120- Yeah, that’s bad stuff, I don’t do that.
November 4th, 2010

120- Yeah, that’s bad stuff, I don’t do that.

I thought I would finish this a lot earlier.


  1. Sam

    I love it how sniper doesn't like him. He still shouldn't have helped him me thinks. As soon as I saw "Tiny Spy!" I was like 'Oh Shit man' Gah I love this comic. It's an addiction, Really it is 😀

  2. Dr. Octagonapus

    I dont get how the Medigun needs no clothes….

    I think Sniper's fuckin' with him.

    Or will be :3

    DISCLAMER: Please note that the previous comment is a joke.
    Also, I just lost the game. Have a nice day!

  3. Moony

    Worst. Luck. Ever Jordi. You just can;t win, can you? But hey, we all love you so don't sweat it too much.

    Also. Rojo, I'd like to introduce you to Karma, she can be a real bitch at times if you are a very bad boy *smirk* You two have a lot to talk about.

  4. Monoke

    Another example, ever had a cut and when you tried to take the bandage off the blood/whatever had attached it to your skin? Kinda like that.

    Although I like your explanation better. XD

  5. Sam

    Is it just me or in panel 5, does the sniper look like Gabry but with different hair and sniper glasses???? Someone plaease tell me if I'm going crazy!!!

  6. Monoke

    I knew it! Gabry was just using Dead Ringer! XD

    Gah… that won't happen… I'm sad now. T^T

  7. Pesky

    An "Oh Shit" moment if I ever saw one…..XD

  8. kytri

    Re: Rojo's coat.
    You know how if there's a tree planted next to a wire fence for a long time the tree will eventually grow around the wire of the fence? This is the same kind of deal, only instead of a fence it's the fibres of his clothing and instead of a tree it's his skin.

  9. Bob

    very much agreed.

  10. DoctorLeft

    Character development followed by plot is a great structure. I wonder how Jordi will explain about "Doktor," if at all.

  11. Jia_Mekare

    The medic is dead, heavy? O NOES, MUST HAVE BEEN ROJO SPAH.
    Or at least that's what I'd do in that situation.

    Also, Elvis Sniper is not impressed by Rojo's shenanigans. That is all.

  12. anon

    Exactly, Hoovy isn't outright dumb, but he's not the brightest lamp either. Just pin it on the RED spah.

  13. LostExperiment

    New Red Sniper is awesome. Rojo darling, did we learn it hurts when it happens to you? Are we sad that the Sniper doesn't like you? I was wrong last time – less of a Dr. Lechter thing, more a Lord of the Flies routine, but aw, baby Spy is hurt and needs daddy Sniper now. I derive schadenfreude based joy out of not caring about the little bastard and then thinking up sarcastic and derisive comments.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again: Heavy said it best Rojo: "Cry some More."

    Though speaking of Heavy, I really REALLY hope – not just for Jordi's sake that Heavy never learns the real truth about the Medic. I'm less scared for an impending violent reaction and more that he'll get a devestating shock about what the Medic was actually up to, playing Dr. Kevorkian. Heavy doesn't seem the type to go along with that kind of mentality.

  14. LostExperiment

    Need to add that all that said, if Rojo gets himself healed up, if there is a God we will see him with his shirt off. Evil is sexy, after all.

  15. LostExperiment

    That's what I would do too, like I say given Heavy's personaity as I see it to date… but I have the worst feeling that Jordi would have a crisis of conciousness for lying.

  16. Cho

    Rojo clearly doesn't get the difference between "a team that bonds and actually functions" and "a bunch of random guys thrown together, resentments etc. notwithstanding".

    That's the kind of fatal "failure to distinguish" that got pain-in-the-ass officers "fragged" during the Vietnam War.

  17. Momowoo

    I ship this now.

    And Bleu has the worst. Luck. Ever.

  18. Tsuchi

    He must be hypertensive by now at *least*.

  19. Tsuchi

    This hasn't crossed my mind until now but when is Rojo gonna wipe his nose? With all the time that has past, it must've stopped bleeding by now, right?

  20. Stargami

    I love how Sniper 2.0 had to think about that in panel 5.

    It's kind of funny that James and Jordi, who not only were complete strangers, but technically enemies as well got along better when they first met than the newest RED Sniper, Spy and Medic do (not counting Sniper-Medic considering he seems fairly protective of him)

  21. moradin

    "tiny spy" is dead if heavy finds the truth

  22. Nightmare Joker

    DOCTOR…. MEDIC…… medic??? OMG HES DEAD!!!! – Heavy is very smart.

