80- Military Recruitment
November 25th, 2009

80- Military Recruitment

This only took forever. The next page may also be a little slow coming since i have to work on my thing for the TF2chan secret santa. So I’ll still be working on something gay and TF2 related, it just won’t be CV.

Hell, it may be more gay than CV.


  1. Jamhot

    This made me smile, I rather like BLU Engie :)

  2. monster!

    Is the flame on his lighter blue? Because that’s sort of bitchin’.

  3. Mai

    Hey! Has the chick turned into a chicken??? 😀

    And I’m excited about seeing/hearing out the babby medic. Ehehe. :3

  4. Momowoo

    Oh ahahah. Nice to see you again. xD
    I just realized that Peep was from tf2chan. I read it, and it gave me the thought; would RED scout go APESHIT Peep was killed like in the fic? xD
    Babby Medic <3

  5. kybarsfang

    ScoutChick has evolved into ScoutChicken!

    I like the new medic, too. Let’s see if he’s on board with Team Purple!

  6. Liz

    The gay is what makes cv so beautiful.
    or it’s just the comic.
    you know, same deal.

  7. Yoshis

    oh man im so glad i checked this today :] been a while
    dang um name.. hmm oh well– blue spy being all timid about his relationship and i think he’s becoming a better spy 😀
    this gives me a feeling of like watching an anime, that its all an oozy yay feeling and then the want for more

  8. The King in Yellow

    What DOES Bleu mean by that?

    Heh, Bleu almost looks like a competent Spy when he’s cloaked.

  9. JeKo

    Ha that last panel i thought Jeremy hit jordi with the ball.
    also- dispenser goes “squeak!” haha
    and gayer than CV? That will be hard to do but if you pull it off i will love you forever. too bad tf2chan banned me… apparently they dont like cosplaying scouts dancing to the caramelldansen…

  10. Littoria

    Yay! You’re back! I hug you across the interwebs.

    Jeremy here made me laugh. Yeah dude, Jordi’s fine, thanks for asking.

    And is it just me or is Jordi slowly becoming Gabry? He’s taking crazy risks, acting more openly gay, sneaking up on people while cloaked and beginning to take charge of the escape plan.

  11. Roa

    I’m so glad both engineers are on board with the plan. And Peeeep! So cute.

  12. Kim Martin

    Sweet a update! And peep growing up is still cute ?

  13. Lia

    Yay, new page! @comment above: I don’t really see Jordi acting gay though!

    I had some trouble reading though, might I ask politely that you try to distinguish your “y” and “g” a little more?

  14. SilverTalon

    Apparently, I fail at observing, because I realized only now the background on which the panels are changes colour from blue to red to grey every time the location is changed…
    another proof of how much work you put into this I guess?

  15. GodHatesFaggs

    Why is everything so fucking gay. I mean common

  16. Anonymous

    A new update! What a wonderful Thanksgiving treat.

  17. Hallo frauleins

    To Godhatesfaggs: I smell troll. *glare* Not everything is gay. Only few characters.

    Hooray! Update! *dances around*

  18. JeKo

    OMG That’s like the first negative comment I’ve seen. o.O GET OUT. NOW.

  19. Blue Spy hopeful

    I, think Bleu is awesome, but he should be striaght or atleast Bi, there are a lot of gays already, and i’m not a gay basher, i have a few friends that are:P

  20. Blue Spy hopeful

    gay that is

  21. Nadya the Gypsy

    Who’s gay? I mean, only like three people that we know about. Okay, two now I guess. (I’m not counting Jordi cause I’m still not sure about him)

  22. Blue Spy hopeful

    well i think red scout is, and my guess is that the new red spy will be too, and pyro most likely is, idk for awhile i thought perhaps pyro was a girl

  23. Littoria

    @Lia: Well, you could be right about him being on the fence. But I was thinking about the part where he cupped Jeremy’s face in his hand, which seems like a pretty romantically charged action to me

    And AUGH I was thinking Jim earlier and typed Jeremy.

    @ troll: GTFO

  24. JeKo

    The guy looks like Gaberielle <3

  25. JeKo

    Hal Ozsan is the guy
    Im sorry this is kind of like spam but he’s HOT. And i guess i still miss Gabry ;-;

  26. Muffinbuster

    You know the guy, Neal McCaffery? When I found out he was gay, I instantly thought of Red.

    Glad you’re back, Kytri.

  27. Nicotine Dragon

    I like how Bleu is standing like the old RED spy in the last two panels.

  28. Pesky

    How could anything be more gay than CV?!

  29. jerry

    tf2chan….. well good job those chans always make me luagh

  30. jerry

    man oh man is that a sandman? and is the chicken an adult now?

  31. Jazikun

    What’s a/the CV? <—-I iz dumb. ._.''

    Woot! New page.

  32. wll

    Interesting dialog in the last panel.

    Just saying.

  33. Shiny

    @Jazikun: CV is Cuanta Vida, the comic.

  34. JeKo

    Did I do good, Kytri?? :3 *prays for worthiness*

  35. Shiny

    Kytri, what would you do if I randomly messages you on steam?

  36. Heironymus

    @ JeKo Cute! though you may want to bump up the contrast a bit, it’s a little hard to see.

    @Shiny My steam profile is public so people can get in touch with me. I try to chat with everyone who talks to me.

