40- He’s just a guy who says that I am the one.
March 11th, 2009

40- He’s just a guy who says that I am the one.

Apologies to Charshy and Sarah for practically lifting part of this conversation from their RP based on this comic. (it’s A: porn B: awesome and C: on TF2chan if you wanna read it). It wasn’t so much intentional as me writing it out and then going “that’s kinda the same as the RP… but that is what they’d say.”

I also thought for a while if Scout’s reaction in the last panel was too sudden, then I remembered that it’s Scout. He barely needs a reason to hurt Spy.


  1. Laraanita

    Wow, the last panel is simply great, Scout just looks so upset, and I bet Spy still doesn’t realise!

  2. Youjo

    Where on TF2 chan is it? Did you draw the porn ,or is it in text?

    Details plz.

  3. Heironymus

    It’s in the chatlogs, and its text. I had nothing to do with making the RP.

  4. syferix

    Oh god. Best thing to read at 6am while at work.

    Poor scoot.


    Awesome as always <3

  5. Plain

    …I THOUGHT the scene seemed familiar. Hehe I bet they’re proud of themselves about now.

    Anyway, great job. 😀 Poor Scout, he’s got his hopes dashed, and poor Spy. He’s always so abused. D:

  6. Yoshis

    all i can say is ahhhh <3 yay for quickness :3 xD
    -has obsessive compulsions for more O.o-

  7. Zemyx

    I love the first words out of Scout’s mouth once Spy finishes his story-telling moment. (I still anticipate seeing Blu Scout meet Red, ’cause that sounds like it would be fun.) And the ‘Oh’ there too. Like he’s disappointed that Spy isn’t gay. XD
    And of course, closet comment is funny too. I lol-ed at that one. And Spy looks nice in the first panel there. Dunno why. He just does. Seventh panel sounds like a TV drama. But in a good way.
    I love this comic forever. And ever.

  8. The King in Yellow

    *?’s Spy’s nose*

  9. The King in Yellow

    Sorry, typo. I love the noses in this comic. Not that I have an obsession with noses or anything, it’s just rare that you see a character make a long, hooked nose look dead sexy.

  10. Shiny

    it just occurred to me, don’t spies get hot in those mask things?

    what, with the pyros after them, and the three piece suit And the latex mask AND the smoking, the spies of tf2 should be BBQ.

  11. cupcakehat


  12. michael