118- I wanna help!
October 19th, 2010

118- I wanna help!

Not a lot happening on the page, but, eh, that happens sometimes.

For those of you who don’t follow my twitter or the front page of my site, I’ve been doing some non comic work lately.

Specifically I’m doing some design work and background painting for a video game. My brother’s doing the coding, our friend Katy is doing the character animation and props. You can check out the site for the game studio here. It has a bit of art and a demo video of some of the game play.


  1. Grey


  2. Hudda


  3. Chaney

    Not a whole lot going on on this panel?! What about the amazing amount of cute? That is _definitely_ going on. XD

  4. OniLink

    Welp, that solves THAT problem!

  5. AbbKnormal

    Rejected, James. You go, Jeremy!

  6. scoutBONK

    lol at red scout’s face on the first panel and ur game looks really fun!!!

  7. Qqtt991

    Panels 4, 5 und 12 = <3

    Facial expressions; you're doin' 'em rite, Kytri.


  8. Shiny

    A video game? I is intreged.

  9. Meeks


  10. dhawkes


  11. Ch1

    Are you kidding me Kytri? This is like the best page ever. They’re so cute when they fight over Jordi… I’m grinning like an idiot right now.

    Plus, panel 11 is like, the most amazing line in the history of amazingness. And scout is cute while saying it. But then, when isn’t he cute?

    And now I’m rambling. I need to sleep.

  12. Bob

    Jordi's face on panel 5 is the best face EVER!!

  13. G.R.U

    Blimey, Blu Scout's REALLY determined to keep Jordi to himself.

    I just hope nothing happens to them whilst they're starting up the van, and if Rojo should rear his ugly head, we can only hope Jordi tears out Rojo's black heart.

  14. Sam

    ooh possessive Jeremy! Me likes ^ ^ me likes a lot ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Mr. T


  16. Orin J.

    Scoot fight!

    also, they really just expected Bleu to leap onto the train again? they're….they're not very considerate people, are they?

  17. Orin J.

    Scooty-poof is a jealous, jealous little pillow biter.

  18. kittengrl39

    …is 'intreged' the same thing as 'intrigued'?

  19. Mazteur

    XD I love Blue Scout's face in the last panel. It's like "D8< No. He's my bitch. Get your own!"

  20. Jetty

    Panel 7: Spelling error?
    "it" istead of "if".
    Or am I reading it wrong?

  21. Scrunchy

    Jeremy…. you can't walk, hun. Silly little scoot.

    Also, last panel made my day = )

  22. AustynD

    Think under the circumstances, BLU scout's going to have to put his possessive attitude aside and just look at the big picture. He can't even hobble around without assistance, and putting themselves at risk to get shot at by either team would need two people who aren't borderline crippled. As for the idea of using the train to escape, I'm questioning that plan. It's automated for starters, so what if it has some progam in place for in case people try stowing away on it? Really, they can't be the absolute firsts to try escaping, just probably the firsts to band together from both sides. Anyway, still looking pretty interesting, and thinking Jeremy's in for a rude awakening if he thinks he's tagging along with Bleu. Possibly pyro or one of the engineers popping the question of what if Bleu gets in trouble and needs back-up, or worse if Rojo showed up. Keep 'em coming.

  23. l4d fanatic

    plus the train is PROBABLY going bak to base…i didnt read all of the comments but…i dont think anyone mentioned that….so…PPLZ GONNA SHOOT UM AT BAES…..plus…bleu scootz aint goin nowhere….bleu spah…i cant remember names i havnt read this in a bit….hez gonna kill teh red spah and…..yeah….poor red skootz…he waz all…DENIED…by bleu skootz….i like red scootz…hes so cUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

  24. Shiny

    Indeed it is. Knew I spelled it wrong, thanks for helping me out. Anyways, I want to think up conspiracy theories, but kyrti isn’t giving me conspiracy stuff. I wanna make all the comments go ZIJRBSJSBSHFKDBSJJAHHHHHH again. It was fun.

  25. Ch1

    Easily just made my week.

  26. krazy kiki

    lolz bleu scoutz all territorial XD

  27. Qqtt991

    Aaaaaaaa~ The lack of properly spelled words HURT ME.