  37. DJAliceCooper

    Hey Jeko!

    Its DJAliceCooper from Youtube!

    *Pretends to not be a creepy stalker*

  38. derp

    Aha guys hopefully you don’t think I’m a troll now but I kindof agree with troll. To a point. Everything seems to work out enough for teh gays, but doesn’t work out when it needs to bring some angst/drama to the story.
    If Heiro didn’t have all these planned out already, I’d suggest something unexpected, like a train coming when everyone thinks its safe, or something.
    But she does so I’ll sit back and enjoy the update, although I am disappoint, because I know more could be done with this.

  39. Shiny


    I don’t see what you mean.
    Perhaps some examples or specifics?

  40. thelonebamf

    Engie’s expression in panel 9 made me proud to be a Texan. XD

  41. Emily

    Um… I wouldn’t exactly call getting shot by your own teammate/having your lover die in front of you “everything working out enough.” And the train coming when no one was expecting it? She just did that, remember? ;P The only thing I can think of that worked out without major dramatics relating to teh ghey is Jordi not freaking out on Jeremy or being cruel to him when he finally admitted that he has a l’il crush, but I think it’d be out of character if he *did* either of those things. Jordi’s problem is that he’s too damn nice.

    I was a little surprised that Engie seems to be down with the escape plan too, but I wouldn’t call it bad plotting.

  42. JeKo

    *waves* Hi!!

  43. Shiny

    @ Emily

    that’s exactly where I was going.

    There was more to this, but I effed up and didn’t fe like retyping on an iPod.

  44. Razii Jinx

    Haha, I totally forgot there was a site for this comic. I’ve been reading them by DA this whole time. XD


    Keep up the good work! =D

  45. Blue Spy hopeful

    Liz ur comment is hot, along with you

  46. Yoshis

    @ Razii

    lol nice :o, i dont remember which site i discovered this on though honestly

  47. The Prime Minister of Sinister

    come on it’s been more than a week

    we need moar

  48. Shiny

    Indeed sinister, but we must wait patently, both for the next page and for me to learn to spell.

  49. DJAliceCooper

    *nod nod* i agree with sinister

  50. Ionescu

    Oh my. It’s been so long since we got a comic. :(

  51. Shiny


    If you didn’t already know, there is now a soldier demo war. Which ever side kills more of the opposing class wins a EXTRA item, in addition to the three unlockables for a total of 4 new items! The contest will span a week, and the demos behind.

  52. QQ-incorperated

    damn you! im obsessed with this comic! would you mind terribly emailing me a word document with each page of the comic in it?
    makes for easier re-viewing. 😛

    best comic i have EVER read.
    update soon!

  53. QQ-Incorperated

    im trying to imagine blu’s voice and i fail every time.
    well not his voice… more his accent, i fail at french accents.
    if greatness is power, then you have a lot of power.

  54. Heironymus

    Uh, sorry but I think my time is better spent working on artwork than compiling images already available on the internet into a word doc. Feel free to make one yourself if you want.
    I plan to offer some sort of downloadable PDF when the comic is finished but it’s too time consuming to do it for every new page.

  55. Ionescu

    Do you have an estimated time for the next comic Heironymus?

  56. QQ-Incorperated

    uh okay…
    but the wait is getting paaaainful!
    update fast!

  57. Heironymus

    I’m working on it. I’ve had a bit of a creative block the past couple of weeks.

  58. Frill

    Well don’t rush it either.
    I hope you get out of your block though. I know those are rough.

  59. Ionescu

    When in doubt (creative block) revert to a behind the scenes look at Pyro!

    Or more talk between Scoot and Blu about Scoot’s feelings :V

    (Not literally making suggestions just being a twit)

  60. QQ-Incorperated

    yeah i had writers block not too long ago…

    what i do is at night: I basically daydream about my story until i fall asleep. I then proceed to dream about that topic the whole night. I come up with some pretty neat ideas that way.

    might not work for you… still worth a shot.

  61. Bridgelexe

    Its alright kytri =]
    take your time,
    it’s more enjoyable reading something that was taken time to do rather than rushed

  62. sonya

    best holiday gift ever?

    a CV update =D =D =D

  63. Bastard Biscuit

    You have one week before it will have been a month since the last update.
    Grab your “creative block” by the neck, shove your dick down it’s throat, and tell it to fuck off and never even THINK about showing it’s malformed horse-shit face anywhere NEAR you again.
    Kay? Good.
    Also, where the fuck’s Heavy?

  64. Heironymus

    I expect to finish the next page in the next couple of days. The pencils are done, I was just trying to finish a couple of other things as well.

  65. LonelyTimeLord

    Oh that’s great news Heironymus! I’ve been following Cuanta Vida for some time now and can’t wait to see the next update… glad your not letting the creative block get in the way 😛

    ps – hehe can’t wait to see more spy and scout in future pages 😉

  66. LilJJ

    It’s nice to see you’re getting rid of your creative block.

  67. Ionescu

    To Bastard Biscuit:

    I’m pretty sure Heironymus doesn’t have a dick…

  68. QQ-Incorperated


    BWAH!! that made me lol.

    on topic:
    no words can describe my excitement.
    i will not be disappointed no matter WHAT!!

  69. Ionescu


    What’s BWAH supposed to mean? o.o”