75- Campfire
October 6th, 2009

75- Campfire

Oh hey Sniper, haven’t seen you in a while.

Also since people keep asking, and I’m getting a little tired of repeating myself: THE NEW SPY IS BASQUE! That’s why his accent is weird. And yes Basque country is technically part of Spain, but Rojo doesn’t identify himself as a Spaniard and takes offence at being called one. It is a subtle but important distiction.

Also also, here’s a short list of characters’ real names since people keep asking and I’ve added a couple. None of them will show up in the comic except maybe Bleu’s. They’re not important to the story really.

BLU: Spy-Jordi Bertrand, Scout- Jeremy, Sniper- Liam

RED: Spy(deceased)- Gabriele or Gabry for short, Spy(new)- Miguel, Scout- James, Engineer- Robert, Medic(new)- Anton

red Pyro has also been named Khalil via fanfic by Hupsoonheng on TF2chan.


  1. Pyrotechnicality

    Aw Sniper gave bleu a hug…. Poor Liam…

    I am enjoying this new page very much

  2. Ari

    Lotsa hugs for Liam D: *hughug*

  3. MadNinjaGirl

    I love this page so much. ; _ ; Panels 8 to 10 made me cry. Dammit, Kytri!!! Stop affecting me so much!!! *sob* Gabry…..

  4. River

    I feel so bad for Liam. ; A; I want Gabry back still. ><

  5. sonya

    =D =D =D I love your comic

  6. monster!

    i’m really glad sniper doesn’t blame bleu for what happened to red. i still prefer to use their not real names because i’m lame like that.

    i love your comic. keep it up?

  7. tooth

    Seeing Gabry’s jacket on the spade like that = actual physical pain. Ow, ow, ow…
    But in other news, Editor’s lead singer confirmed for Bleu? Oh, if only his nose was bigger!

  8. thorin

    when i read that the new spy was basque i LOL´d (wow the spy is a compatriot!).
    But maybe it is better if he call itself Mikel (Miguel in Basque, just i suggest).

  9. Plain

    I am more depressed than when Gabry first died.

  10. JeKo

    Poor sniper ;^; he looks so sad i wamnt to huggle him!!! D: *cries*

  11. Littoria

    Stop making me cry! Panels 9 and 10 hurt SO BAD! D:

    Can Liam kill the new spy? I mean I know he’s had his revenge technically, but I want him to go apeshit on that jerk.

  12. Wing-Kiu

    So that’s where his tie went!

    Didn’t know the new spy was into that sort of thing.

  13. Muffinbuster

    Great page, but I think the landscape got a bit wonky on panels 8 and 9. The grave is in front of and to the left of Liam in 7 and 8, but goes behind him in 9.

    This new spy could be a nice beginning…

  14. Rogue-noob

    Hi I was wondering how often you update? Once a week,more,less I’m new to reading this comic and I’m not really sure.

  15. Heironymus

    It varies I upload every page as soon as it’s finished. Usually it takes about a week.

    @Muffinbuster, ah, you caught on to my grave location continuity errors, oops.

  16. Rogue-noob

    thanks ^_^ I was not sure.

  17. NinesTempest

    oh god I just remembered what basque means LOL and I’ve been to Spain.

    They have a weird language.

  18. JeKo

    I went to that link, tooth. The guy looks more like Liam than Jordi.
    Gee, I like to use real names. ^^ It makes me feel so… nerdy! 😀 haha

  19. Anon

    Miguel seems a right twat. I just hope Anton doesn’t become as sadistic as him.

    Jordi and Jeremy sure have their work cut out for them…

  20. jerry

    im pretty shure that theres a song on youtube that fits the new red spy perfecty

  21. hupsoonheng

    screech of excitement, etc


  22. jerry

    Khalil? well thank you….Hupsoonheng on TF2chan… what about old red sniper blu sodider, pyro, heavy, engie, medic and demo

  23. Shelly

    James, Robert and Liam? Well, you’ve just named all my cousins!

    And like so many others, panels 8 – 10 broke my heart

  24. Pesky

    So….. Where is the new RED Spy from again? XD

  25. david

    Ye Miguel your a dick respect for Jeremy

  26. Lyraxis

    Snipe needs a REALY big hug /

  27. Wolf

    Wait, is it possible to just stay on the train, when it leaves that place? I mean, what if Blu Spy was knocked out for longer period of time, a day, for example? Would he just… leave?
    Or did I forgot something?

  28. Heironymus

    Well he’d end up wherever the train goes after that, so yes.

  29. Sleepy_Eyes

    Yup, Miguel’s a dick. This has been stated, and by god, it shall be stated again. My heart goes out to poor Liam. Just….baw. Baaaaaaaw.

    Okay, distracting myself from the angst for a moment, I really love the name Jordi. Good grief, yes. :3 It fits bluespy perfectly!

  30. TheBobIsComing

    in my imaginary tf2 world the medics name is Anton as well!!
    xD i guess its a good generic German name hu?
    good work exelent plot.
    cant w8 for the next one!!

  31. The Prime Minister of Sinister

    Ohh… The red spy used the blu spys tie to tie his hands

  32. Wolf


    It’s also a Russian name.
    I guess NewMedic will get along with Heavy nicely. :)

  33. Balath

    You’re not allowed to punch me for puns anymore. You’ve now made me far sadder than I’ve ever made you.

  34. Mika

    God, wonderful.

    By the way, is it only me who can’t get on tf2chan?

  35. D3m11

    Sniper is SO CUTE! He really needs a big hug!<3

  36. Heironymus

    No, TF2chan is down for everyone.

    And Travis you can’t revoke my punching privileges, this is totally different from your puns.

  37. Snifflles

    Gabry had dead ringer?

  38. fredster the scout

    oh can the blu pyro be called frederick or fred

  39. Live Grenade

    Hm… I wonder if the comic’s title being Spanish and the new red spy being Hispanic are related? Just out of curiosity.

  40. Jazikun

    Anton the Medic. >///< Eeee! Such a handsome name for him! Love your art and style for your comic! Very unique.

  41. Beki

    @Snifflles: seconded. come back nao pls red spai.

  42. Moncomb

    Haha, I’m actually surprised there’s not an uglier burn from the cigarette. And it’s cute that both scouts have J names. :)

    Late on the sad bandwagon, but I gotta second the sentiment about panels 8-10 anyway.

  43. Shiny

    The grave didn’t move, they are simply so sad that the world is fuzzy. Like alchohol. Is Jordi gonna drink the “paint remover” again?

  44. FuckingAnnoyingScout

    Wait, the Blu Pyro doesn’t have a name? D:
    I hereby dub him Alex.

  45. Leaxi

    Scout, dont be takin’ my main chick’s ideas now.

  46. cupcakehat

    3 manly hugs so far. KEEM EM’ COMIN’!

  47. paige

    oohh…poor liam.. he had to burry his lover :(

  48. moviemaker86

    Caption on panel #3…biggest understatement in the entire comic. 😀

  49. Grovyneer

    I don't know if the introductions will be smooth though