113- Don’t Panic.
September 12th, 2010

113- Don’t Panic.

It feels like I’ve been drawing so much this week, and have very little to show for it. At least I’m working, I guess.

I just sent an email off to Katsucon regarding getting myself a table in artist’s alley. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get one, I’ve tried in years past and never succeeded.


  1. Shiori Tsumi

    Yeah! You tell 'im, Bleu!

  2. Momowoo


    I can actually feel the suspense. I don't like the feeling.

  3. Doribi

    Looks like Jordi is going to have to kill the Medic

  4. Moony

    Kill the Medic!

    …*cough* Sorry. But this guy can't live for long. And I have a feeling that Medic here is working with Rojo…somehow for some reason or another…

  5. Sleepy_Eyes


    That is all.

  6. Shiny

    Nice suspence kyrti. I’m still trying to figure out if this jordi is the one we know and love, or if he told himself as a bumbling idiot and the real him is a badass.

  7. Orin J.

    no, they're working against each other. rojo doesn't WANT them to die, just leave them crippled. medic's just making sure rojo's scheme fails.

    they are however both working against team purple's plan of "screw this job, we're leaving"

  8. Orin J.

    you are such a bad doctor!

  9. Q

    I really like the art in this one.

  10. agentAK

    I…. can't even put into words how I feel right now O.o

  11. Jia_Mekare

    Hold a tic, Scoot was just behind the curtain the whole time? How did he not freakin overhear the conversation? He must have an attention span the size of a newt.
    In other news, OH SNAP SHIT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!
    In final news, I'm with the fangirls about loving panel three with the blushing, it's adorable.

  12. Qqtt991


    Now I’m so far on the edge of my seat I think I’m going to fall off.


    Yay Jordi actually has a backbone! He’s not an invertebrate!

  13. Rodrigo

    Medic surely likes sticking pointy stuff into people. Even on own team mates.
    Hey, this would be a cool unlockable for medic. A needle gun that instead of healing himself, poisons enemies dealing damage over time (probably using bleeding's mechanic), like he could in team fortress classic with his medkit.

  14. Jetty

    Not really a very original idea though, is it?

  15. Laura

    Aw great, Medic' got a needleful of death there. Hope you kept your gun handy, Jordi, you don't want this turning into a hand-to-hand-type fight.

    Also, Scout's pose in the second panel cracks me up. He's a little chipper for someone told he'll never run again though.

  16. Chaney

    Also, OMG second panel scout is love! XD;;

  17. Noziac

    Actually, this makes sense!

  18. Jeko

    Okay, panel four is hot and… THAT’S A SCRAP >:O

  19. @clover_fox

    Second paneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel~~~~~~~

    Look at that scout! Look at hiiim~!

  20. Damien

    I just hope Bleu stabs Medic in the eye with the syringe. It'd be another chilling turn of events.

  21. Sam

    Yay! Jordi's finally standing up for himself (and Jeremey ^^) I sure hope Medic comes to his senses or Jordi better knock some into him. I want another panel right now!! lol 😛

  22. soap

    the hey was epic

  23. LostExperiment

    WOW Jordi grew a pair here.

    I think he had them all along, but he's forgetting to condemn himself for being a poor spy these days. I think there's probably something to be said about how Jordi's first real stand (had his eyes closed when he shot the Pyro and BLU's Pyro was more effective against setting Rojo on fire.) isn't for the sake of his own life…which is probably good for him in the long run.

    For now though I'm just going to eagerly enjoy the suspense!

  24. SteelSandvich

    Kytri, are u a girl? im asking this because of the strong level of gayness in this update.

    still love it though 😀 and suspense is driving me nuts and i think the medic has gone to far this time

  25. Cthulu

    Ugh, bad feeling arising…what if medic stabs Jordi!?

    Suspense, suspense, suspense! Q_Q

  26. Jakiess

    Lol at “spy, get out of the way.”

  27. snadaf

    Maybe he just thinks that "Medic is full of shit" and doesn't believe him?

  28. Remi

    What if all he was going to give him was a shot that made him feel better and not kill him?
    Too…much…GAYNESS UAGGHH *explodes*

  29. Oitiam

    My plot sense tells me there's gonna be a brawl between Bleu and Medic….

  30. LISA

    People who call this 'a lot of gayness'.
    *shakes head*
    Come on.

  31. Ambassador

    Jordi, for fuck's sake get out of the way.

