95- Half-truths
April 18th, 2010

95- Half-truths

Another page done :3

I do have a small request for you guys though, lately I’ve been noticing a few, er, odd comments and questions popping up in regards to me and the comic. I appreciate the enthusiasm but when you’re posting stuff as if you think the events in the comic are real, making threats of violence against me or the characters, and the like, it’s a little creepy.
So yeah, before you post stuff like that, take a moment to ask yourself if it’s creepy, and remind yourself that CV is just a comic. It’s not real.
Thanks guys!


  1. Kaiyax

    Also, friggin suspense! DDDD: uadfbiaudfhui

    <3 ;________________; awesome

  2. Kaiyax

    also lol “hzz gt st’pdd hirr”
    He needs a hair cut ;D

  3. Girlspy

    :( why did they have to comment on his hair? ITS SO FWUFFY ITS ADOWABOWL!

  4. Qqtt991


    AGSSHJD more waiting!
    :I Must occupy myself with writing more crap.

    Good god. Poor jordi.

  5. Qqtt991

    Yet he’s so crafty. RedMedic miiiight be too trusting. I hope so.

  6. Dark

    Jeez, lookit those bruises. Poor Jodi, getting so abused. </3

  7. Dark


  8. Erika

    RED Pyro= my new favorite.
    sorry Gabe. /punts.

    J/K ILU Gabry. ;w;

  9. Jia_Mekare

    “Uncuff me and maybe I’ll tell you.” Bargaining chip? Yay bargaining chip! Bleu, you’re so much smarter than I give you credit for. :)

  10. JeKo

    I don’t like red Pyro:( Poor Jordi <3 And yeah his hair is AWESHOME 😀

  11. marzie

    “He’s got stupid hair” I laughed :’D :U

  12. Julie

    awwww not with the haircut again. If Jordi gets a haircut i’m gonna cry

  13. elpatto

    David Tennant hair FTW

  14. Dr. Octagonapus

    I don’t care pyro, I’d still go gay for you!

  15. lowFatKittycat

    Anton: “?_? I thought he’d be… scarier.” lol!
    Also, Pyro is REALLY mean to Jordi. He even insulted his awesome hair! D<

  16. AnnilyLF

    lol @ elpatto, So I’m NOT the only one who noticed his hair looked like Tennant’s! Also I dunno… I kinda like Red Pyro. In the “awww, he’s such a dick” way.

  17. Dr. Octagonapus

    Pyro is just angsty cos he needs a hug.
    Once scout hugs the fuck out of him, I think he just might join team purple.

  18. Orin J.

    i think that bastard might have isolated the RED engie and scoot……i’m liking the RED Pyro every time he* gets character development.

    *not actually sure it’s a he yet. the posture and anatomy hasn’t gone definitively either way yet.

  19. kybarsfang

    Another great page! 😀

    Also, I second the call for a rise in maturity. There was one comic called Boy Meets Boy that had its storyline changed specifically because of death/pain threats toward the author if she didn’t tell the story the way the threateners wanted it to be told. As a result, the author took the comic in a different direction than she had originally intended, I’m guessing to show that it was still HER comic. I personally think it made the story worse, and I really, really don’t want that to happen to Cuanta Vida.

  20. Brian

    Heh. If you have your hair in a mask all day, of course your hair’s going to lack an intimidation factor. (Actually, come to think about it, that could apply to other classes as well–yet most of those who have hats/helmets/headgear of some sort seem to have short hair for some strange reason. Hmm…)

  21. Yoshis

    been a while since i commented, but D: you and your cliff hangers making me impatient for another chapter

  22. Hallo frauleins

    kybarsfang: That’s horrible O.o

    I have said million times this, but I’ll say it once more: Poor guy, he always gets so beat up..

  23. Devilpod

    Oh Pyro.

    and I prolly missed this again. ick.

    Jordi and his head trauma. reminds me of one of my friends, her head seems to attract hard things that hurt.

  24. Kimiko95

    my god you posted this at 4 in the morning? ive been online all night and i checked it acouple hours ago i just checked it again and the new page is up.. btw i love your art 😀

  25. Meems

    Aaugh – bruises on neck… poor Jordi.

