These posts aren’t actually news.

He means in the ass, Spy. In the ASS!

He means in the ass, Spy. In the ASS!

I don’t wanna break up the flow of the story so I’m going to post any extra things as “news.”

Anyway here’s a little bonus comic that’s been stuck in my head for a while, consider this an apology for not having finished the actual next page yet. It’s mostly sketched, so I’ll probably finish it Friday or Saturday.

Anyway this is why these two will mostly likely never get it on.  Also I’d like to point out that Scout’s jumping onto Spy’s desk is fairly impressive, given that Spy’s desk is a rolltop.


  1. Sazzy

    HAHA, that’s freaking awesome.
    Also: You’re one of the most dedicated webcomic-ists (.. it’s not a word) I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hnilmik

    XD Awwww~ Scout is so adorable jumping onto/into rolltop desks~

  3. Zemyx

    Aww! >w< Cute! Thanks for putting something up, even though it’s the holidays and all.
    Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate! ^_^

  4. Laraanita

    D’aaawww, Spy’s so cute when he’s clueless. I wonder what Scout’s response was XD

  5. Sylvie

    OMG I’m glad I decided to visit your site. This is adorable! The persobnalities you gave them. Simply amazing. And Scout is so cute. XD

  6. Pesky

    Yes…. What WAS Scout’s response?

  7. Bionic

    I love their personalities. I love this. Moar.

  8. frenzy

    That LAME! is definitely the best.

  9. Jequita

    I laugh every time i read this xD

  10. Coco

    I just…I giggled so fiercely. And I’m so doing this when my BF has homework to do XDDD

  11. Lyraxis

    LOL! Thats a AWESOME comic! And scout is SO adorable! ^.^ I Love your comics and everything! 😀

  12. TheBobIsComing

    bloody brilliant~~~!!

  13. Fish

    Scout must really want shum if he can rip his t-shirt into two like that. ;D

  14. self

    “I mean in the ass, fagballs! In the ASS!”

  15. JeKo

    oh gawd i didn’t see the shirt-ripping-off until sum1 pointed out to me. O.0

  16. david

    ooh this is getting awkward :p

  17. QQ-incorperated

    ha. last panel.
    genuine confusion of the spy’s face.
    that would be my same reaction. *nudge*

  18. sheep

    doing a story based on this for my schoolwork but with alll the groiss parts taken out

  19. marzie

    No matter how many times I look at this, I still can’t get enough of it XDD “TAKE ME NOW!!” “Where? -genuine confusion-” Omg I love those two 8D <3

  20. SnazzyCat

    I was reading this while listening to A-ha’s “Take On Me”.


  21. Czh

    wait scout wants spy to have sex with him hey wait they like each other wait that’s gay and disturbing i like it.

    Cute sudden “LAME” shout