122- Suck it up.
November 16th, 2010

122- Suck it up.


  1. LolCakes

    I giggled at the *FWAPT*
    Poor Jordi. :c

  2. julie

    Lol, i refreshed the page because i kept it on there for some reason and the new page way out :'D booya.

  3. Peter

    The most hilarious thing I can imagine happening in the next page is Bleu trying to scare Heavy out of it.

    "Er…that spy is vicious! He's got pointy knives, turns invisible, and disguises as others! I should know, I am one."

  4. Green_Sentry

    "Nah, he'll break your neck."


  5. Taco Chick

    This made me sad. Poor Jordi didn't mean to kill him, this war has been tough on him, hasn't it?

  6. Rochelle

    Killed two people? I forget, who was the first?

  7. Ryn

    The red pyro, I think. *FWAPT* made me giggle a bit.

  8. LonelyTimeLord

    Yey wasn't expecting an update so soon ^ ^ Hehe Jordi is adorable!

  9. Anne

    The shading on this page is still fantastic!

    It's nice seeing Jordi's vulnerable side once in a while, but I do agree with Engie that it should wait until they're out of imminent danger.

    (And is it wrong that I like panels 2 and 6 the best on this page?)

  10. anon

    Ffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuck, Engi is gonna be the next victim while he's fixing the Van :(

  11. AbbKnormal

    Engie does not want, and neither do I. FWAPT! Jordi's nose is getting bigger lololol. Awesome work as always, Kytri!

    God, I love this comic.

  12. Laura

    I. LOVE. Engie. You heard him, Spy. Cowboy up!

  13. Ch1

    I just have to say I love the effect of the wind in panel 11.

  14. qqtt991

    Almost mental breakdown. Poor blue suited murderer.

    Also yay, we get to maybe see Rojo again? :D?

  15. ink

    Man i love it when Jordie speaks french…..

  16. Stargami

    Who needs two years of French when you can just google translate? Spares me having to dig out my old high school french book…

    Gotta love how incredibly indifferent Engie sounds in panel 9.

  17. Kjaska

    My friends have come up with the theory that it's only getting bigger because he keep getting hit in the face (a la panel 5). Thus, why his nose is straighter and not hooked in the beginning

  18. kittengrl39

    Nah, Rojo's still getting his back fixed by Sniper. Just because someone's not with Jordi doesn't automatically mean they're dead.

  19. LostExperiment


    Jordi, you ARE a dear but you needed this like a smack in the…oh wait, that happened.

    *puts on PhD Student cap*

    I'm just going on as I see fit from this point.

    I am so very pleased to see Jordi told off for something that he really needed to be told off for instead of something he shouldn't have been told off for. What I like about him as a character is the fact that all of his actions, premeditated or '(un)happy accident' seem to revolve around his ignorance. It makes him sympathetic, but as this progresses it's emphasized his reliance on these issues to absolve himself of responsibility. ("I'm a poor/bad/pathetic Spy"). By this point – and I'll be unacademic and say "for me as a reader", I find myself being very sympathetic with him because goodness knows, there's a lot to think about when as Engineer points out, it's NOT a good idea to tell the truth, but it's also a crush to the consience to lie explicitly as well as it will HURT someone else. In this case, potentially take their life.

    I hope this will finally be a big turning point for Jordi. If he can find a way to explain to Heavy what really happened without allowing him to lose respect for someone HE obviously respects (BLU Medic) and does not let on what truly happened and also does not send him straight into Rojo's clutches, that would be a real boon.

    I hope you're doing better as well Kytri.

  20. Adam

    I'm calling it – Engie's gonna die while Jordi's gone.

  21. Jess

    Jordi should be glad Engy didn't smack him with his metal hand O_O

  22. Cho

    Practical, Engie is.
    Listen to him, Jordi should.


  23. Momowoo

    I'm so glad we have a PhD English(?) major here. It makes my over-analyzing much more easier.

  24. LostExperiment

    *lol* I straddle the line between the Language specific and the English Lit. I dabble in both so I'm in and out. I haven't even gotten to the moment yet where I over analyize things in terms of Stallybras and White. πŸ˜€

    It's a lot of fun to dive into that core just so far and hear what other people have to say. I like the part where I feel very emotionally attached as well. This is, to say: I sympathize with Jordi and I think a lot of us do. It's very difficult to imagine oneself in such a position.

    And yet…we are the outsiders. So it's a consideration of what we are facing as well vicariouously.

  25. DoctorLeft

    Engie doesn't seem like he's good at handling emotions. Look at panels 1, 3, 4, and 10. He looks shocked, concerned, and guilty. I assume the Engineer has a tragic past he doesn't want to be reminded of by seeing a sobbing spy.

  26. SuicideRey

    Yay love it great job i hope everythings gonna end nicely πŸ˜€

  27. Tsuchi

    Someone should come up with a drinking game for Cuanta Vida. You'll get drunk in no time with things like 'Whenever Jordi is injured' (take two shots if it's a head injury) and 'Anytime Jeremy uses a gay slur'.

    Anymore suggestions?

  28. DiaBEEtus

    I thought Spy needed a hug, I guess he got a slap. and SUCK IT UP is my favorite phrase of all time.