  28. SprSrsMan

    The new train might have the new Red Pyro and Blu Sniper?
    Also Blu Scout, no matter what condition he is in. Still wants to be near the Spy.

  29. Ch1


  30. jazikun

    BLU Scout is so clingy! <D Hope they don't fight again…(sarcasm) ;3

  31. TurretFodder

    Is Jordi losing his accent? I saw an H in his dialogue. D8

  32. Band

    Same with Spy's nose being straight in the first pages. With character development and a couple years of practice, Red Scout got chipmunk like teeth, and Spy a crooked (and way sexy) nose :)
    It happens with most comics, and it's always fun comparing the first volumes with the last ones in a long series.

  33. 5cacti

    I don't know if Jordi loosing his accent is a bad thing or a good thing.


  34. Ch1

    I noticed that too…

  35. Knome

    >implying that Jeremy and Jordi will be alone

    …I'm okay with this.

  36. Tsuchi

    It could be with different 'h' sounds (" 'elp' ", " 'urry' ", " 'im' ", " 'e' ", " 'owever' ") , he keeps it; or depending on whatever the situation's effect on his emotional state is, he may drop it. In 8, Jordi says 'he' just fine, but when he gets offended by what Liam says, he loses the 'h' in 'how'.

    It's a common thing I noticed with ESL people (or they learned both simultaneously or their parents' were ESLers) who use English primarily (especially if they grew up in a house that used their native language normally).

  37. Tsuchi

    As a dude, I'm ashamed of myself giggling at the word blimey. I'll have to go off and do something ultra manly like wrestle a bear or piledriving a shark and after that shower with Old Spice.

    …That being said, since BLU Engineer is going with them I'm actually sincerely wishing Rojo shows up so Engie can be all, like, "You owe me this at least, you red bastard!" then epically FALCON PUNCH(!!!) him in the face with his robot hand. Afterward, he can say, "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?" and go back to working on the van. As he's down, Jeremy can follow up with, "But you can keep the change", kicking him with a part of the cast that won't hurt his Achilles

  38. Kim Martin

    Problem with that is our blue spy has already been on the outbound train when Rojo tied him up on it. I think the comic title was campfire if you wish to look it up

  39. 5cacti

    We need to see Jordi in his whole spy outfit again. ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Stargami

    I'm actually kind of digging the plain T-shirt with the open suit jacket. I'm curious as to what that combination looks like with the mask on

  41. Kirill

    Awww come on we want to see some hot yaoi action ๐Ÿ˜›

  42. DrunkenGuy


  43. TurretFodder


  44. BigB

    Or just go bask in the glorious manlyness that is …. SAXTON HALE! He is the manliest man of all of manly mandom. just standing near him will make you so manly you would grow inch long chest hairs, grow 5 inches, and get muscles the size of small trees and pecs the size of dictionaries.

  45. Qqtt991


    *immature hissy fit*


    Just kidding.

  46. Tsuchi

    If just standing next to him does that, dear Lord what happens if you sleep with the guy?

    Not that I'm gonna spend the rest of the day thinking about it or whatever….

  47. Dr. Octagonapus

    A few points:

    1- I bet Jeremy wants to use a duelling minigame right about now.

    2- Teleporter on train won’t work, when train moves, the teleporter will be left sitting in midair.

    3- Can’t they just walk away from the base with supplies and mediguns to keep them healthy? Liam seemed to go far when hunting, and who knows how far away from base Bleu was when he intercepted the train the first time. Didn’t one of the scoots say it was like they had been walking for “fucking hours”? *is too lazy to check*

  48. Dr. Octagonapus

    Also, how is Bleu gonna be able to build a teleporter? Unless of course the buildings auto-set up like in game with out outside interference needed.

    He’s still gonna have to lug the tool box all the way… Maybe heavy can help?

  49. Kirabani

    Please make another page quick, dying to read iit

  50. Qqtt991

    I feel like the Internet has frozen.

    Nobody is posting anything in any of the internet communities I partake in. >.>

  51. Pesky

    O_O But BLU Scout…. Don't you know that you are useless now?