lot of people have been asking about Red Sniper’s name or requesting I give him one, so I’ve decided to call him Kinsey. It might be his last name, IDK.


  1. Jia_Mekare

    Wait, Kinsey like Alfred Kinsey?

    In other news, Scout's back and hobbling, HOORAY!

  2. Anne

    Kinsey? It totally fits. Snipeman Kinsey. I like it.

    Also, yay, comforting (?) Scout! It's sweet, in its own way…

  3. Saida

    …Kinsey's a cool name, but I'm still want to call him Elvis Sniper.

  4. Monoke

    Now shipping: Anton/Kinsey.

    Panel 6 made me lol so hard. If he wasn't dead he might be after all that. XD

  5. @JeanJacket7

    "Mein Gott Sniper!" *raises eyebrows* Well now, Anton. Awful concerned there, aren't you? 😉

    LOL Heavy. You mean well.

    Panel 9: Aww.

  6. Jared

    Now I'll call him Elvis Kinsley

  7. Eric

    At least give us Kinsey Presley.

  8. Orin J.

    Snipe Maaaaaaan! Kinsey?

  9. Orin J.

    Heavy has scared pants off doktor! is just like old times in russia! and what did Pyro do this time? he's kind of a bumbling screwup magnet sometimes.

    and someone that can to that sorta thing, make a crutch melee weapon for scout and submit it to valve! i'm sure we can brainstorm a name and description that'd make it work in-game.

  10. LostExperiment


    Oh I'm sure you meant nothing, but I am just giggling so very very hard over all the psychological implications in this whole post alone. Kinsey Scale, Pavlovian conditioning…I'm quite damn sure it was accidental or nothing and I'm just doing my job. But…ah….wording much?

  11. Sighduck

    Jeremy is just so cute when trying to comfort Bleu…!

    Also loving how the meeting between Heavy and Anton went, after how Heavy reacted to his defenselessness last page!

  12. 5cacti

    Wait, What is Jordi sad about?

    And Kinsey? Sounds like King. KING OF MUSIC. ELVIS.
    Ah u see whot i did thar?

  13. Jordan

    I knew it! xD Oh, Heavy, how you love Doctors. It also seems to have made him forget all abot his Doctor.

  14. DiaBEEtus

    First Pannel: HORROR FACE.

  15. Monoke

    Oh wow.. ads for Achilles tendon rupture treatment. Quick! We must find out how to cure Jeremy!

  16. DoctorLeft

    8 in the page and 9 speaking in text. I think that's a record. I wasn't expecting to see James or Demo. Good to see them again.

  17. Bagelsan

    Panel 4 is perfection. That "GYAAAH" is just… *kisses fingertips*

    And cosign the Kinsey (Scale) lol-ing; so perfect for this comic. 😀

  18. Blossom Morphine

    Can you blame us for suspecting a blood bath every other panel, considering what has gone done before? :O

    Oh, Jeremy, not giving in to despair and instead concentrating on getting out of there and taking care of Jordi (because you know he's not going to do it himself). Hopefully, he can ease Jordi's mind and get better.

    X'ing the call for Anton/Kinsey. Since the first scene where Kinsey is so protective of Anton, and Anton is all worried for Kinsey now, I ship it. Hard.

    Heavy! How awesome is he for being such a knight with spinning artillery for a Medic? Really awesome.

  19. Fin

    Elvis Kinsey

  20. Its that guy


    I have followed this comic for quite some time and, although I don't normally enjoy dramas, I love how you build on each character and tug at our heart strings at every turn. You've even had the profound affect of taking the edge of same-sex relationships for me. I know this seems drastic but hear what I have to say. I started reading your comics and I read and reread those covering the relation ship between blue sniper and red spy. It bothered me at first that I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I think its been some time since you released those comics and I've had a lot of time to think this through. I no longer look at gay relationships in disgust. I don't know if this was your intent, it may have been just the catalyst I needed to cast aside the beliefs that had been pushed on me, but either way I want to say thank you.

    Keep the comics coming, I love them.

  21. Jia_Mekare

    I think it's just been a really long day for our favorite Blu Spah.

  22. kytri

    I don't normally reply to many comments on here, mostly because there are so many, but this one made me especially happy. I have to admit that, no, it wasn't my intent to change anyone's mind about homosexual relationships. As pro-gay as my work is it just hadn't occurred to me that it might have that kind of effect. I had always thought of this comic as simply for entertainment, but I strongly believe that anything that makes people less prejudicial is a good thing, and I don't think I've ever been prouder of this comic.

