4- That look of “Quoi?”
October 15th, 2008

4- That look of “Quoi?”

You know Medic totally uses those dead bodies for parts.


  1. dan

    i like how spy is not really given a choice in seeing the body. also? he rips that iv out of his arm and doesn’t even flinch because he is such a badass! that is totally what badass people do.

  2. Jequita

    lol I LOVE Spy!

  3. TheBobIsComing

    dawww medic is so cute in 4th panel

  4. SK

    Ahaha, oh, Medic. Not everyone shares your morbid curiosity.

  5. Qqtt991

    Hein? What is that?

  6. Mags

    “Hein” is “eh” in French.

  7. Shiny

    Lawls, I just noticed how different they look later in the comic.

  8. Lilith

    My gosh, you’re right! Like spy has gained muscle and tan. Not to mention character development, haha, mentally and personality wise. 😀

  9. Chrizzel

    whoa, his hair looks so much messier later in the comic xD and he looks like he actually gets sleep here

  10. Zoe


  11. AwesomeZombie22

    The only bone I have to pick with this page is that in the last panel, spy isn’t looking at the body, then again, maybe medic is creepier than the body by comparison.

  12. Remi

    Wow. Jordi’s hair got browner and his nose got bigger…he looks better looking now then in the later chapters 😐

  13. CommanderCooper

    "That look of 'Quoi?' "

    Eddie Izzard reference is under-identified.

  14. Grovyneer