81- Well, he was talking to a chicken.
December 20th, 2009

81- Well, he was talking to a chicken.

Hey, I’m not dead. I’m gonna try and get back on a more regular-ish schedule, but we’ll see what happens. My day job’s been sort of erratic lately and I have other art things with deadlines to work on.


  1. inquiro

    Red spy totally wants to eat Peep.

  2. Emily

    Times I said “oh, shit!” out loud reading this page: 2

    Man, that new RED spy is evil.

  3. Yoshis

    you lives ;D
    red medic made me go lol btw

  4. death_101

    oh lol, the red medic’s reaction is awesome

  5. Laraanita

    I love that Medic, so jumpy XD

  6. Sirdownloadsalot

    FINALY! Blue will talk to this new medic. Can’t wait!

  7. Momowoo

    Hey did I tell you how much I love you? Because I do.
    HA HA The mental image of Peep getting chased by hungry new RED spy chased by angry RED scout is hilarious.

  8. QQ-Incorperated - now qqtt991

    no words… can describe… my joy…


    why do i get the feeling something’s gonna happen to peep?

    also i just noticed the new red spy has green eyes!
    he looks freaking devious…
    imagine him in a dark ally with his eyes glowing in the dim light…


  9. QQ-Incorperated - now qqtt991

    also just noticed you posted this at 12 am.
    geez! and i have trouble stayin’ awake till 10!

    then again I’m only 13…
    eh. I don’t care about some gay/violent scenes.
    I’ve seen worse…
    don’t ask.

  10. Heironymus

    It was closer to 2 PM actually. The uploader timestamps everything at 12 AM.

  11. Meems

    Hehe, Medic’s scream amuses me so much.

  12. phoenix_monster

    Kytri is back! Hurray!
    I check on this website every day… 😉

  13. Littoria

    You’re alive! Yay!
    Panel 8 better not be foreshadowing.
    Also, Panel 9 is love love love. The perspective and the detail on the suit are beautiful!
    Hope medic doesn’t freak and run away.

  14. Frills

    The title made me laugh.
    Good page :]

  15. AnnilyLF

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire, perhaps…? lol 😀 Yay update!

  16. QQ-Incorperated - now qqtt991

    I check this site every day too.
    even the smallest cliffhanger grabs me. GAH!

  17. Bridgelexe

    i check it everyday also! 😛
    thats how much i love this comic 😉

    I was sooo excited when i saw you uploaded the comic! =D

  18. Melissa

    I just found this comic today and read everything.
    Oh my god. <3 Love.

  19. The King in Yellow

    Aww, RED Medic. Are you doomed to be chronically surprised by Bleu?

    I sincerely hope that it’s a yes.

  20. qqtt991

    me too.
    jesus I love art. no matter in what form!

  21. UberKatt

    Allow me to explode happy juice all. over. you.

  22. fredsther the scout

    omg best medic evar sweets and jumpy :3

  23. Pesky

    Well at least there is FINALLY a character lamer than BLU Spy…..

  24. tooth

    My goodness, what a wonderful surprise! Or perhaps not, in our new Medic’s case. I hope he’s adorable as he appears to be!
    O-Oh my – imagine if Scoot, Medic and Pyro were ever left in a room together. The world would die in a sugary ball of rainbows and kittens.
    (Also, I like the art in this. You’ve improved so much!)

  25. Jazikun

    Wait wot?…

    Don’t leave Red Scout with Red Spy!<8( *Waits for something to happen*
    Rofl Medic scream.

  26. Anonymous

    New CV page! With clever Scout, and cute new Medic! Best early Christmas present ever.

  27. Owen-Phoenix

    haha, nice name for a bird. marshmellow peeps!
    New Red Spy seems a bit of a bastard.

  28. jerry

    there we go

  29. Bunni

    The fact that Peep is growing up makes me go spleeeeee.

    And now I imagine Scout in panel 5 speaking in the stereotypical black guy accent.

  30. tirsden

    I actually read the archives from 1-80 so it is awesome to see another page and yet now I have to waaaaaaaaaaaait. xD oh well ROCK ON!

    …the new spy shall nevar be what the old spy was…. ;__;

  31. LonelyTimeLord

    Thanks for the new page… this is so great, can’t wait for the next update to this amazing story… happy christmas xx

  32. TheBobIsComing

    yay happy time!!!
    honestly, i dont care if you update slow. its the fact that you spend the extra time you have on your fans that makes the wait always worthwhile.

    hope you have a non-stressful xmas ;D

  33. grey

    i wonder what will happen with spy and scout… also it’b be awesome of red spy (gay) somehow came back … the new one is a douch

  34. JeKo

    Miguel is SEXY 😀

  35. sonya

    I like that peep is growing up, it gives us a sense of how much time is passing while they’re there =)

  36. Nadya the Gypsy

    Red Spy has the SHARPEST nose! Srsly, does he stand in front of the mirror in the morning with a file? That’s the only way such a nose could be possible.

  37. Qqtt991

    The only thing that could improve this holiday is an update! *wink*

  38. Mags

    That last panel is probably my favorite yet.

  39. Mags

    Sorry for posting twice, but… I was inspired to write a short story on Bleu’s arrival to Blu base here: http://sites.google.com/site/magsblogproject/talkpage/cuantavida/welcome-to-war . I think I got the accents right, but Heavy… ehh. I don’t know.

  40. Qqtt991

    That actually pretty good! Please email me when you update at:

    I wish I had a website…
    I’ve wondered why the soldier bashed blu for quite a while… Lol

  41. Mags

    Excuse me, Heironymus…? I have a detail about another short story that is bugging me: what year was this? I got that it’s around the 1960’s or 70’s, but a more precise date would be nice…
    Or you could just tell me whether Blu Engineer has a calculator 😛

  42. Qqtt991

    Oh. And is there a set map??? It’s bugging me.

  43. Heironymus

    Mags: 1988, reason being the game itself is supposedly set in ’68 and the comic is intended to be set significantly after the game itself. The exact date will probably never be mentioned in the comic itself. It’s another one of those useless bits of background information so I can keep things straight, like the characters’ names.

    Qqtt991: No set map, it’s just loosely based on the style of your standard symmetrical CTF map with a few elements grabbed from actual maps for simplicity’s sake.

  44. Ronn

    i swear to god dont kill off peep or i will eat all your pancakes

  45. Momo

    I just read all this in one sitting- I laughed, I loved, I gasped, I b’aaaaaaaaaaaaaawed. And I will be happily following it for as long as updates continue. Thank you for sharing- this was damn lovely. -Damn- lovely. I mean it. XD I haven’t had such a gut emotional reaction to a webcomic in a long time.

    Ahh, well, before I go totally QUEERFAGGOT all over you I better head on back to my base. :’D So, uh, nice work! Heheh….

  46. Qqtt991

    Okay then. I’ll let my imagination build the map for me.

  47. Emily

    …should I be ashamed that on rereading this page, my eye goes straight to Jordi’s crotch in panel 9?

  48. lowFatKittycat

    Anton giving James candy. What an adorble mental image.

  49. lol!!w00tAWSM

    lolzor medic: gyaah!+lols