26- Like a cornish game hen
January 5th, 2009

26- Like a cornish game hen

Finally I get to draw Red Scout again.
I feel like there’s not much happening on this page, I guess because it’s neither an action scene nor is there a lot of dialogue.


  1. Zemyx

    There may not be much action, but it’s so cute! :3 Love the little chicken/duck thing there. Blu team gets the spider, so the Reds get a chicky. (Not quite fair, but adorable nonetheless.)
    I was wondering if we’d ever see Red Scout again. He’s so much nicer than Blu Scout. (Though not quite as entertaining. I will never get over the ‘Gay Queer’ thing. XD ) He’s harder to recognize without the hat, though. But the freckles help. ^_^
    Awesome comic! Thank you! (Can’t wait for the next one! >w< )

  2. Sazzy

    Aaaw! The Chick is so cute.
    It seems like the RED team mates are tanner and have darker attributes to them than the BLU’s ?

    Random comment, have I ever mentioned how much I love the shade of the blue eyes, they’re just so vibrant!

  3. Heironymus

    Funny I hadn’t noticed that the REDs I’d drawn so far are a bit darker in skintone/hair than their BLU counterparts. Maybe I should make some of the ones I haven’t drawn yet lighter to balance it out.

  4. Rosii

    PEEP!!! :)

  5. CZh

    scout scratched his but, i’m amazed there are no comments about that..

  6. Litzana

    Yay for peep!
    I was wondering when RED Scoot would turn up again. He’s just too adorable to be left out.

  7. Grovyneer

    It's Hot Shot! And his pet bird Pidgeotto!