7- cute
October 19th, 2008

7- cute

You’re now picturing a drunken Spy climbing onto the kitchen counter and passing out, or the Red Spy molesting him. Your choice.


  1. Kate

    There are no words for how happy “Phn-kk?” makes me.

  2. Stomper

    Awwwww, pyro likes to cook :3

  3. Neoxa

    Pyro has to be my favorite character of the bunch. (Other than Blu Spy.)

  4. SK

    BLU Spy passed out on the kitchen counter is just about the best visual ever. (And, Pyro, how so cute?!)

  5. qqtt991

    …how in the hell did he get up there..?

    w-why did…

  6. Ronn

    LOL shower raped…and Scout is very cute X3

  7. Jia_Mekare

    I’m just going to have to say it here- Your blu pyro is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And I hope he makes it out okay. Of course, now that I’ve SAID that, it’s not going to happen, but I’ll keep hoping!

  8. Shiny

    I think I’ll stick with him passing out.
    But that’s not what the inner fangirl says.

  9. Lilith

    I agree with all of these comments(especially about Pyro’s cuteness), and well, repeating them would feel kinda weird, so I’ll just cut out that part and say: I am in love with that hand in panel seven. Seriously, I just had to point it out.

  10. hp-28

    Oh wow, I was just rereading these, and I realized for the first time that he had passed out in the KITCHEN. Mow all I can think about is Pyro and Scout getting breakfast and Spy just lying there… heehee.
    Also, Pyro in a chef’s hat is the BEST Pyro.

  11. alluneedisluv

    The only thing that would’ve made this scene better would be if Spy hit his head on the counter above him when he woke up. XD … and Pyro =<3

  12. Jakiess

    Silly pyro, cooking’s for people that don’t like burning everything!

  13. cupcakehat

    PNN-KK? No amount of words can describe how CUUUTTEEE that was! :3

  14. FuckingAnnoyingScout

    Only on my 11th time reading through this did I notice that that’s Jordi getting shower-raped and not Jeremy.
    Fuck, I fail..

  15. CZh

    red spy’s gay….wait…he’s wife is blu scout’s mother!

  16. Spahsappinmahawesome

    “phn-kk?” how can there be so much win put into that?! xD god I love pyro as a cook

  17. Zoe

    “Phn-kk?” So cute.

  18. lowFatKittycat

    passing out on the kitchen countertop… Jordi must be fun at parties.

  19. Kriiju

    I understand every word the pyro says.

  20. omfgwtfqwertyroflmoa

    @kriiju me to, PYRO MAKES PANCAKES!!!! OMFG <3

  21. michael

    i love the fact that scouts just like "whoa hes alive!"

  22. Carth


    Rereading this is lovely. Except I am surprised at just how un-Jordi Jordi looks. I suppose this is before he let his hair go TOO unruly.

  23. Grovyneer

    Enter the Haunter: You're cuter than I expected.