109- In which there is less clothing than usual.
August 12th, 2010

109- In which there is less clothing than usual.

Sorry this took so long, I’ve had other work to do, and some general life stuff getting in the way.

I’ve added a fancier comment system to the main site, I hope you guys’ll take advantage of it. I also added a bookmark utility, mostly for my own benefit, but you guys can use it too.


  1. Roa

    Scout is totally checking out Bleu's package in panel 10.

    -is shot-

  2. Julia

    ……SO CUTE! <3 <3 <3

    x3 I agree with you Roa. -is headshotted-

  3. Rosalie

    I hope everything with you goes well Kyrti. I'm sufferin' from general life stuff too… DX Updates make me happy though! lol as it does most (if not all) your readers. -cyberhugs!-

  4. Derp King

    I happened to click on my bookmark for this on accident.

    And then OHBOY, update. I love you.

  5. CaressOfVenus

    Heavy's face, it's so cute in the last pael.

  6. Notabear

    Oh god I love the Heavy.

  7. Chrisy

    I feel as though I expected more from this page. It's possible it's because I was so hyped up from the last page, but it seems like something is lacking. More dialogue…more reaction? More Scoot/Bleu? I'm not sure. At the same time, I can understand Spy being in a hurry to leave, and he IS rather oblivious…("With what?" XD) I guess I was expecting whatever Heavy was expecting, hee hee.

    Heavy's goofy grin in panel 2 made me laugh, though. :)

  8. michael

    omg i hope scout and bleu are ok….

  9. MedicMaria

    Oh goshhh the comment thingy changed alot.
    and homg the tan lines are amazing

  10. Orin J.

    Bleu: boxer briefs
    Scoot: tighty whiteys
    heavy: entirely okay with whatever happens next! it's awwwwright.

  11. Axqu

    Heavy is SO CUTE. I just want to hug him in all your comments. ^^;

  12. Axqu

    *comics. Sorry. I'm dumb. X3

  13. Anon

    God, panel 2. Heavy, when will you ever stop being so darn adorable?

  14. sheepish

    YES! i've been waiting for sooooo long! plz tell me someone's going to break down!

  15. OniLink

    Oh god, this isn't going to end well.

  16. HeavyWeaponsScout

    Heavy is so gonna join them to escape, No group is a real group without a big fat russian man.

  17. sheepish

    =D gah so happy!

  18. Kaiyax

    ; n ; [ppr Scoot, hims all scard >: Bleu be there for himmmm. >:

    Kytri, my heart hurts for fictional characters… ;____; Good job. XD

  19. Link2005

    There is only leetle spy and giant man!

  20. @mirzam_nimu

    First update since I discovered Cuanta Vida. Best day ever! 😀

  21. Remi

    I just noticed heavy looks like a fat old star trek fan

  22. Nat

    I just want to hug Scout….

    But Heavy is AMAZING. I love Scout's little terrified "O.O Nothing."

  23. Mrs_Medic

    Ohmigawsh I <3 this comic! Hoovy is teh awesome!! And scoot's little "Nothing!! >.>;;" made me giggle :) I love this comic, keep coming out with more awesome!! 😀

  24. Jeko

    I Sense they shall elope <3

  25. Qqtt991

    D’aww. Teeny spai ees caring for teenier scoot!

    Okay I’m done.

  26. LostExperiment

    I really like BLU Heavy's optimism. He's coming into his own as a character.

    I also like the dichotomy between Scout and Spy here. I'm so happy to see the 'simple' route wasn't taken regarding their relationship and that there`s still unresolved tension given that there has not been a conversation about it since the intitial confession.

    I`ve noticed Jordi seems to be somewhat parental as a matter of fact. Not sure whether this is confusion tactics re: the relationship or whether it`s a part of his personality proper.

  27. Roa

    Ah fsh, Link2005, you're right. I can't count, panel 7!

    And Kytri, I don't think you should ever have to apologize for being late, since you don't have a schedule AND because you're not obligated to do this at all, although I'm sure everyone appreciates it. So thank you for doing this comic in the first place.

  28. Orin J.


  29. Jia_Mekare

    Heavy, stop lying. You know that Medic is keeping their clothes for his secret bloody clothes collection.

    In other reactions, Scout's getting damn good at this denial thing.

  30. Advice Dog

    LOL never seen blues laundry room.

