A small annoucement

Just letting you guys know that I’m disabling comments on the archive pages from now on. You’ll still be able to comment on whatever the current page happens to be, and read the old comments but once a page is in the archive no new comments will be allowed.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons:
1) Cuanta Vida gets a lot of spambots and this greatly cuts down on places they can try to spam.
and 2) when actual people comment on a post or reply to a comment from several months or even years ago it serves no constructive purpose. The only person who is likely to see these kinds of comments is me and I don’t know what the fuck you’re responding to.

If you’re looking at the second one and thinking “But my comment was so witty and insightful! How else with the artist see how clever I am?” In this case your comment should be just as nice if left on the newest page, if not your comment probably wasn’t as great as you think. If I’m wrong in that respect you can still comment on the older pages on DeviantArt or Y! Gallery. And if I’m really really wrong and you want to tell me how wrong I am, you can comment on this post.



  1. WilcoCharlie


    Nah, just joking. I think it's a good idea. Good thinking.

  2. wit machine

    i am so god damn witty ๐Ÿ˜

  3. MaxDG1013

    Spambots can get real annoying, but yeah, this should help to get rid of them a bit.

  4. Monoke

    Great idea!

    Kytri is credit to comments!

  5. Ropun

    I never post on old stuff anyway, no matter where I am, becuase of the reasons stated in this article.

  6. CommanderCooper

    Brilliant idea. Should have done this sooner.

    …Although, now I feel like an idiot for posting that comment on that 2-year-old page. But oh well.

  7. kytri

    Yeah one comment every once in a while wasn’t an issue. But today I had a person going through and leaving comments on every single page, and they kept doing it even after I explicitly told them to stop. I probably would have just left it otherwise.

  8. Erika

    Lul, i did that once or twice. i didn't do every flippin' page though. that's just retarded.

  9. DJTrickyM

    you carry him, im not leaving sasha. ^.^ heavy so cuuute!

  10. 5cacti

    wrong page, dolt.

  11. bleep boop

    probobly one of my favorite pages! ๐Ÿ˜€ i like jeremy's megaman dirp face :3

  12. krazy kiki

    well that makes alot of sense actually ^_^

  13. AK47

    Hello I am a Nigerian Prince forced to flee my kingdom and abandon my collection of manhood-enhancing pills from Mann Co.! Please purchase some of them before I throw them out! Impress that Spy you've been lusting after! Only $29.99 per dozen! Credit card accepted —

    — heheh, no, just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜€
    This new comment system makes sense.

  14. DJTrickyM

    lololol red spah is now golem! hes all like…i cant belive it…and then….NO U HAD TO…and then hes gonna be all…he was just tryin to keep us from doin somthing stupid! then no he was trying to get us to trust him and then KILL US ect. ect. ^^ cant wait for more…this one took u a while i think…longer than usuall…didnt read ur coment thing yet though so…explination is probably there….


    P.P.S: lol 4th panel iz awsome!

    PPPS: and guys…if ur joking about the FIRST COMENT stuff…THEN DONT DOIT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! dont even post FIRST! or whatever! sheez!

  15. Aya Yai

    OH FU*K! Watch your backs, guys! >___<
    Rojo has dangerous knife and he is not scared to use that. Muahahaha! x3

  16. Anonomous

    You're currently posting on a blog page, you knew that right?

  17. DJTrickyM

    lol i know whats gonna happen…they turn around and red spah stabs him in the faic and the scoreboard is all BACKSTAB and bleu spah dies!!!!

  18. DrMarat

    Whoah, whoah, whoah… so Rojo just killed the sniper for being a traitor and now he's offering to work together with the BLU dudes? Is he just trying to save hs own skin or what?

  19. Jon

    It's his job as a Spy to be deceptive, so really there's nothing out of the ordinary happening.


    Crazy Spah Is fackin' Crazy really red is fucked up

  21. Fagit

    Mmkay. This is officially my new favorite comic. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. 4chansfollower

    I'm a nice guy and I'm gonna let you finish but isn't every one entitled there own
    Opinions and whether you be a troller or not you just want to get your point across
    So keep in mind that there are other web comics out there that are way better than
    This one.

  23. 4chansfollower

    At least it's not extremely gay get some girls in there and you've got a pretty decent web comic

  24. Kharn