  26. phoenix_monster

    About what you’ve said in your post… Unfortunately, when a person gets popular enough by themselves or through their work, it is inevitable that they meet lots of people on their way, and some of them are… err… well, what you’ve said. Be strong, try to see those things with wisdom. I love your work, please keep up! 😉

  27. Darna

    kybarsfang, is that true about Boy meets Boy? Damn, people were really threatening her so she changed the story.. That’s really afwul.

    I wonder if Medic is just going to uncuff him now..

  28. Damien

    Blimey, RED Spy really fucked him up.

  29. Mags

    This ustream was without a doubt the best yet. There was the /me command, the various desserts that people baked, and the awesome jokes.

    And I need to take Kytri’s advice to heart. ._.

  30. Momowoo

    I like this page a lot. :3

    Yeah, and I second your request. It got a little awkward in the chat. I kinda drifted away and started to just watch your stream rather than contributing to the conversation.

  31. Becca

    I also agree for an increase of maturity in comments and posts about this comic. As a writer myself, I understand how it can be difficult to go down a certain route in a story, but you go down that route because you want the story to be GOOD, not necessarily to give all the fans’ favorite characters happy endings. :) I may feel sad some of my favorite characters died off early, but I truly love your writing style. You’re doing great, so don’t give up (or give in to popular demands!)

    Also, I finally got around to watching the uStream this time. 😀 Your shading skills are AMAZING. Great job on this page!

  32. Mazteur

    Pyro, it’s inappropriate to make fun of his hair < n < and did he take his mask? o_O;

    And yes, uncuff him, Medic!

  33. MentalIsASpy

    I love this page and I have no idea why..
    Yea in the chat, Some of you freaked me out.

  34. Mags

    That probably was me, at least in part. >_>

  35. LonelyTimeLord

    WOW, love Jordi’s hair! Nice to see he’s not going to let them push him around too much 😉

    Can’t wait for the update

  36. AkiraRen

    That pyro made me laugh for some reason D:

  37. Zoe

    No pyro justice? SHIT

  38. Julie

    I really think Anton will uncuff him, he seems like that kind of guy. They do need a Medic for their little group <3

  39. Sleepy_Eyes


    Jeezus, poor Jordi… ;^; ON the other hand, just look at 'im! He's beat up to the point of looking like a friggin leper, and yet he's still being all clever-like, putting up bargaining chips when his initial bid to appeal to sympathy worked. I'm guessing there's some additional urgency in the fact that Red Pyro's all "cn I kll hmm yt? |BI"

    Speaking of Red Pyro, am I the ONLY one who didn't expect him to change sides? <XD

  40. Sleepy_Eyes

    ……ha. haha. ‘when his initial bid to appeal to sympathy DIDN’T work****

    I shouldn’t be allowed to leave comments before the hours reach double digits…

  41. Qqtt991

    What about the afternoon?

  42. Gref

    Aw man, I really like the bruises. Different from what you’ve been doing, right?

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ‘box narrative’ we’ve been following has ended, so now the story has a feeling of open-ness, like it can go anywhere from here. (But I’m a little put off by the fact that Bleu has told Red Spy all about Scout’s tender gay feelings for him. ._.)

  43. Sleepy_Eyes

    …..Psssh, logic.

  44. Sushi Cuttlefish

    Ohohoho we scarred poor Kryti.

    Also, Pyro being asshole = :<

  45. Becca

    Hmm. I just noticed the second to last panel’s dialogue. I wonder what he left out? D: Probably something totally crucial to the plot, which is good writing, but frustrating for us readers, lol! We shall see.

  46. wednesday

    Pyro is a douchebag.

  47. Anon

    I don’t read the user comments because they freak me out also. But I just wanted to give you some encouragement to stay strong in your convictions. I don’t care if you decide to end it with everyone dead on the floor, if that is your TRUE intent and not because you were influenced by others. I just want to read YOUR story in your own words. I would not read this whole comic in one sitting (which I have done) if I didn’t have faith in you as a writer. It’s just that good.

    So my only plea is to tell the story the way you envision it. That is the downfall of being a writer, some people won’t like the way it ends or wish it ended differently. Still, that doesn’t say anything negative about your talent.

    I hope the threats and crazy will stop now that you drew attention to it.

  48. Joel

    I just readed all your comic’s page for the first time. Your comic is awesome, keep up the good work! ^^
    also sorry, I know I suck in english.