  31. Julia

    O-o now i got that image in my head…

  32. Sean

    “Oh, da. Good luck!” I cracked up, I really did. No subtlety, Heavy. X)

  33. Ch1

    Wow. Can you picture Rojo doing laundry?

  34. Noziac

    I have to agree, and no group is a real group without someone dying for the sake of the group… and that makes me sad :<

  35. Noziac

    I've understood everything you said, and that scares me.

  36. Ellin

    There it is, I knew scout was in denial…. DARN YOU KYTRI TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!

    Ugh…. I've grown so attached to these characters that the very sight of the new comic made me actually squee. And I've never done that before!
    I can just see Spy helping Scout up on a crutch but he can't walk so good and gets sad so Spy has to comfort him… In his underwear.

  37. LonelyTimeLord

    YEY! update…. I love Scout's expression in the 3rd panel… Go on heavy, use your matchmaking skills! "good luck"

  38. Momowoo

    That is fucking hilarious.

  39. Momowoo

    Heavy is so cute.

    Is cute to me.

    But I get sad again because of Scout.

  40. David

    i think scout was telling stories to heavy and when we werent in the comic :3

  41. Mazteur

    Can I hug Heavy for being so damn cute? <333

  42. Medirby

    I dont think we should like heavy too much. Kyrti might kill him.

  43. NCH

    Woot! It's a new one!

  44. Damien

    Oh man, I really hope Scout'll be ok.

  45. heavyiscredittoworld

    LMAO so true.

  46. heavyiscredittoworld

    One can only hope :3

  47. krazy kiki

    wow i wuv huge heavy!!!!! :) he iz so funny!! i love how he acts bout teeny scout and teeny spy’s relashionship that they dont remember having (lolz).

  48. ffffff

    I love you for coming up with this. You can have my firstborn child.

  49. Ambassador

    This is getting nowhere.

  50. Julie. S

    Less clothing <3

  51. Jakiess

    I bet heavy is lying about the clothes.

  52. Alyssa

    Scout isnt even in panel 10??? Where? xD

  53. 5Cacti

    Am I the only one who thought Jordi was 10x sexier in this comic?

  54. Rosii

    Heavy just prefers Scout and Spy without clothes ;D

  55. JennPulse

    Well, he doesn't have to wear his underwear-
    OH GOD WHY DID MY MIND INSTIGATE THAT? This is the relationship where I can't imagine more than a kiss; and yes, I totally understand the squeeing bit. I kinda wish my parents weren't in this room all the tome, it makes my fangirling rather difficult.

  56. It's that guy

    I wish I could stop checking back everyday for about a month so I could see a few of these in sequence. I love the story but I’m going mad wanting to know what will happen next!

  57. Ghoul

    You're not alone. First and third panel, especially.

  58. Sugars

    Pahaha, Scout's face in panel 3.

  59. Orin J.

    well, he can still fire a gun. maybe when they escape he can get a piggyback ride from Bleu and shoot everyone that tries to stop them!

  60. Jakiess

    Am I the only guy who reads this?

  61. Jordan

    I love the Heavy. I hope he doesn't die.

  62. Jordan

    Nope, i'm a dude and I like this comic.

  63. 5Cacti

    Did anybody else notice that spy said "here" Instead of " 'ere"???
    His accent is fading. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  64. Momowoo

    Pfffft haha.

  65. Jakiess

    K cool.

  66. Ambassador

    Same here.

  67. marzie

    Epic commenting thing is epic. I like how we actually have reply buttons now |D

    Oh man, I'm loving these characters more and more. And Ser Hoovy's bluntness about everything is just awesome. Like Scoot's denial 😀 Speaking of Scoot, the way he's just cowering there in his underwear whilst doing the whole denial thing is hilarious. <3

  68. Meg

    My little brother reads it, though with loud and frequent assertions of his heterosexuality.

  69. HeavyWeaponsScout

    I be a guy. And this comic is phat

  70. Pesky

    Tiny spy…… Man does that give a huge blow to his ego…….XD

  71. Noziac

    Author can't be this meanie ,right? RIGHT?

  72. Orin J.

    well, they've already got two dead teammates, so i think they're covered there :/

  73. sheepish

    oh, i just noticed jordi's bad farmer's tan from his masi

  74. Orin J.

    eh, he calls everyone tiny. and to be fair he's like 6'6 and can completely block a doorway by standing in it. which means RED can't go around to get the intel, and Scooty poof's in trouble if heavy decides to play matchmaker.

