6- Meet the team
October 17th, 2008

6- Meet the team


  1. TheBobIsComing

    lol i’d have to say this is one of my favorite segments

  2. SK

    Ok, Scout’s constant insult thing? Is great. Seriously. xD I love the fact that he runs out of insults. (And, yeah, the whole thing would be enough to drive ANYONE to drinking, I think!)

  3. Shiny

    There needs to be WAY more of Heavy later please.

  4. Girlspy

    lol poor “Spah” soldier is so mean to him

  5. lowFatKittycat

    Last panel.


  6. CZh


    SO TRUE! That’s why they get backstabbed.

  7. Spahsappinmahawesome

    xD “you homo…gay” scout seemed to run out of comments right there

  8. Zoe

    Great big teddy bear.

  9. cupcakehat

    I didn’t know *IGNORE* was a sound effect.


  10. Shiny

    This is my favorite page.

  11. paige

    IS CUTE TO ME!!!! X3

  12. Jakiess

    Jordi’s face looks blue in panel 7.

  13. Ch1



  14. michael

    all i got to say is OMG HEAVY IS SO EPIC! " you are so small! is cute to me!" sheer win!

  15. BigB

    thats because he cant breathe for heavy hugging him.

  16. moradin

    did anyone else notice that when demo laughed the bombs on his chest slid up?

  17. Monoke

    His laugh makes bombs float? I 'unno.

  18. Grovyneer

    Naruto: Moron.
    Typhlosion: Phlosion. Jordi: What?
    Thomas: Buzz off.
    Medic: Need help vit ze bleedink?
    Naruto: Loser.
    Garchomp: GARRR! Jordi: AAAHH!
    Tank: RAAAAAWWH! *we need a heart icon right here*
    Naruto: Jerk.
    Lucario: *ignores*
    Naruto: Uh… Stupid. Jordi: Merci. Demoman: *passes whiskey*
    Jordi: GLUGGLUGGLUG. Demoman: *chuckles* Narrator Jordi: I don't remember what happened after that.