  49. TheBobIsComing

    Im happy you spoke out about that heiro. Even though iv’e missed all of your ustreams (damn my Time), even some comments posted on the comic kind of bother me. I’m writing my own fanfic and i haven’t posted any of it partially due to the fact that i don’t want to be influenced.

    The fact that you brought that up made me smile. :3
    most people would not mention it and sometimes become impacted.

    Remember people, just because you’ve stalked her famous comic may not nessisarily mean your her best friend. 😛

  50. Kobold

    I like Red Pyro. And Red Spy(Miguel).
    Actually, I guess I like every character who gets dialog, because even when they are total assholes, they still seem very human.
    I guess the possible exception being Blue Soldier, who is so far into crazytown as to be lost to normal human interaction.
    “He’s got stupid hair.” Haha, Pyro, you are so petty.

    I can’t help but think that Miguel would be almost heroic if the war weren’t a sham. Or maybe more of an antihero. Like, he would always be an asshole, but in many ways he is very dedicated, takes his job seriously, looks for ways to genuinely inhibit Blue that won’t just result in more troops being sent. And doesn’t underestimate his opponent.
    In many ways he is very savvy and talented. It just so happens that he’s in the wrong story for a character like that. And so instead he is just a douche.

    It makes me wonder what he’ll do when or if he finds out the truth. Will he believe it? Will he break down? Will he try to escape, keep playing the game, or will he try to do something drastic?
    I think it’ll be interesting to find out. Keep up the good work.

  51. Ivi

    woah… kinda creepily realistic bruises…
    anyways, keep up the good work and even though its depressing to see tragic ends to great characters, sometimes it really is best. you’re the writer, YOU make the story

  52. Qqtt991


    oh my god. I just read your comic thing and almost choked.

  53. Pips

    “He’s got stupid hair.”

  54. Purge

    And so the Pyro keeps his grudge with the Spy.

    As for the threats, I myself would never do such a thing.

  55. Shiny

    I don’t make threats. I make promises. I promise not to threaten, under threat of breaking my promise, which I can’t do because I promised myself I wouldn’t, and if I did who knows what horrible things I would do to me…

    Speaking of psycodic, I have a question for everyone: how would you feel about rojo if he was the man character instead of jordi? Like, if the entire thing was through his eyes? Would you still hate him? Or would he be Mr. Badass?

  56. Dr. Octagonapus

    @Shiny Well, I guess it depends. If we knew a little more about his background, we might be able to make a better decision. All we know so far is he is dedicated to his job and will stop at nothing to win.

  57. Greasy Kiwi

    Agreed with him.

  58. Ambassador

    Jordi’s growing a bit of a Five o’ Clock shadow there.

  59. Becca

    @Qqtt991 – LOL. Oh man I forgot I had that link up. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it and there are more pages in the works.

    @ Shiny and Dr. Octagonapus – I agree with both of you. We’d probably like him for being badass but if he didn’t have a decent back story, he’d probably be the same Rojo we know now. XD

  60. david

    Get a haircu hippie 😀

  61. Qqtt991

    A haircu?
    Is that similar to haiku?


  62. TrueSkool

    Panel 8- Judgmental Pyro is judgmental. Also, Mixed-Up Touch in Panel 1

  63. Scooty Puff Jr.

    love you Kytri. <3

  64. ^$I-I I_ 3 Y

    D: Poor spy gettin’ all bloody nosed again. Can’t wait for the next one! When will it be posted?? ( 9 0w0)9 – ( w00t !)

  65. hupsoonheng

    y hulo thar red pyro C: he makes me so happy

  66. kybarsfang

    @Darna Yeah, it’s true. I cant find anywhere on the internet where it’s still posted, but the threats were an issue.

    @Becca FYI, I clicked on the link on your name and Avast blocked some malware on the page.

  67. Pesky

    LOL BLU troll!

  68. Qqtt991


    well I was on my iPod.
    had the same problem on my real computer though with another one. I think it’s just the host and it was only a JavaScript thing. It’s harmless if avast blocked it.
    You’re safe.

  69. Becca

    @ kybarsfang – O_O I checked it out with various malware detectors and it’s most likely a false positive from Avast. Ahh, I apologize for the scare, but I don’t think there is a problem.