  75. dueba

    it's sexy time oh yeah

  76. Cat

    Scout panties <3
    I screamed when I saw you updated. More, MOARRR!

  77. Muzzman

    Male hetero reader I be.

    I read it primarily for the romance, too.

  78. zzzzzzz

    My boyfriend and I are guys.

  79. Jakiess

    @ zzzzzzz. You’re gay?

  80. Grey

    Oh Kytripoo, I love you so. <3
    I think everyone here agrees.

  81. Grey

    Dude. I have no idea why this got voted down.
    Some peoples is crazy.
    But I lol'd.

  82. Grey

    Holy fuck. Kytri really does have the best commenters, lmao.

  83. Grey

    Don't remind me. Too painful.
    ; A ;

    But seriously, I suppose the comment couldn't have gone on without their deaths. I just dislike death sometimes.

  84. Qqtt991

    Okay so we have a confirmed gay reader.

    Alrighty then. :V

  85. OniLink

    I jumped up and cheered at this ingenious idea. Am I weird?

  86. death_101

    bleu's boxers are amazing. do want (purely for the implied comfort and stylishness of course)

  87. BronzeDog

    No, you're not the only guy who reads this.

  88. BronzeDog

    You know, scout's arms are lighter than his torso. BACKWARDS FARMERS TAN? It's the end of the universe because of this!

  89. Anon

    No mention of how irresistibly cute Scout is in the 8th panel?
    Well now there is.

  90. Emma

    I'm glad you were able to put this up. This made my day, which is saying a lot. My life's been sucking lately. Sibling rivalry, "You'll never be as good as her", and all that jazz. Thanks for uploading this, keep going. :)

  91. DJAlicecooper

    I sense a love scene…. pls?

  92. DJAliceCooper

    no no no.. not panel 8 – panel 3. this is the cute-mister of all cuteness. ;3

  93. Jakiess

    Wow, the google ads are about panties.

  94. Moal

    D’awww..Hoovy is just continues to be adorable…

    He needs to take his top off and hug somebody.

    …I vote RED Medic.

  95. Qqtt991

    Mine was about men’s underwear and maybe tampons…

    Men’s underwear.


  96. Herostar

    I love this comic so hard XD
    But I'm almost scared to like Heavy, because people I like always die.
    At this rate it's him or Pyro.

    Scout's expression in the fifth panel looks so pained…it's like not being able to walk it really starting to sink in. D:

    (is the forum glitching for anyone else? I've been trying to register almost every day for three weeks, 'an error occurred' 'an error occurred' 'an error occurred' >_<)

  97. omfgwtfbbq

    Heavy makes everyone feel awkward 😀

  98. kytri

    It should be fixed now, I would have done it sooner but no one brought the problem to my attention until today.

  99. calvin

    >:P i got here late and yay hate on it this comic is amazing XD

  100. Chrisy

    I second this vote! 😀

  101. Sapphire

    aw, I can't wait for the next page! >w< I started reading this two days ago, and once I began to read, I just couldn't stop! XD

  102. Dr. Octagonapus

    Straight guy here. I have never admitted it to anyone, but I really like romance comics/movies/books etc…

    I’m allowed to call a guy sexy while not being attracted to him and still be straight right? Cos Bleu is a sexy beast.

  103. Zoe

    "Men`s underwear thong" Ew.

  104. Teacup

    Owaaaah I never dreamed there could be such a delight involving tf2 classes D: ur mah neu best frand~

  105. Mr. T


  106. Ellin

    It's allowed. Don't worry 😀


    When’d we all turn gay or bi?…

  108. Derp King

    There are a few of us running around.

  109. Mr. T

    Since this page came out.

  110. Splicer

    Is it just me, or does Heavy appear to be checking Spy out in that last pannel?

  111. Orin J.

    EVERYBODY'S gays for team fortress, didn't you know?

    even the girls. no, i don't know how it works.

  112. 5Cacti

    We shouldnt get too attached to Heavy.
    Or else Kytri will kill him. D:

  113. kittengrl39

    Scoot's expressions in 5 and 8 break my heart… especially 5. Those little shadows under his eyes, like he's desperately trying to convince himself he's wrong even though he knows he's right.

  114. IOWNYOU

    i was just waiting for a huge hard core gay sex frame by frame fucking to happen