Oh hey Sniper, haven’t seen you in a while.

Also since people keep asking, and I’m getting a little tired of repeating myself: THE NEW SPY IS BASQUE! That’s why his accent is weird. And yes Basque country is technically part of Spain, but Rojo doesn’t identify himself as a Spaniard and takes offence at being called one. It is a subtle but important distiction.

Also also, here’s a short list of characters’ real names since people keep asking and I’ve added a couple. None of them will show up in the comic except maybe Bleu’s. They’re not important to the story really.

BLU: Spy-Jordi Bertrand, Scout- Jeremy, Sniper- Liam

RED: Spy(deceased)- Gabriele or Gabry for short, Spy(new)- Miguel, Scout- James, Engineer- Robert, Medic(new)- Anton

red Pyro has also been named Khalil via fanfic by Hupsoonheng on TF2chan.