77- Really, Scout? Ya think?
October 19th, 2009

77- Really, Scout? Ya think?

The pacing on this page came out a little faster than I wanted, but I get the impression that most readers won’t really care.


  1. balath

    Wow, Kytri, one heavy hit after another.

    Bracing for comment storm.

  2. rogue-noob

    Wow… Spy really is kinda thick huh?

  3. River

    And the red scoot is left in the dust.

    -Waits patiently for moar- :3

  4. death_101


    i now love you more than ever…..


  5. Pyrotechnicality

    fuck yes, it’s about time. Also, damn… wow… just… wow. Pyro is pleased this scene went as I kind of imagined it would. And yet I was still left in pleased shock XD

  6. Jamhot

    I love Scout’s expression in the second panel :)
    This page made me smile a stupid amount

  7. Kate

    And no, I don’t care ’bout the fast pace. Seems like that’s how it would go about anyway. (Scout is a scout after all)

  8. Nicotine Dragon

    Aww, I wanna give Scout a hug; I adore his facial expressions. I agree with Kate, I think he’d rush through something he’s uncomfortable with.

    Laced fingers for the win.

  9. Jelao

    Hmmm. Problem is I think I would like Bleu on the bottom, and i just cant see that with scout.

  10. Dani Atkinson

    It never OCCURRED to…. I… you… Look, Jordi, I know we readers are filthy minded fujoshi who would have seen it even if it WASN’T there, but seriously, you’re supposed to be in intelligence!

  11. sonya

    aww spy with his obliviousness and his baggy eyes and silly tan lines, what a character hehe. this comic is great.

  12. Dananew1

    Ahaha, I was waiting for this. C:< But Pyo is still MY one true love~ xD

  13. ReaperClamp

    OMG OMG O-M-G!!!
    This is the best page ever! Now the only page that will make me feel complete, is where Bleu confesses his love too! OMG I CAN’T WAIT! Please update soon, don’t leave me hanging!

  14. monster

    *fall over*
    i can’t speak.

  15. Littoria


    (I just died. Of utter joy.)

  16. Muffinbuster

    I think the pacing was fast the first time through, but that was probably caused by my excitement to get this read.

    The second time I read it, I thought that the speed was good.

  17. The Prime Minister of Sinister

    saw it coming, but it’s about time.
    now it’s going to be awkward between spy and scout for a while

  18. abadidea

    Congrats kiddo, but isn’t he a little old for you?

  19. MadNinjaGirl

    This page…. It is delishuz! D: *goes into joygasm coma*

  20. DoomTrout

    Agree 100% with Kate! FUCKING FINALLY!!!! Been waiting forEVER! Love how scout is so nervous and Bleu so clueless

  21. Sleepy_Eyes



  22. Anon

    D’awww, Jeremy’s finally come out to Jordi. I always knew this’d happen soon. Jordi’ll probably need some time to adjust to his new perspective of his friend.

  23. JeKo

    YES. YES SCOUT! ^^ FINALLY! GAWWWD SOO CUTE! lol im on the phone and i squeeled at my friend who reads it but she cant get to a computer just yet πŸ˜‰ too bad for her!!!!

  24. JeKo

    i’m sorry in advance for this next comment; i want to see buttsecks… O.o

  25. RE

    And if this was a shoujo manga, there would have been gazillion pages after that last interruption, full of more interruptions and comical misunderstandings.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  26. Kim Martin

    Sweet! I love the finger twining in panel 3, you think spy would have clued in then. I can’t wait to see their first kiss

  27. AnnilyLF

    Gleeeeeee. πŸ˜€ Poor scared Scout, I just wanna squeeze him until he makes chew toy noises.

  28. Lyraxis

    OMG did scout just do what i think?! FINALLY!! Im happy now ^^

  29. Ionescu


    Woah. Kinda execpted that, but so soon? lol

    Poor Redscoot. :( What’s gonna become of him?

  30. Pesky

    BLU Spy isn’t one of my favorite characters…… Then again neither is BLU Scout. But even I have to admit that they are kinda cute….. *Twitches*

  31. Loviatar

    …I literally started crying. Wtf.

  32. wll


  33. Fancypants


    oh god I can imagine the jot of slowly building up a fictional relationship between two characters and then executing it and watch as your entire fancrowd goes “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES”.

    Just because of that I’d like to say it again:

  34. Keeva

    I just found out I’m over my overdraft, I have no money and my student loan has still not arrived. Today is a bad day.

    Then I saw this and it made me grin like a lunatic. Thanks, Kytri.