    I am deeply honored, good sir. Best comment ever.

  23. Fraust

    IIRC, this day started in freakin' February. LAST year. Rojo started doing terrible things to people in January, and – being a spy – has the tendency to pop outta nowhere and shank people, or at the very least gouge out their EYES. Which means that for an ENTIRE YEAR, readers have been conditioned to expect the worst things possible to pop outta nowhere, or at least with very little warning.

    It may have been accidental, but it's still very impressive, you having elicited such a response! Keep up the splendid work!

    That said, it's a very different thing to have all of that happen in one day instead of one year. Three crippled teammates, torture at the hands of the spy, killing for the first time, and killing twice? Not to mention all that running around, bleeding out, dragging people from place to place, all while being his usual nervous self… Bleu may not come out and say it, but after all this? That boy needs therapy. Or at least a VERY long nap.

  24. Metal

    >Go on laptop even though I'm terribly ill

    >New comic

    HOT DAMN THAT'S GOOD DRAWING. Seriously, everytime you make a new one, you get better in drawing. Also, Jeremy doesn't need to run, he can WOBBLE. So nyah.

  25. Aya Yai

    Aaaaaw, Jordi looks so sad. :'C it makes me sad too. T___T

    Right, guys! First name of Kinsey is for sure Elvis! 😀 Elvis Kensey… sounds nice. ^^ Or maybe a name beginning with letter L or D? -____-""
    …I'm so glad, that he's alive! 😀 ~<3

  26. YourTwoDads

    I seem to be the one who started all of that paranoia on the last page. Whoops. xD'
    And oh goodness, Elvis Sniper has a name now~ Someone needs to edit the TV Tropes page. x:

    Ffff, I love Anton's reaction. He's so adorable <333

  27. Rodrigo

    I'm impressed, and relieved that Heavy's taking things so well, even if terrible confused. Having his teammates around to calm him down seems to help too. If they are not killing each other, something important must be going on.
    Also, aww, Heavy seems to be missing his medic, and is looking toward to meet the other one, even if it's a Red.
    Seriously, if they keep Bleu's secret hidden from Heavy, he seems very likely to join their little merry band. Sniper Elvis Kinsey is likely to listen too.

    What brings me to the next topic: What about the remaining BLU (soldier) and the remaining REDs?
    And what about HQ when they find out the daily battle slowed down? Ironically, the more people they convince, the less time they have before stuff hits the fan.

  28. WebbyGhost

    New reader here. I love your comic so much, I've read through it twice so far. Eagerly awaiting new pages!

  29. rainbow_birds

    First thing I thought when I saw this was OMFG JEREMY.

    After reading it I was like YAY BROMANCE… ER… MORE LIKE ROMANCE NOW HAHAHA ha.

    Also. Shipping Blu Heavy/Anton harder. <3

  30. JSB

    Aww, Anton, my heart wibbles at your every surprised shriek. How can you be so adorable? It seems inhuman.
    And also manly.
    Of course.
    You know at first I didn't like Heavy but man oh man has he grown on me 😀

  31. amtgman


    Just throwing it out there…

  32. Metal

    Actually, I don't trust that BLU Demoman..

  33. DatRandomGuy

    Elvis (Snipe man) Kinsey.

  34. amtgman

    There is that possibility, but consider that Anton has been absent for a while, and now he appears all of a sudden.

    Of course, we never see Demo's good eye…

    They're both Rojo! D:

  35. Orin J.

    Bleu usually looks sad. he's a very worried sort.

  36. @JeanJacket7

    Two things I forgot to say:

    1. Poor Anton is going to end up being, like, Heavy's rebound Doktor.

    2. If Jordi starts crying, I can't see Jeremy handling it much less violently than BLU Engineer did. 😛 Even if he does love him.

  37. Bagelsan

    Heavy, you perv, rebounding to a cuter younger new doctor. *shakes head*

  38. W+M2 Spy

    I remember when I first found out about this comic…. Some random vid on Youtube…

  39. Wolfie

    Than call him Elvis Kinsley. Elvis Kinsley the King. Or maybe… Kinsley King. (If he is called Kinsley McQueen i´m gonna die on laughing).

  40. Dee

    Now Shipping: Anxiety Ridden, Jumps-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, German Doctor Anton/ Snarky, Australian Elvis Snipeman PUNX AS FUCK Kinsey.

    …DO WANT

    But no, seriously, this comic just keeps getting better and better. I love the progression, the suspense, how the character's personalities bounce off each other, everything. Good on you, Kytri!