Some sketches

I was stranded at my parents’ house for a good portion of the day yesterday. So I scribbled. Some of these sketches I like, some of them I don’t, but I went ahead and scanned the whole page.
Except for Spy and Scout in the bottom left everyone here is from the red team.


  1. Sazzy

    I am loving that RED Spy.

  2. Zemyx

    Wow. 0_0 I can see why Sniper likes Red now. He looks freaking awesome under that mask.
    Those are some awesome sketches. Red Scout and Soldier look kinda cute, Sniper looks cool, and Red is just plain awesome.

  3. Hnilmik

    @@; They’re ALL made of luuuuurrrvvveee~ I wanted to patpat the PeepPeep on RED Scout’s head, I wanted to huggle BLU Spy and BLU Scout, and I wanted to tackle everyone else for the hell of it (Har har, Pyro… Ignus Solus). I couldn’t stop staring at RED Spy though. They say the Spy is of unknown Western European origin, so BLU covers France-ish and RED covers Spain-ish… At least, according to popular assumption. Them and their multi-lingual skills… Yay for different facial structures to distinguish the characters apart! BLU Spy reminds me of a sad Linguini from Ratatouille~

  4. Youjo

    It would be nice if you got more into that side. There’s no different until you put them into motion ,like you have the BLU team.

  5. Pesky

    The BLU dudes are so cute!

  6. Lyraxis

    How long did it take u to draw that??? Becoase that a one cool looking paper…

  7. Shiny

    The red soldier looks much less crazy than the blu one.