  35. Ari

    Aww yay C: he finally told him.

  36. tooth

    Even though I secretly think James is cuter (but only just!), I am both pleased and amused by these developements and eagerly await the next page with baited breath. Keep up the good work, old chap!

    PS Does this mean no more bad homophobic insults? :(
    PPS Oh god, I hope this doesn’t mean Jeremy’s for the chop…!

  37. Cori Z

    I “d’aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww”ed at so much of this. >w< First the holding hands, then Bleu sayin' he could never hate Scout, then the hugs and Blue leaving Scout with some hope… So cute!

    Then I read the comments, and now am a little terrified BLU Scout's next to die. But after going back and reading it again, I THEN noticed the title, and started giggling like an idiot. XD

  38. TheBobIsComing

    I literaly squealed when i saw there was an update and read the page faster than u can say ΓΌber cuteness! :O πŸ˜€
    wooT its about time scout!!

  39. yazo

    MANLY MAN HUGS! ^.^ i love this pages just full of “awww’s” x3

  40. Yoshis

    i didn’t notice the intertwining fingers until i read some people mentioning it and -gasp- he didn’t realize it at that point :p
    but it doesnt feel rushed much if at all, also because for the most part you know that whats not there is mostly just going to be them being there silently x3

  41. Roa

    Fuuuuuuuuck yeah! I’ve been waiting so long for this… panel 10 is my favorite thing ever right now.

  42. Arty Foul

    *Has heart attack*

    I thought this would never happen!

    But awesome! Many hugs ahead! Woot….!?

    Wait, what about Red Scout?

    Ah, poor chicken lover.

    Anyways, keep these coming! GREAT job!


  43. FearlessDead

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented, but I figure this warrants something.

    *fist pump* WOOHOO!

  44. Anon

    Oh god, this anon . . . this anon believes she sees what is going to happen. Fff. For those of you who don’t care, read on ahead.

    BLU scout is going to be killed by the new RED spy, before Bleu has a chance to profess his love or anything. But then again, we’ll have RED scout to cheer us up . . . right? Heartbreaking tale of sadness is go!

    We’ll see in a few comics’ time.

  45. Live Grenade

    Ten bucks says the scout dies.

  46. Sleepy_Eyes

    Well, after recovering from my initial happy spasm and regaining use of my mental fculties, I can’t help but feel….a bit of foreboding. I don’ think scout will die, personally….but damn if something bad isn’t going to happen. Bad bad.

    I can feeeeel it in mah bones.

  47. Veitstanz

    I really like how the Scout doesn’t say the obligatory “I THINK I LOVE YOU”.

  48. Moncomb


  49. Lyraxis

    I had a dream about this comic last night… X3 Does that mean something or am i just too grazy about this? <:O

  50. Momowoo

    This is officially one of my favorite strips.

    I have a love and hate relationship with this comic, so I’m thinking that something bad will happen. Like Jeremy gets killed. Then there will be many many angst.

    If nothing happens, I will cry of happiness/get bored.

    Oh god I’m so afraid Ahahaha.

  51. SiSeNxx

    I would’ve rather Bleu ended up with RED Scout (I just think he’s cuter/they’d make a cuter pair) this is all kinds of adorable <3
    Go BLU Scout go! Make that man your oooown~!

  52. phoenix_monster

    Fingers are always a problem to me. I like the way you draw them. It’s like you can actually feel where those lines should belong. I wanna do that, too. *sigh*

  53. self

    Ok yeah with everyone else going ‘forboding forboding oh shit bad stuff’s gonna happen’, it feels this way too. You better not kill off Scout. You better not AT ALL. Or I will go vengeful BLU Sniper on you. Because I don’t see any way it would further the plot than getting fans to cry. ‘kay?

  54. self

    Also I forgot to say: HELL YES GO SCOUT. Finally!

  55. Alligator

    saw it coming. mile away.

  56. Veitstanz

    @Alligator: O RLY?!

  57. Emily

    Well, who can blame Jordi for not thinking that Jeremy might be into him? Handsome guy with a certain urbane, pensive sweetness about him, who’d ever fancy *that*?

