66- Pickle Thief
August 27th, 2009

66- Pickle Thief

Yeah I’ve run out of gay slurs and had to start making them up.

I finished this page really fast so I’m gonna go ahead and upload it. I guess it went faster because there’s not that many colors in a lot of these panels. Also it’s weird to have to have drawn pinstripes for Red but not Bleu.


  1. Lolly

    “Pickle thief” shouldn’t have made me laugh so hard as it did.

    ANYWAYS–I’ll admit that RED giving a peck to Bleu was an awesome touch D:> TOO CUTE

  2. AnnilyLF

    I agree with everything Lolly said. The shocked look on Bleu’s face was just adorable. And it should be ILLEGAL for Red to be so sexy, case in point, panel 5.

    P.S. Cockfag and fagballs are still my favorite Scout slurs. 😀

  3. MadNinjaGirl

    *squeeeeeeeeeeee* Slowly … Becoming…. Fan….. of Red Spy… Ahhhhhhhhh! >//////< This page is made of so much awesome and win than no words can ever hope to describe it! Also……. PICKLE THIEF! XD

  4. Fearlessdead

    Oh. My. Freakin’ God!

    Pickle thief! My sister was sitting next to me when I cracked up and I’m pretty sure she now thinks I’m completely retarded.

    And Scout is so abusive! My goodness!

  5. PhoenixFish

    Ah man, I can’t decide if Red’s smooch or the hair stroking is my favorite C:

    And hearing someone shout out ‘Pickle Thief’ along with the ‘Fwapt’ went very smoothly in my mind XD

  6. Plain

    Some slurs I found after an odd amount of digging: fudge-packer, clay-digger, toe-toucher, fruitcake, and, even some “girly” gay names would probably work, like dyke, butch, or lipstick. Use what you will. In the mean time, I lol’d heartily at pickle thief.

    Sniper might have found out about the little smooch and is displeased with Bleu, I don’t know. Either way, he’s such a cutie when he’s all >:|… which is all the time.

    @Fealessdead: He’s not abusive, he’s worried. There’s a difference. 😛

  7. Kate

    FFF Last Panel Bleu looks awesooome. The whole page does, really.

  8. Yoshis

    this is when we are all supposed to tell scout to confess <3
    and this is why i check this daily ;3 im all mmm <3 for every new page, so yay for fast ones 😀 thanks kytri x3

  9. moon of lilith

    ah, can’t you feel the love?

  10. Miranda

    Love trouble with bluSniper/redSpy?

  11. Paint

    And nobody is wtfing yet at the fact that Scout was watching Bleu sleep?


  12. Sean

    Bwah hah hah. Pickle thief. I shouldn’t giggle, but I did. So many bad turns of phrase available here…

    Also, is that intel case full of cameras or something? I’m not sure what those are.

  13. Quill

    @Paint: My impression was that Bleu was sleeping and Scout walked in and woke him up, not that Scout sat and watched him. The watching-people-sleep is firmly in my mental “creepy things” category, but being woken up by people with whom one shares living space is a normal part of life. Being woken up by your team’s Scout by him shouting homophobic slurs at you and manhandling you is unique to Bleu, I hope, and is not something I see as terrifically romantic.

    Bleu’s expression in panel three is wonderful. I second most of Plain’s suggestions, though I see dyke and butch as masculine terminology (usually directed at women). Nancy, princess, or other feminine terms might work too.

    @Fearlessdead: I’m going to say that abusive behavior is harming those one supposedly cares about in significant ways, or manipulating their lives/impairing their ability to function. Red may be harmful, but I am not sure if it’s significant harm (since Bleu has healed from the latest Red!Sniper thing already). While Red!Spy may well be manipulating or lying to Bleu, I am not convinced it’s reached the level of control or suffering associated with abuse. If it did, this comic would get way darker.

  14. kybarsfang

    Ha, pickle thief! Genius!

    As a gay man, I approve and will use this now. *goes to change Steam Name*

  15. Youjo

    @Paint I the nightmare was so bad he was probably yelling and panicking to the point were he was heard.

    Anyway ,good page… but next time you an idiot to make up your own slur, i suggest you let it go.

    Am i the only person that isn’t so “disattacted by how “sexy” the characters are?

  16. Youjo

    I retract my earlier comment. Thank you, Quill. (this window was sitting here for hours ,in my own defense.)

  17. Obsidian

    For some reason I’m in love with Bleu’s face in panel 9. I think it might be the nose.

    But I swear, is that fire some child related incident, and his like, family died or something or other? Just shooting an arrow into the air here.

  18. phoenix_monster

    Red spy is sooooooo handsome…. ^_____^

  19. Pesky

    Awwww….. Does BLU Sniper seem to be jealous about the little kiss that RED Spy gave BLU Spy?

  20. Jequita

    hahaha third panel!! xD I’m really hyper so the ‘pickle thief’ thing, although dumb (in a good way) was reallyyyyy funny *LOL*

  21. Caper

    *Dreams flames then woken up to getting slapped by the scout* PICKLETHEIF!

  22. Fennic

    Pickle-thief is an awesome word. And I think my favourite part is how shocked and violated bleu looks when red kisses him. Poor BLU. Everyone wants to touch him.

  23. Fennic

    Oh, and I’ve been slapped awake from a nightmare by someone who lived in a shared house with me before. She heard me shouting and thrashing and came into my room thinking something terrible had happened. Unfortunately, when she started shaking me she was inadvertently joining in with the people grabbing at me in the dream and I sleep-slapped her – so she slapped me right back, waking me up. Good times.

  24. fredster the scout

    i say pickle thief to my bro now

  25. elpatto

    The ‘n’ from “thrashin around ‘n’ shit” looks like a little sad face. It is adorable.

  26. cupcakehat

    bitch slap! 😀

  27. FuckingAnnoyingScout

    Scout should say Fagbag. At least once.

  28. CoolRedDude

    Lol I bet snipers jealous of Bleu >w< Cute

  29. Grovyneer

    Pickle Theif? Really?