  23. Jia_Mekare

    All the cigarettes can't be much help either.

  24. Julie

    I was thinking that would happen because when it went to heal, it would just take the clothing with it, so when it healed completely it would have healed over his clothing. Right? <:3c

  25. kittengrl39

    Oh god oh god oh god. Rojo's BACK. *winces and shudders* Ergh… okay, I still don't like him, but I take back some of the teasing on the last page. I didn't realize how badly he was burned. He's an asshole, but I can't blame him for losing his cool. I would be crazy with pain with those kinds of wounds.

  26. Jakiess

    to true

  27. Tsuchi

    You know, by the end of this story, he's gonna up with lung cancer, high blood pressure and then anemia from all the blood loss

  28. Kjaska

    He'll wipe it whenever he damn well pleases! ;P j/k

  29. PoporingPlease

    I wonder which doctor is heavy pertaining to? Is it the Blue one or the Cute one? 😀 coz I remember the Blue one being stabbed with a friggin' big syringe that was supposed to kill scoutie woutie 😀

  30. Jeko

    Maybe red sniper is good? :3 I still think miguel is sexy haha

  31. Remi

    Doktor? Medic!? MEEEEDIIICCCC! *mission phailed*
    I like the art on this page. It seems more colorful than usual ^.^
    Also,anyone else notice panel 4 looks very similar to another panel in the comic before this one? Weird eh?

  32. Anne

    And this is where the shit (might) hits the fan.

  33. Ch1

    This page is one of the funniest page you’ve written. Snipers “…” and Jordi’s, uh, noise, at the end made me laugh. Like, REALLY laugh. My dad came into my room to ask if I was okay.

    And yeah, loving Sniper^2. And his hair. And Rojo’s hair. And Heavy.

    Just curious, about how much longer do you plan this to go on? Are we going to hit 200 pages?

  34. Anonymous

    "What's that you say Heavy? The medic is dead? How terrible! This could only be the work of the Red spy!"

  35. 5cacti

    OH SHIT D:

  36. desoto42

    I totally ship Red Sniper/Rojo and Blue Heavy/Anton now. Damn it.

  37. kIRILL


  38. ArtemisRampant

    A friend of mine and I have a theory that this whole thing is going to end when Gabry and Liam, who secretly are just fine, hijack the train and drive it through the base and run over Rojo in the process.


  39. Rosie

    I love the heavy's face, he's all like 0o0

  40. Fishfoot

    We can put it this way: if Miguel hadn't severed Jeremy's Achilles tendon, Jordi wouldn't have had a reason to accidentally kill BLU Medic.
    A series of unfortunate events indeed.

  41. Smm

    Poor heavy :<

  42. jeff


  43. SprSrsMan

    I'm positive Heavy will want to kill the Red Spy if they tell him Red Spy killed the Doktor.

  44. Qqtt991

    My god, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was sad when we didn’t get to see a shirtless deep fried Rojo. 😛

  45. CommanderCooper

    I feel like the only one who actually likes Red Death (my personal nickname for new Red Spy) and his creativity. I guess I'm just weird/sadistic that way.

  46. Anonymous

    "Probably just outta juice"

    And what exactly will the Sniper refill it with?

    (given that he is a Sniper)
    (perhaps with a certain replacement for the SMG)

  47. Qqtt991

    Wait… VAT IS HEAVY DOING THERE? How did he know Jordi was out there…?

    And panel 5 is the best thing ever. :B

    Kytri you can be very good at providing avatar idea material. LolIdunno.

    Also “you are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    Two minutes later and repeat message = RRRAAAAGGGGE.

    Five minutes later and repeat message = OMGWTFRAGEQUIT

    Twenty minutes later = …

    Goddamn make the comment time limit thing not take so bloody long! :V

    If you can.

    No rush.


  48. 5cacti

    I was so excited to see Rojo without his shirt i squealed In computer science class.

    Then everyone looked at me and I got in trouble.


  49. agentAK

    NERD WIN, A+

    …"Why is there an 'I' on my chest?"
    "It's from the healing >.>"
    "Won't people notice?"
    "Say it's a tattoo?"

  50. agentAK

    Forgive the pathetic fangirling, but are we going to get to see Rojo shirtless? *puppy-dog eyes*

    Ummm….. Try to blame Medic's death on Rojo? O.O

  51. Bob

    Red spy did it! Red spy did it! Red spy did it!

