Another wallpaper art.

Obligatory link to the wallpapers page.

I have one more to do before I’m caught up with the donations I’ve recieved. Mad thanks to everyone who’s donated so far.  I can’t believe how generous people can be.

This is the first time I’ve colored any of the Cuanta Vida characters with  markers. It was difficult but I think it came out okay.

Funny I’ve been getting a few referrers from  TF2 related forums and there’s nearly always someone who complains about the comic being super gay and/or yaoi and/or fetishy.  Then I realized as I was uploading this that it’s kind of fanservice.  My fanservice is scandalous man hugs :3c  The other funny thing is that in TF2 comic threads they’ll post Cuanta Vida but not any of the stand alone strips I did before I started this.


  1. Syferix

    OMG. This is now my wallpaper and will be for a /long/ time. Yay blue scoot/spy <3

    This reminds me that I need to donate…

  2. Yoshis

    😮 i wonder if this has referance to…
    xP i wish i could donate :[ but my parents dont trust the internet Dx

  3. Plain

    Makes me happy I decided to empty out my Paypal to you. (Sorry it wasn’t a lot… I would have given more if I could…)

  4. Red

    Yeeeah, I’ve shown this to a few of my straight guy friends who play/have played TF2 and they were turned off by it being vaguely homo, but I suppose they aren’t really your demographic anyway. XD I enjoy your comic and your art…can’t wait for more! :)

  5. Laraanita

    It’s my background too! And I do like your other comics too :3

  6. Culture

    If it’s any consolation, I am a heterosexual male and I quite enjoy your comic.

  7. Zemyx

    Pfft. Sure there’s gay yaoi stuff in it, but that doesn’t mean it’s still interesting and funny and awesome and made of epic win.
    It looks really pretty in markers. :3 It’s really nice. I’d donate, but I don’t have a credit card and don’t know how to work the internet. T-T
    Stand alone strips…Those TF2 Shenanigan things? Those were so cute! :3 The germaphobic Pyro one is my favorite. <3

  8. Seiber

    I’m amused at how it’s “super gay” despite having one actual gay relationship in the entire comic. The rest is just homoerotic cuddly hugs, and you know no one would complain if, say, Red Spy was a girl.

  9. Max

    I link here on forums and tend to say “it’s massively gay but really awesome”. But I still like it and I’ve gotten some other people reading it, and I’m sure some people check it out just for teh ghey, so it’s not all that bad.

  10. gutted

    Meh, I always thought about this as a yaoi comic that focused more on story than on relationships.

  11. KamakaziSparow

    In agreence with Culture, I too am a heterosexual male, and I too find the comic to be awesome. Those who hate it for “gayness” just need to get more comfortable with themselves to be honest.

  12. Pesky

    OMG This is a Yaoi?! Run away to save you souls!!!!! LOL Just kidding…. This is about as Yaoi as the game itself….

  13. Remi

    Well I’m straight and I actually enjoy this comic very much. Just gets weird when they all start hugging and wat not *.* maybe one of them could actually turn out not being fruitty? No offense to those who are you know it just feels weird with me reading something I enjoy and everyone being in the closet lawl