    For all you know it's probably a healing serum.

  32. Tiki

    You bring up a good point. It would be pretty neat if medic wasn't actually trying to kill Jeremy.

  33. Mags

    Yes, she is.

  34. Mags

    Ninth panel, taken out of context. <3

  35. Person

    Did the blush get added? I don't remember it being there when the comic was first updated. (Is the type of person to lurk until midnight, waiting to see if the comic updates.)

  36. death_101

    oh mah gawd, there is gonna be some epic stuff going down next update

  37. Mazteur

    I love Scouts face in the 3rd panel. He definately wasn't expecting Spy to hold him like that.

    But anyways, gtfo away from him, Medic D8<

  38. Orin J.

    that'd just make him a half-rate pyro though.

  39. Fan1234

    Jordi has entered Bad Ass mode.

  40. Bazo

    OH THE DRAMA XD!?!?!?!

    What will spy do………..? that's the question….XD

  41. Tsuchi

    I'm entirely hoping that since Jordi told Heavy to keep an eye on Scout in 110, he'll actually interfere and keep Medic from doing it…Though Heavy did look really guilty in the fourth panel, so maybe he knew what was coming and was in a moral crisis. In worst case scenario he sides with Medic.

  42. Ch1

    I hate to be a screaming fan girl but OHMYGOD BLUSHING SCOUT IS <<333

    The next update is going to be so cool… Jordi is not only trying to get rid of medic but avoid the needle 'o death… OOO I can't wait please hurry!!

  43. snadaf

    But just a page ago what he said "scout being dead weight for the team" hinted strongly killing him.

  44. Tiki

    Maybe…maybe he had another plan? I just like outlandish theories.

  45. LonelyTimeLord

    Yey Jordi's standing up for Jeremy… I hope Jeremy doesn't die, they need to be together… even if they can't see it just yet xD

  46. Jocklyn

    omg I REALLY hope Jeremy doesn't die in this <:c and holy SHET Jordi looks sexy in the 11th panel //// <3<3<3 he should try being badass more often~

  47. dot

    Jordi looks intoxicated in panel 10.

  48. HeavyWeaponsScout


  49. lilly.

    apffffffff- thanks a lot, now i'm giggling like an idiot.

  50. Hakeber

    Yah, actually that would make sense. . .like maybe he was downplaying his abilities when talking to Rojo so he'd underestimate Bleu later?

  51. AustynD

    All I have to say about this, 'cuteness' aside, is maybe a fight can be avoided altogether. Sure, it would be awesome to see Bleu take on the Medic, but chances are someone might end up with a syringe full of liquid plumber. If we're lucky, Pyro or Demoman may come back and someone conks the Medic on the back of the head. Likely use of whiskey bottles to be implied. At any rate, more curious about the things not yet answered yet than the things already presented. Curious about the Red Sniper, who 'protected' the new Red medic. And also about what the next BLU sniper will be like, and if he'd be on the same train as the next RED pyro, or maybe ahead of shedule. Anyway, keep 'em coming, keeps on getting better.

  52. Krazy kiki

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eoic fangirl mode :3 jeremy iz so CUTE <3
    srry about that my fangirl side took over for a minute…. he'z so adorible : )
    anywayz u better get a table or i'll go start a club that will help me raise hell for you ; ) so best of luck : )

  53. SteelSandvich

    ok, cuz i wasnt quite sure.

  54. Krazy kiki

    srry i mant to say epic not eoic lolz XD

  55. Krazy kiki

    ya that waould be an epic unlockable :)

  56. Hudda

    What if Medic isn't actually insane, and the syringe's full of antibiotics :p?

  57. diaBEEtus

    What chu talking 'bout mang, DIS DOKTOR IS WORST DOKTOR .

  58. kittengrl39

    I just made the stupidest little high-pitched noise upon seeing this page. I feel completely justified.

  59. kittengrl39

    Kind of doubtful, considering he was telling Spy about the uselessness of a Scout who can't run just a page before and that he can't guarantee Scout will even wak again…

  60. kittengrl39

    …okay, you just won the Internet for coining the term "Team Purple".

  61. DoctorLeft

    The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last.

  62. Tsuchi

    He's debating whether to pick up Scout and get the shit outta there

  63. Grey

    I'm loving Badass!Jordi SO much. And Jeremy's blush is the cutest thing ever, I swear (although it disappears fast — I guess life-and-death situations do that to you).

