Hey guys.

In the next five minutes or so I’m going to start upgrading the site core and everything is going to break. So don’t panic if the site looks fucked up. It’ll be back hopefully by midnight EST.

In the meantime perhaps you might like to read one of my other comics:
Sin Pararse: spinoff/prequel thing. It actually just updated.
Worst Idea: My other main comic. It’s not a fancomic but a lot of people seem to like it anyway.

Edit: Finished πŸ˜€ That was surprisingly less painful than expected. Let me know if you guys find anything broken.


  1. JSB

    AAAaahhh?…oh, okay. I just refreshed and it was all…but then this. *clicks Sin Pararse*

  2. plasticks

    i'm fine with that! *drools over sin parardse for a while*

  3. sonya

    looks great! =)

  4. kittengrl39

    …no offense, but the background looks a little weird – not that I hate it, but it's not what I'd associate with Cuant Vida, you know? Soft purples and random symbols don't seem to have much to do with warfare and dying.

  5. kytri

    It reads as purple to you? I had thought it quite blue. If I find something better I might swap it out, but I don\’t have anything better on hand at the moment.

  6. Derp King

    Hmm, it's purple for me, too.

    It'll take a little while for me to get used to this new one.

  7. kitsunesniper

    Well the background looks fine, but the main box that holds everything together is… um, Smurf blue. o_O

  8. kytri

    Okay, I swapped out the background for a darker/simpler pattern and lightened up the pagewrapper some. Hopefully this looks better?

  9. kittengrl39

    Yeah, looks awesome! I like the softer blue surrounding the pages, and the background reminds me of Bleu's suit. πŸ˜€ Also, the desert/cliff heading is cool.

  10. JSB

    I agree! The red on the blue background in the heading…deserty…super cool!

  11. kolie

    OH PLEASE, Dont do anything bad to heavy D:

  12. Jordi

    …Et merde

  13. DJTrickyM

    i can shoot him now, yes? NON! aawwwww…