    Just found this comic, and it’s fantastic. It actually made me think there’s more to the game than there is–I’m not much of a gamer, someone linked me here from a more general-interest-geekery board. So I read the whole archive in an hour or two, went and looked TF2 up on TV Tropes expecting more like what you’ve written, and was like “that… “that’s *it?*”

  58. Jequita (JeKo)


    Anyway: If you kill Jeremy… i don’t know what i’ll do. You wouldn’t. Or is it just all these other people putting things into my head?
    Then again when he said “Guy’s probably all talk.”, it was kind of foreboding…
    probably just a near-death experience will happen… right? *squeelz*

  59. self

    also i forgot to mention: bad homophobic insults’ll probably stay; if he stays in the closet around others, in fact he’ll probably amplify them to be like “Have I mentioned I’m heterosexual today, and you are a fag?”. Unless he comes out to them too, at which point the insults will probably stop.

  60. wll

    Just read this page for the fifth time, and it still made me go “awwww!!”

  61. tes

    Just read this entire comic in about 2 hours (I couldn’t stop!). I was crying over Red Spy about 5 minutes ago, so this is a gorgeous thing to cheer me up!! Squee <3

  62. Alranth

    makes me so happy. So incredibly happy. I’ve been grinning all day, even though I stayed up until 6 AM reading this last night.


  63. Lightin-up-ya-skies

    -sighs- thats so SWEET xDDD
    D8 is that a tear i see in panel 8!
    =w= i think Spy should be beat with paddles (xD) for his obliviousness

  64. Kris

    awwwwwwwwwww i love this alot its so cute :3

  65. Dave

    Hey, can you stand to leave both of these characters alive, now?
    It’s not in the tradition of tragedy, I know, but I just want more of them being themselves now that these truths are out in the open… and congrats on your storytelling for that!

  66. Kim Martin

    I can’t wait for the next comic, really I can’t.

  67. AnnilyLF

    The 10th panel is still the cutest thing ever.

    NOW WHEN DO WE GET A NEW PAGE!? ;_; I wanna know what happens next and it’s been aaaageeeessss.

  68. Heironymus

    Sorry, I am working on it. I’m hoping to finish the pencils tonight.
    I’ve just been a little depressed lately and it’s killed my creativity.

  69. Fish

    This is ridiculously brilliant. I never even played tf2, but i’m completely in love with this comic, particularly with the characters. They’re wonderful with all their little idiosyncrasies that make them so organic and easy to sympathize with and care about.

    Only thing I’m a little DDD: about is my theory that Spy’s monologue mirrors that of ex-Red Medic’s videos or ex-Blue Sniper’s diary and… ;A;

  70. wll

    I don’t know if it’ll make you feel any better, but you’ve got fan who’s been anxiously checking your work at least seven times every day for about a week now.
    Hope you feel better in the morning

  71. Roa

    Ahhh, same as wll. Been checking this obsessively, because you’ve done a wonderful job with it, and I hope that if you’re having any problems in life or otherwise that it all gets sorted out. And they usually do, you know! ;D

  72. (: Abbey was ere :)

    *Shiffle* that is so BEAUTFUL. i onder how pyro is binging *Shiftie eyes*

  73. (: Abbey was ere :)

    i mean wonder *Band head*

  74. monster

    well we’re all waiting patiently (some not so much)
    hope you feel better.

  75. AnnilyLF

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Hiero, I’ll wait a little more patiently while hoping you get better. :)

  76. david

    were is the new comic we’re waiting

  77. fredster the scout

    omg poor scout then i bust thought the door and go omg

  78. Yoshis

    D: i hope your days get less depressing 😑 i’ll…. wait another week if that’s what it takes xD -after that week then im assuming i’d start compulsing lol

  79. UberKatt

    Hope you feel better Heiro. I would suggest not rushing or forcing yourself on the comic. Your effort and time show through your art and I would love to see it stay on the level you have it at. (Plus some fans would probably be dicks and point out small tiny errors and bitch about how late it was anyway)

    Anyways, love the comic, love, love, love, Jeremy and I will contently ignore the massive pit in my stomach that is screaming ‘THERE’S GONNA BE A BAD ENDING DON’T GET HOPEFUL’

  80. Woof

    eigth panel. lovelovelovelovelove

  81. Shota

    I keep giggling when I read this. ;w;

  82. Victoria

    ha! i knew it! lol

  83. CZh

    don’t tell me everyone’s a gay…

  84. Super scout 827

    I feel like I just got hit in the gut with a sandman

  85. Shao

    Oh my goodness how long have they been away from WOMEN

  86. cupcakehat

    Kiss him you fool, There will never be a better time.

  87. Remi

    Oh wow…there is no good tf2 fan comic out there where no one is gay…not that I hate gays. It just feels uncomfortable 😐

  88. michael

    ……scout is gay for spy. WELL I COULD HAVE GUESSED THAT XD!

  89. Grovyneer

    Naruto just needed to talk to Jordi is all.