  64. BronzeDog123


  65. Knome

    'hilariously" isn't quite what I had in mind 😉

  66. CDC

    Confirmed: Blu Doc's name is Jack Kevorkian

  67. Knome

    I agree with this :)

  68. IroyCraz

    I love this series.
    Took me a while untill I figured out it was a gay TF2 Roman, but I still like it.
    Altough I'm not gay.

    But PLEEEAAAASE make a new one quick, the suspence, it's killing me!

  69. Bagelsan

    This is the update you choose as the one with a strong level of gayness? None of the earlier pinning-naked-to-the-shower-wall stuff? None of that was gay enough? :p

  70. Orin J.

    actually, it was mentioned forever ago by someone else back when the stupid sexy red spy was still alive. and secretly making out with scooty-poof against his will.

    i just know awesome when i read it.

  71. Orin J.

    you're just saying that because you think the medic's kinda sexy in a "don't want but wouldn't struggle much if he drugged and has his way with you" way.

  72. Orin J.

    or y'know, the ones with two men in love with each other and bringing up their sex life in casual conversation?

    'cause those were the gay ones to me.

  73. agentAK

    Yeah, but that goes without saying.

  74. Orin J.

    wait, if the comics are really gay trolls explode?


  75. 5Cacti


  76. Knome


  77. Knome

    Yeah me too xD

  78. maxie

    What if..blue doctor is rojo!

  79. Rojo

    you fucking serious!?

  80. GretuskaLT

    i thought same lol

  81. Dinsdale Piranha

    No, his eyes are still blue, not green, but he does look a bit like Rojo in the last panel.

  82. Meh

    If you plan to make the comic into a gay love in orgy I quit. Not that you care

  83. SquidwardTennisBalls

    Looks like Demo, Medic, Hoovy, and Pyro are the only ones that aren't.

  84. kittengrl39

    Already been discussed. Rojo's plan is to cripple the team by leaving them alive but incapacitated. BLU Medic wants useless members dead so they can send in fresh ones. QED, a Medic that wants already-injured Scout dead is not Rojo.

  85. byroe

    when i saw this comic today, i looked at the top of the screen and it showed an ad with heavy on top of heavy and at the bottom it said "more than just team-mates" and i started to cry.

  86. aku

    I'm confused…
    How is this to become a gay orgy?
    These guys are in a small place with only up to 18 people at a time (only men i might add) and psychological issues aside… there's bound to be some bi-curiousness among some of them out of sheer necessity.
    And besides, homosexuality is much more common in war times and theres guys are stuck in "war time" mode until death or the increasingly unlikely escape…

    Aku is going to shut up now because I probably already said something that will be misconstrued from how i originally meant it…

  87. Tortillas

    I just saw it, I facepalmed.

  88. HeavyWeaponsScout

    I think BLU Spy is like a big brother or parent to BLU Scout, not no lover or something.
    Fangirls you can kill me again, again.

  89. Grey

    We'll have to wait and see. :]
    Though Jeremy hopes you're wrong, lmao.

  90. Cho


  91. Cho

    OTOH, Scoot is absolutely adorable on this page… ^^

  92. Mel

    I believe Medic thinks he's doing the team a favor by doing this. His face in the last panel makes me think he's seen this before. He IS the oldest member of the team age-wise; maybe he's been here the longest and saw all of his friends die. Maybe he had to kill them himself under the pressure of his team. He doesn't know the war is pointless, and we know next to nothing about his backstory.

    It's just as likely he might be working with Rojo, but since I'm a Medic fanbrat, I hope that isn't the case.

    As for Heavy, I like him. Quite a bit. But I always cringe at the idea of a Heavy having to choose between something else and his Doktor. Because he most likely will have to if he comes in soon.

    Scoutblush is cute.

  93. HeavyWeaponsScout

    I agree with you on everything you said about Heavy and Medic.

  94. l4d fanatic

    dude….the medic is all…..i think he should sound like hes all….so uve found out (z)he plan so vaht…………..move now…(z)heres nothing(k) u kan do and (v)ee vont need him…now that you know i must kill u too!!!!!!!

  95. l4d fanatic


  96. BronzeDog123

    Not scoutblush?

  97. BronzeDog123

    Oh yeah, I forgot that scout said "F***er tried to kiss me."

