79- Because I had to shovel nails into buckets.
November 9th, 2009

79- Because I had to shovel nails into buckets.

No one’s going to get the title gag except my brother and maybe a couple of our RL friends. Oh well.

Sorry this took so long. I don’t want to whine about it so I’ll just say some shit interfered with my time and motivation to work.


  1. Mewtator

    Ooohhhh, it’s been so long! <3
    I like the squeaky dispenser a lot. Selfish to say, I can't wait for the next page ^_^

  2. Yoshis

    life just happens to go that way it seems :[
    but lol yay for trying to recruit xP

  3. thelonebamf

    Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought, “Dispenser goes *squeak*”!

  4. Jeko

    haha i didn’t notice the ‘sqeak’. 😛 Ahh i wanna see what happens with the new REDS and poor Jeremy 😀

  5. Pesky

    At least shoveling nails into a bucket is better than shoveling dog shit…..

  6. Roa

    D’awww- I hope everything gets better for you, Kytri. And pffft don’t apologize a lot of us will loyally wait (but we’ll also be happy if you do it sooner rather than later because the story’s captivatin’) until you update.

  7. Quill

    I cannot help with whatever issues exist in your life, though I hope that you are well. In these sorts of situations, where awesome internet people could use support but I cannot effectively give it, there is really only one thing I tend to do:
    Offer hugs from the internet!
    [waits to see if Kytri edges away]
    [hugs if she does not]

  8. Tes

    RL can be a bitch, you don’t need to apologize to anyone! Especially not for things beyond your control. I’ll take my squeaky dispensers in whatever time you can give them :)

  9. Mai

    I was watching Amelie yesterday and Nino reminds me ridiculously of Bleu. Apart from the hair he’s exactly how i’d imagine him to look. 😀

  10. TheBobIsComing

    ah ha!! so thats what you were working on the last time we chatted ;3
    it was a nice talk even though it was about fruits and story pacing hehe.
    im jelous of your backgrounds… i get really lazy on the line art when it comes to those 😛

    panel 3 and 12 = epic cuteness by Jordi 😀

  11. Maso Lusk

    ze authour/illustrater she is troubled whys

  12. Naris

    i am not trying to be mean when i say this,but i say this from knowing a professional web comic writer, being punctual, having one day a week u release no matter what is a good thing because it draws more fans and ur fans know exactly when u release

  13. Heironymus

    Um, yeah I’m aware of that. I’m not exactly a webcomic newbie. Though with the advent of things like RSS it’s not quite as needed as it once was.
    Trust me when I say I’m able to update more often because of the non-set schedule. I think it’s preferable to having a set schedule and constantly missing the deadlines.

  14. kybarsfang

    As someone who’s written a series of fanfiction and had his own fanbase before, I completely understand the preference of a non-set schedule. That way there’s no pressure and no disappointment at not meeting the deadline. I know how much that sort of negative energy can completely demolish a project. You write and draw this because it’s fun, and I’d much rather you bring it out on a schedule you’re comfortable with and have the story continue, as opposed to having you feel rushed and stressed and think about abandoning the project altogether.

  15. Summergale

    Uhm, just a heads up – Engie says ‘dispenCer’ in panel six, that should be ‘dispenSer’…. Not a biggie though, I didn’t notice it at first.

  16. Heironymus

    Yeah that’s been pointed out to me. I’ve seen it spelled with a C a lot so I’ve been trying to figure out if it was a legit alternate spelling before I went to the trouble of changing it.

  17. Shiny

    Wait, how did the scouts get back before him if he was on a train?

  18. kybarsfang

    They’re fast runners, and he was stuck on the train from some time after it dropped the new REDs off.

  19. kybarsfang

    Er, that was supposed to be “for some time” not “from some time.” Whoops.

  20. david

    the engi is sleeping in the workshop look at panel 4 you see his bed

  21. fredster the scout

    poor spy all way hurting himself and the medic is scary

  22. fredster the scout

    oh can i add u on steam

  23. Emily

    I don’t know quite why, but I get a bad feeling about this. I guess because we all saw what happened to the poor RED spy when *he* started asking questions of team members who didn’t much like him. I just can’t see this going anywhere good.

  24. neja

    in panel 6: are those nails? 😀
    joined about a week ago, and i am solled to youre work of art!
    you just take your time
    (today is mah birthday btw xD)

  25. JeKo

    do i win?

  26. Shiny


    Other than wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

  27. speedgrab

    i found a funny in the name..
    take all the A’s out of it and see what it spells

  28. CZh

    there are bucketfuls of nails