5- Other Burn Ward
October 16th, 2008

5- Other Burn Ward

The fire phobia makes lighting his cigarettes awkward.


  1. Pesky

    LMAO Yet I bet he can’t live without those good old cancer sticks…

  2. Lightin-up-ya-skies

    xD i like the fact in the last panel he’s hiding in a barrel
    i rly want to to just pat BLU spy on the head and go,
    “It’s alright lil fella'” xD

  3. SK

    I’m on my second read-through, and the first time I totally missed BLU spy hiding in the barrel. xD; I’m glad I’m reading more slowly this time, because that? Is totally hilarious and sort of cutely pathetic. Oh, Spy. <3

  4. AkiraRen

    Lol, i haven’t noticed him till today too :/

  5. Rosii

    Haha “FAG!” “My first few days didn’t go very smoothly.” Way to sugar-coat it, blu.

  6. Victoria

    one thing i think is funny is that he acts like all these tools are normal lol

  7. Carth

    Ack! I only just noticed Jordi in the barrel! I love rereading this comic <3

  8. Grovyneer

    Poor Jordi.