  98. 5Cacti

    Lol. in the 9th pannel. It looks like Jermy is taking off his shit in front if Jordi. :3

  99. HeavyWeaponsScout

    Maybe.. – sniff – ..Maybe..

  100. Xenophobia

    God, I feel surrounded by gay's and fangirls.

  101. Tortillas

    Fangirls eat this stuff up.

  102. SteelSandvich

    hey can anyone tell me whats that on scoot's torso on panel 4? his shirt or his blanket?

  103. calvin

    im always late with theses comics but dosent scout look super gay when he sees spy?

  104. Mags

    I think that's Jeremy's shirt, folded over Jordi's arm.

  105. ahhr

    because scout is gay for spy

  106. Orin J.

    he's so gay for spy. he want to get backstabbed SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard.


  107. ahhr

    but spy isnt gay for him

  108. Ch1

    Well actually he never answered. He just said he needed time to think about it.

  109. Omgwatwasdat

    I like this comic but I wish everything was less…..how should I put this…….GAAAAAAAAY

  110. stfff

    fangirls eat this shit up

  111. GreenSentry

    It's kinda weird for me that scout isn't really kinda sad that h cant walk/run.
    i would be completely pissed off if i were him.

  112. Mindofaliar

    Get him with the needle, get him with the needle, get him with the needle..

    Seriously, am I the only one who is hoping for Scout to get stabbed with that thing? I wanna see Medic smile again.

  113. GreenSentry

    You want scoot to die?
    you're a sick Pearson. go and let medic take care of you…

  114. Orin J.

    she isn't but there's an idea for the sequel! 😀

  115. Mel

    I want Medic to smile, but not at the cost of Scout's life.

  116. Zombikini

    But I still don't understand why he doesn't just use the mediguuuuun. I mean the achilles tendon is still there, so he can heal and fix it. Does he just want to kill Jeremy for shits and giggles or for Rojo or what?

  117. GreenSentry

    Rojo doesn't want to kill the BLU team. only to leave them dissabledso they wont be replaced and they will have to give up.

  118. MeronRamune

    Holy sheet I'm on the edge of my seat man.

  119. BronzeDog123

    This comment made me literally rofl.

  120. BronzeDog123

    There were Lesbian and Gay dating ads on this page when I opened. THATS JUST ODD.

  121. BronzeDog123

    By who? Obama? The queen of England?

  122. Hudda

    Oh you guise, learn to accept art in all forms :p

  123. 5Cacti

    Thats because you are.

  124. JAMV

    THIS IS FOR THE FANGIRLS! Oh yeah, and science.
    I'M NOT ASHAMED! (yes I am…)

  125. TheEvilSpy

    Medic looks serious in the last panel.

  126. darksorceressmonoke

    Kick his a$$, Jordi! …Creepy that I'm writing this from a hospital.

  127. Orin J.

    Medigun has limits in vidiverse, apparently. it can't regrow lost anythings, and it can heal injuries that would normally require extensive surgery like that tendon beign snapped.

    unfortunately, they don't have the specialists to repair Scooty-poof nor the time rehabilitation would take. so Bleu's going to have to deal with a hobbly scooty-poof following him around the house with bug puppy eyes once they've escaped.

  128. @Cybersp0nge

    "A scout who cannot run, an engineer who cannot build zings, zey are as useless as a snipeur wizout eyes… Or per'aps as useless as… a medic who cannot save 'is own teammates?"

  129. kittengrl39

    Whoops, they've caught onto us. *speaks into walkie talkie* Abandon positions 1 through 13!

  130. Monoke

    This… would be a VERY interesting turn of events. Is it bad that I'd probably cry over ze medic?

  131. HeavyWeaponsScout

    I don't want BLU Medic to die. Afterall, they need a serious Medic that would heal correctly. After all BLU Medic is probably a better doctor than RED Medic, and I think RED Medic would be nervous and screaming when a Purple team member is shot, While BLU Medic would do his job.

    But… BLU Spy is the main character. And we all know he's probably gonna win this fight ( If there is one. ) It's possible that the odd missing BLU Heavy was ordered by BLU Medic to leave, So he won't get in the way of the killing. Let's hope BLU Demo, Pyro or Solly stops this fight before the good ol' blue doc dies.

    Another thing, Fangirls loved BLU Medic back then, And now that he wants to kill BLU Scout; they hate him. Hypocrits much?

  132. kittengrl39

    …if you're just noticing that, that's not the only thing you're late for.