  29. Orin J.

    that's how a straight man handles that, yeah. to be fair, he was just following his american reflex to slap anyone speaking french.

    i like how even his own team has zero respect for his abilites.

  30. 5cacti



    WAAAHHH he slapped Jordi!!!

    omg such a depressing pannel. D,:

  31. Dr. Octagonapus

    Whenever Gabry touches Jordi.
    Of course, this would be for the archives.

  32. 5cacti

    LOL Sorry for double posting. But, I love how Jordi just plays off that slap and acts all cool.


  33. necro_omen13

    It's kinda like when Gabry would speak Italian ay?
    *dreamy fangirl sigh*

  34. Jia_Mekare

    No pep talk like the Engineer pep talk.

  35. dsf

    First one was red pyro… it was fight between blu and red pyros but jordi shoot red pyro down..
    Second one was medic…i think u know this one :)

  36. agentAK

    My heart just broke at the second panel.

  37. Jia_Mekare

    As a fellow English major, I approve.

  38. Monoke

    Panel 6 is amazing! It may be a sunset but the colours make it look like something just dawned on him and he really does need to suck it up for the good of everyone else. πŸ˜€

  39. BronzeDog123

    Is he whispering in panel 7? The written voice style is different.

  40. Orin J.

    yeah seriously, that bastard RED spy is a giant priss once he's actually HIT. there's no way he's going back out until he's gotten medigun healed, had a bath and done up his hair.

    and gotten a goodbye hug from his mommy or sniper. >:3c

  41. Band

    Jordi really needed that fwapt
    lol@ Engineer's intolerance to men crying <3

  42. Kjaska

    lol, I'm gonna go through the archives and start making a list now.

    Other good ones for Jordi would be:
    1. Whenever RED pyro finds Jordi
    2. Jordi actually injures someone instead
    3. As an add-on to 'Whenever Jordi gets injured', take two shots if he's pyro'd

    Non-Jordi specific ones could be:
    1. Whenever someone speaks a foreign language (whether you count things like 'Bleu' and 'Urdin' is to your discretion.)
    2. I was gonna say 'whenever someone's naked', but I wasn't sure how much of that was actual nudity. The fact I remember a lot of bare-chests makes 'Whenever someone's topless' a good one in my opinion
    3. Someone sneaks into the other base after-hours.
    4. PEEP! (Two shots if he evolved)
    5. You know, they were in closets a lot…
    6. BLU pyro surprises someone
    7. and sadly, because I know it happens a lot, someone dies…

    Keep it going guys and I'll come back with some stuff after going through the archive

  43. SplicerTheDicer

    Awww…I feel bad, mostly, for poor 'ol Heavy.
    Also, "FWAPT!" is the best sound effect ever.

  44. Green_Sentry

    Panel 6 makes me wanna cry.

  45. sonya

    hahaha i like how engie is basically like "whatever dude i'm not your fuckin therapist". so great.

  46. Blarf

    …Why in the WORLD would Bleu prevent Heavy from killing Rojo? That would be the most retarded thing. Even if it's not for the 'right reasons', red spy is better off dead, no? Dude caused the death of Sniper and tried to kill Scout. Don't be a hero, Bleu.

  47. animetrix752

    The "smacking anyone speaking French part", pfft. xD

    Thanks for that. :'D

  48. Orin J.

    because if that bastard RED spy sees him coming, heavy might get caught off-guard and shanked. he has been something of a ninja for them lately.

    the ironic part here is that right now it'd be very easy for the BLUY heavy to waltz over and gun the RED spy down while he's recuperating, but no one has any idea of that.

  49. Bagelsan

    …or he's just an engineer. ("Oh crap, don't cry! Engineer brain…melting…" Smack!) πŸ˜€

  50. DoctorLeft

    I'd hate to dig to deep but from Comic 80:

    (Panel 1)Bleu: Don’t engineers usually make pretty good money, why bother with a war?

    (Panel 2)Engie: I had my reasons, ‘nd I’d rather not talk about it. ‘m sure you got things like that.

    and later

    (Panel 9)Engie: Anyway I got a home too. You find a way out let me know.

  51. HeavyWeaponsScout

    Anyone else think the Blu Heavy is going inside the Red base ( By himself ) to hunt the Red Spy?

  52. Jordan

    Heavy, don't go! Jordi haul ass before it's too late! D:

  53. Zoe

    Hooveh D:


    Or mah peep peep πŸ˜€

  54. Monoke

    I solve practical problems.

  55. Orin J.

    What is beauty?

  56. Orin J.

    please. that bastard RED spy is no match for Peep! he carries the entire team!


  57. Guest...

    should have used the metal one….


  58. Bagelsan

    This drinking game would get me killed pretty quick… :p

  59. Monoke

    That would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.

  60. Saida

    I was thinking that when I read this page. It would been more of a *BANG* or soemthing…and a lot more painful if he did.

  61. Jonathan

    Good thing Rojo didn't cut off his slappin hand.

  62. Pesky

    *Twitch* Engie should set up a sentry and not leave his back vulnerable to a certain Red psychopath……