56- Neither of them know anything about cameras.
June 13th, 2009

56- Neither of them know anything about cameras.

I just drove to the mall so I could buy a new thumb drive because I need one to update the site. The last one bricked itself, asshole.

ETA oh and if you don’t watch my DA there’s a couple of photos of me dressed as a Spy here and here.


  1. Foxhack / Kit Sniper

    … Is that a pervy look in Red Spy’s eyes? o_o

  2. Yoshis

    <3 fighting over spy
    and you remembered that this site didnt get the spy outfit :3

  3. Lolly

    LMFAO at title! XDDD

  4. Dani Atkinson

    To settle this, RED Spy is going to suggest that the two scouts wrestle in mud. Best two out of three.

  5. tunamuffin

    lol. I love the look on RED spy’s face.
    And both Scoots are adorable!

  6. The King in Yellow

    The look on Scout’s face in the tenth panel is hysterical. He’s all like “Back off, bitch!”

    The last panel made me crack up. Sniper looks like a surprised old granny, and Spy is… well, Spy.

  7. AnnilyLF

    lmfao, Red Spy has this Neil Patrick Harris-esque “GIRL FIGHT WOOHOO” look in his eyes xD I enjoy this page way too much.

  8. SiSeNxx

    Scootfight = CUTEST THING EVER.

  9. Camwyn

    man, if that’s not *exactly* what AnnilyLF said goin’ on in that last panel, I’ll be very surprised.

  10. Kate

    OH MY….. THE LAST PANEL. Oh That had me laughing for quite a while.
    RED spy is just so excited and mixed with Sniper’s face. Oh that’s priceless.

  11. Kate

    Also, Scout’s taking non-smiling classes with Spy as a teacher.

  12. Youjo

    After getting over how much of a PIMP BLUSpy is i noticed…

    BLUScout’s mic is down ,and REDScout’s mic is it. Is it possible BLU team heard all of that?

    Ok, now back to PIMPINGNESS!

    Yes, I think REDSpy making some suggestions on how they should fight over BLUSpy is in order! Something nice ,and perverted. FANSERVICEPLEASE!

  13. Lord D

    Both Scouts just need to kiss and make up… preferably in a bed with Blu Spy…

    And Red Spys smile just made me laugh…

  14. Fearlessdead

    Oh. My. God. This page made me laugh SO hard! The last three panels are PRICELESS! XD

  15. BelleDraco

    Oh, boy… Looks like RedSpy is liking where this is going… I think I do too!

  16. Plain

    Oh wow. I THINK THE KIDS NEED TO BE PUT IN TIME-OUT. Seriously, how old do they think they are? In the next to last panel, I think Bleu knows he’s going to be the one to put them there, too. Aaaand now I got a mental image in my head and it’s concreting the nickname “Mama Blue” forever..

  17. Littoria

    last three panels made my night.

  18. Pesky

    Oh God! Youjo is right! BLU Scout’s mike IS down! I wonder if BLU Team heard all that or if they even care…. I could picture them secretly placing bets as to which Scout would win…. Well…. Except for Soldier…. He’s just bat shit insane…. He’d probably just want to blow everyone up!

  19. Charshy

    … okay so now I stalked you here, mostly because I don’t have to fag up TF2chan anymore than I already do.

    I was re-reading the whole thing through (:D) and since these guys bring up the fact the Scouts’ mics are in different positions… I can’t help but think of the Dilbert analogy of tie down = low confidence/libido, tie up = HELLO!

    … BLU Scout gonna get alpha male’d out the equation by RED Scout? ;D

  20. AnnilyLF


    Also, I wouldn’t think it really matters what position the mics are in, they can’t be on 24/7… imagine what embarassing things everyone would hear otherwise.

    … Ohhhh wait… that could be a good fic… >:D

  21. MadNinjaGirl

    Oh god! I’ve just finished reading this. XD And I’ve gotta say that its absolutely freakin’ brilliant! I mean… The plot is very interesting, hell, I was even dissapointed a little bit at the end when I realized that there were only 56 pages. XP Oooh, I cant wait for the continuation. Xo The characters are awesome too! I just wanna tackleglomp the BLU Spy! XD And give BLU Pyro a hug. And molest the BLU Scout. Heheh… Okay, that was a bit too much, but seriously, keep up the great work! πŸ˜€ Hee-hee, I hope that Spy and Blu Scout end up together! XD

  22. Pesky

    LOL I love how BLU Spy just kinda ducks and covers….

  23. Wolfe

    Smart engi is so cute. πŸ˜›

  24. Woof

    Instead of just wrestling in mud (in direction to Dani’s comment), the two scoots will wrestle in mud wearing /only/ boxers.

  25. spahsappinmahawesome

    xD I’m in love with Peep…and REDscout looks so pervy…

  26. Lovey

    Love this page, and the tons of comments it got, too xD

  27. paige

    lawl! red and blu scout are at each others necks and gabes like “yes” XD

  28. Jazhmyn

    Man, I so want Red as my Steam avatar….

  29. TurretFodder

    Why is it the Reaction Guys meme pops into my head every time I see Gabry in the last panel?

  30. Grovyneer

    Naruto vs Hot Shot Who will win? stay tuned.