1- The first page
October 12th, 2008

1- The first page


  1. Pesky

    I just had to re-read this again…. And again…. And…. Well you know where this is going…. I love BLU Spy! He’s such a chicken!

  2. Shiny

    The red scout looks so much more… Um.. Serious? He seems different than I’m used to. He’s alot more childish in the later pages.

  3. SK

    @Shiny: He doesn’t have Peep-peep yet. It’s all about the Peep-peep, man.

  4. Shiny


    I thought peep was hiding under his hat.

    Funny, as peep gets older, be acts younger.

  5. JeKo

    ahh it’s eerie reading this page again. After pg 94 at least 😛

  6. Zoe

    All about the cuddle widdle peep-peep

  7. Victoria

    why would you hid in the luggage compartment… lol

  8. tenshiko

    “You understand” suddenly has a whole new meaning.

  9. AwesomeZombie22

    Scoot, why were you in there? Did you trade places with peep? Welp, I’m gonna re-read this.

  10. Aku

    I started to read this a little back… about the time page 102 came out…
    I love the art and the storyline is epic.
    And BluSpy makes me wanna hug him. And The interaction between BluSniper/Redspy was so sweet.
    I have to admit I cannot leave this cute story alone~
    I am constantly re-reading.

    And I love your RedMedic. He’s just so twitchy and shy~

  11. BronzeDog

    In the beginning pages the Red scout dosn’t have Peep yet.

  12. Shiny

    where does one aquire a baby chick in the middle of a permenant stalemate?

  13. Kat

    i hope rojo broke his leg when he fell.

  14. Kat

    dman wrong page. i’m an idoit


    But of course.

  16. BronzeDog

    Maybe his family sent him one.

  17. SIR

    😀 scout cool

  18. Grovyneer

    Slam slam clik? I thought he would slam a third time after the first two.