  70. Rae

    Artistically, the coloring on this page is excellent. I especially like how you did Bleu’s bruises. (And by “like” I mean “I winced in sympathy when his mask came off. Ow :(“)

    Story-wise, OMG MEDIC ILU :3 He’s such a little sweetiepie, with his innocence and actually caring about Bleu and STUFF. Red pyro is such a douche – and we love him for it XD

  71. Jakiess

    Man this suspense is killing me! It’s my favorite comic ever but come on! P.S. “He has a stupid haircut.”

  72. Woof

    “So you know where our engineer and scout are?” WAT D:

    i am confuzzled

  73. Jakiess

    😀 D: I’m happy, sad and confused. WHY?!?! Jordi doesn’t deserve that! UH! Also, <3 Anton! He has so much pity it's cute!

  74. sonya

    gosh! for some reason I thought red pyro was going to feel a little bad for spy. silly me. It’s not a bad thing though, it’d be unrealistic if *every* single person turned out to be a big bleeding heart that just wants to work together so everyone can go home and live happily ever after. I think it makes your story more believable that some of them are straight up jerks haha

  75. Orin J.

    i more want that Pyro to go after the bastard red spy because PYRO JUSTICE, THAT’S WHY!

    …..i never said i had a good reason for wanting it. at least they don’t seem to get along, so maybe.

  76. kybarsfang

    @Becca: every time I go, Avast blocks favicon.ico|{gzip} and calls it an HTML:Iframe-inf error. Heck, the error pops up if I already have the site open in another tab and click on that tab. Antiviruses are so friggin weird. o_O

  77. Orin J.

    oh, i know what that is. she’s probably using a template and the service got infected, so the virus is attached to it. that virus is everywhere lately….

  78. Qqtt991

    Lalalarlarlarrrr. I’m actually interested in some of your original ideas, Kytri.
    Any estimated time till release?

  79. Becca

    @ Orin J. and kybarsfang – I believe I fixed the error by switching to another script. D: Sorry for the earlier problems!

  80. Ch1

    Is there some foreshadowing behind the fact medic has blue eyes, or are they just blue?

  81. kybarsfang

    @Becca: Nope, same thing. ;_;

  82. Krieg

    Quick, Bleu, go Super Saiyan and break the cuffs!

    $20 says someone is either going to write or has already written a “nurture back to health” slash fic between these two, now.


  83. EvetscipE

    I read all of this today for the first time, I love it so much, I was devastated when Red and liam died :(

    keep up the good work

  84. Mags

    I just realized that Medic has lost his w-to-v accent. Was that intentional?

  85. Ionescu

    It never ceases to amaze me how large Bleu’s nose is in profile.

    Is he Jewish?

  86. Qqtt991

    He kinda looks jewish…

    But i’ve actually had people tell me he looks like that gut from ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’.

  87. Fan1254

    I like how the Red Pyro is mean and evil instead of going nice. Hope we can see some evilness from Blu’s such as Soldier.

  88. Ch1

    No comments about medics blue eyes? I feel ignored. But seriously, is there foreshadowing?

  89. Qqtt991

    Holy crap ustream. Holy shit crappy movie night. Holy fuck yardwork.
    I hate parents sometimes.

  90. Anon

    I enjoy reading your comic so much. =] I love what you’re doing with it. As for the creepy comments, I understand. I got a few…interesting comments (to say the least). Just be happy with the knowledge that they have no idea where you are. <3

  91. Dr. Octagonapus

    Is the ustream up yet? I can’t check for another half hour.

  92. Qqtt991

    Scratch crappy movie. Mom just bought avatar on blu-Ray.


  93. Ch1

    True dat

  94. evetscipe

    can someone tell me about the ustream?

    link? and times?

    also, I’m relatively new here. does the maker of these comics post on here often??

    sorry for any noobish questions

  95. HamSandwich

    Kytri usually lets us know about the Ustream here, on her DeviantArt journal: http://kytri.deviantart.com/

    The link to the Ustream itself is here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kytricam

    I think she updates on Saturday/Sunday night, and the updates are about once a week, although there’s no official schedule. The Ustream has recently been active at about 5:00/6:00 pm for a Saturday, or 3:00 pm for Sunday.

    I hope that helps. (:

  96. cupcakehat

    “I thought he’d be scarier” x3


  97. TrueSkool

    @Ch1 OMG I JUST NOW NOTICED MEDIC’S EYES. Thanks for pointing that out, I NEVER would have seen it.

  98. Gretuska

    I just love the spy’s hair in 8th panel!… WHY IS PYRO SAYING IT’S STUPID?!