  52. watehfreak

    Murphy's Law

    Nuff saif

  53. Zila

    Is it bad that Sniper is reminding me of Dave from Homestuck? The hair, the shades, the stoicism, it's all there! He's even wearing red!

  54. Qqtt991


  55. Jakiess

    i was the first to say he looked like Elvis so you stole my line. how could you? i hate you

  56. Jakiess


  57. DigitalDummy


  58. Jebin Zedalu

    "I feel like the only one who actually likes Red Death (my personal nickname for new Red Spy) and his creativity. I guess I'm just weird/sadistic that way. "

    Nah, I love it too. I actually went on the TF2 forums and suggested a Spy knife that would cripple enemies like he does, but no one on those message boards understands that getting the kill isn't everything.

    An observation that has likely been made already… If the eventually-AWOL group managed to get out right away, Blue team would be left with two members, Heavy and Soldier… Against Red's six. Soldier, Pyro (there's no way that such a demonic creature is really dead), Demoman, Heavy, Sniper, and Spy.

  59. Remi

    …if u want yaoi visit “those other” sites…

  60. Dr. Octagonapus

    Aaah, I see. So his wounds are so severe that his skin would grow over his clothes? Makes sense.

    Now someone needs to make a mod ingame where if the classes are being healed from <20 health, they take their shirts off :3

  61. Qqtt991

    Naw, I love how sadistically creative Rojo is too in an equally sadistic way.

  62. Chaney

    Jordi's reaction in the last panel is the best thing ever! <3

  63. Qqtt991

    Lol I would look the same way if a giant man suddenly popped out from behind a door when everything was quiet and started freaking out about something I was guilty about accidentally doing.


    Where—wha—how did Heavy know where to find Jordi?

  64. jazikun

    I like RED Sniper now. <:D I know he may have killed everyone's favorite characters in the earlier pages but he has good morals!

  65. Bagelsan

    The character development and writing really are fantastic.

    "You're a teammate"

    Three words was enough to get me completely interested in both Rojo and the Red Sniper. I'm totally hooked on seeing how the Red team dynamics are gonna play out now! (Rojo is either actually secretly kind of loyal and comradely, or a complete total mercenary lying dickface. But which?)

  66. Monoke

    Twist ending: Jordi dies of lung cancer before they can make the escape.

    I hate myself now. ._.

  67. BronzeDog123

    Maybe Gabry and Liam came back to life, just fused together.

  68. marzie

    Ahahahah, ohu Heavy & Spy & Spy & Sniper.
    I really love how you included a little snippet of what's going on at RED. I swear, it's like you should study film or something.

  69. Scrunchy

    So much giggle on only one page.

  70. Scrunchy

    I think I'll refer to RED sniper as Elvis now. That's what his hair makes me think.

  71. Green_Sentry


  72. Orin J.

    ship what exactly? bitter hate-sexing between the bastard RED spy and their new asshole of a sniper?

  73. Ch1

    Nah, deep down I think we all like him. We’re just too overcome with anger and sadness to realize it.

  74. Ponte

    I feel like there should be a 'We Love to Hate Rojo' group

  75. Orin J.

    Hey! You're not Heavy is reply!

    The commenter's a spy!

  76. Orin J.

    Quit bein' a troll and help us capture this point!

  77. Laser Rat

    He hasn't killed anyone, it was the OLD red sniper. So far the most the new sniper has done was stop Jordi when he was chasing the medic on the train.

  78. Green_Sentry

    I think not.

  79. death_101

    Elvis in panel 5 is teh secksee

  80. littlekid

    lol red spah looks like woody

  81. random man

    tina spy kill big heavy before its to late =(

  82. Rodrigo

    If Red Pyro's body is stil lthere, that can be used as more "proof" that a Red's invasion's to blame for Dok's death.

  83. Momowoo


    They're perfect for each other. Srsly.

  84. Momowoo


  85. jazikun

    Well I guess he's good…

  86. loltime

    Looks like a certain sniper is wearing a hounddog 😀

  87. Green_Sentry

    Wait…. how the hell did heavy knew that spy would come out of there????

  88. anon

    Perhaps Heavy was just passing, and saw Jordi's mass of hair flying everywhere. You never know.

  89. Mande

    You want to see heavy (most likely to be healed by medic) without shirt? Really?

  90. dsf

    NO D: